Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Practice makes perfect?

Rap music blamed for teen pregnancy?

Rap stars are encouraging early sexual activity among teenagers by promoting a degrading view of women, research shows.

Psychologists said their findings from a three-year study presented a worrying picture of how popular music affected the attitudes of boys and girls to sex.

Rap music and hip hop, with their particular emphasis on sex and demeaning depictions of women, were blamed for encouraging early sexual behaviour, leading to the spread of disease and underage pregnancies.

Dr Steven Martino, who led the US study published in the latest edition of the journal 'Pediatrics', said that "sexually degrading lyrics" - many graphic and filled with obscenities - caused changes in adolescents' sexual behaviour.
He said, "These lyrics depict men as sexually insatiable, women as sexual objects, and sexual intercourse as inconsequential. Other songs about sex don't appear to influence youth the same way.

"These portrayals objectify and degrade women in ways that are clear but they do the same to men by depicting them as sex-driven studs. Musicians who use this type of sexual imagery are communicating something very specific about what sexual roles are appropriate, and teenage listeners may act on these messages.

"These lyrics are likely to promote the acceptance of women as sexual objects and men as pursuers of sexual conquest. Despite the fact that degrading sexual lyrics are particularly demeaning for women, they affect adolescent boys and girls similarly."

They found that the youngsters listened to an average of 1.5 to 2.5 hours of music a day - not including what they saw on television or videos - but that 40 per cent of the songs referred to sex or romance. Read the full article here.

Liquid Chicken? WTF?

Heavy Metal CD: rocking babies to sleep?

A company called Baby Rock Records has created lullaby versions of songs by Metallica, Coldplay and Radiohead.

Executive producer Valerie Aiello said her company did the lullaby tributes because they love the music of all those artists. She said they tested the CDs on babies they knew and she can vouch that one crying baby fell asleep while listening to the Coldplay disc.

The Metallica, Coldplay and Radiohead versions come out Tuesday.
Future editions will feature lullaby versions of Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, No Doubt, The Pixies and Pink Floyd. Aiello said while a lot of the music works well in this format, some songs just don't work. She said even though "Rape Me" by Nirvana was a hit, it just wasn't the best choice for babies.

The CDs will be available in stores or through the web site

This is one f*cked up kitchen table

Naked dude breaks into homes tickling feet?

Police in New Smyrna Beach are searching for a burglar in the buff. A naked man is once again breaking into homes and tickling women's feet. It has happened several times in the last five years.

The latest incident was Saturday morning in New Smyrna Beach. The victim told deputies she had fallen asleep at her home. When she woke up, the naked man was crouched behind the couch, tickling her foot.

The police report said when she screamed, the man dashed across the room with his hands over his private area, and ran away.

"She doesn't know if he's going to come back. She feels violated. He's been in her home," said resident Kathy Wright. The victim said she had left the side door unlocked. Article here.

Somehow he beat the odds

Topless woman charged $5, cancer fundraiser

A topless woman charged $5 for a smooch at the kissing booth. Another topless woman coated her breasts with red and silver fabric paint, then blotted them onto a T-shirt for sale.
This wasn't your typical Relay For Life, one of the American Cancer Society's largest fundraisers. This was a Relay For Life at the Caliente nudist resort.

The event Saturday night - the first-ever nude relay for the American Cancer Society - drew about 100 guests at the Caliente Resort & Spa, organizers said. The goal was to raise money for cancer research. Article here.

Sweet computer setups

Woman eats 62 hamburgers in eight minutes?

Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas of Alexandria, Va., devoured 62 Krystal hamburgers in eight minutes at the Chattanooga qualifier for the World Hamburger Eating Championship.

She matched the American record set by Joey Chestnut in November 2005. Sonya Thomas will now go on to compete at the ESPN-televised World Hamburger Eating Championship Final event in Krystal’s hometown of Chattanooga on Oct. 28, where she will square off against the greatest competitive eaters and Krystal lovers in the world for the top-burger title and the first place prize of $10,000.

Sonya Thomas, who has now won the kickoff qualifier three years in a row, set an amazing pace throughout the contest. Only Takeru Kobayashi has eaten more than 62 Krystal hamburgers in eight minutes. Article here.

Ari from Entourage -- he's one funny dude

Back-to-school party with lingerie-clad women

A back-to-school party with lingerie-clad women and a New York disc jockey was broken up by authorities early yesterday morning at a rural home and business off Prescott Road, police said.
Liquor enforcement agents told police the party was one of the largest they had ever seen, pulling in 350 to 600 people, including underage drinkers, Epping Police Chief Gregory Dodge said.

On Saturday night, about 100 to 150 people showed up to hear three bands, said host, Paul Gatchell. For the first time, he charged a cover, in order to pay the musicians. Gatchell said he holds a handful of outdoor events each year that are spread through word of mouth. People swim at a pond on the 43-acre property, eat barbecue and listen to music from a stage he's set up. He said he always invites his neighbors to attend.

"We certainly were outnumbered and we got to the point where it could have been pretty volatile," Dodge said.

Eighteen were arrested and police intend to charge the host for facilitating an underage drinking party, Dodge said. Many revelers were able to flee into the woods to avoid authorities, he said.

State investigators found a loaded AK-47 in the trunk of the car of two party-goers arrested behind Xtra Mart convenience store later in the morning, police said. Article here.

Can you see it? Look closely.

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Don't pump gas at noon, it will save you money

When you fill up your gasoline during the middle of the day --also known as being served “hot”, it ends up costing motorists as much as $155 milion a year in Arizona and almost $2.5 billion nationwide. First some facts:

Because gas expands in the heat, most pumps do not adjust for that and serve up hot fuel that ends up being costly hot air to the motorist who pumps it.
It would cost each gas station between $2,000 and $3,000 to retrofit pumps, and as you can guess station owners are not interested in the expense. In fact, in some states like roasting hot Arizona, the practice is perfectly legal.

Some will argue that it doesn't matter when you gas up during the day: “If it’s warmer than 15 degrees, you’re getting more product than what you pay for,” Hawley says. “When you’re at 15, below 15 degrees … it takes less volume to achieve that same energy content. “You’re getting the same energy content in slightly different volumes. Lower in winter, higher in summer.”

What's the bottom line? Pump your gas at night or when it is coolest, it can’t hurt. Article here.