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Man takes street sweeper for joy ride

A Manchester N.H. man faces charges after taking an unattended street sweeper out for a joy ride. The sweeper was being used in a downtown Manchester parking garage on Saturday and the operator had left the machine temporarily.

That's when police say Michael Moran, 26, hopped on and started it up. Moran traveled several blocks before he was caught by people chasing him. Police have charged him with taking the sweeper without the owner's permission and drunken driving.

Police said Moran admitted to taking the street sweeper and said it was a stupid thing to do. Article here.

One funky lookin' Lama duder

Man sends 32,000 sex mobile messages?

A man randomly sent around 32,000 sexually explicit mobile phone messages - many to children.

Royce Roberts, 42,from Caernarfon, made the calls sending pornographic images at a cost to him of $46,292/£25,000. The offences began after Roberts looked at chatrooms following the breakdown of a relationship, the court heard.

He admitted 15 offences of causing children to watch an indecent image. Roberts, a painter and decorator, also admitted four offences of possessing indecent images of a child and another charge of causing a public nuisance by making unsolicited, voice text and video calls.

Prosecuting Simon Medland said Roberts sent the pornographic images to randomly selected numbers using the latest generation of mobile phones. "The defendant would make random calls, and when they were answered, he'd show explicit images and send explicit texts."

"He would bribe his child victims, saying he would buy top-ups for their mobiles if they showed him their private parts and took a look at his.

"With one 14-year-old girl he indulged in an extensive course of calls, passing himself off as a 17-year-old boy called Kevin. He received explicit images of her and sent explicit images of himself to her."

In all 1,500 messages were sent to children. The calls or attempted calls were made over an eight-month period last year at the rate of about 1,000 a week. Roberts used seven phones to make the calls. Article here.

...yeah! Go Brazil!

Moron: robbing a pawn show with knife?

A man who attempted to rob a pawn shop was in stable condition Tuesday after being shot by an employee.

The 21-year-old man, armed with a knife, entered Evans Mill Pawn Shop and tried to hold up the store Tuesday morning, Dekalb County police Officer Herschel Grangent said. The man attacked one of the store's employees, who pulled out a gun and shot the man several times, Grangent said.

The employee incurred only minor injuries. Grangent did not immediately release the name of the would-be robber.

Grangent said police are investigating the incident, but it likely was self-defense. Police are using footage from security cameras in the store to help with the investigation. Article here.

What the heck do you want?

Man left in hospital room with dead body

A local man said his father's stay in a Brevard County hospital was "mental torture." The 95-year-old man was left in a room with a dead body for nearly six hours.

The man's son called Eyewitness News and, Tuesday, Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne admitted it made a mistake.

The family of the patient said the 95-year-old, critically-ill man was left in a shared room with a dead roommate for hours. Hospital staffers knew the man had died and they said Tuesday it never should have happened.

"You can't get around the fact that two feet away is this man who just died from his illness and there you are, laying in bed critically ill," said Don Hallowes, the patient's wife.

Walton Hallowes' wife was in the room for the ordeal. A thin curtain separated the 95-year-old from his deceased roommate.

"The death of another so close, reminding you of your own mortality, reminding of what could be there waiting for you, to me it was mental torture," Don said.

The family said hospital staff did nothing to remedy the situation during the five and a half hour wait. Read the full article here.

Crazy massive F1 racing wreck/pile-up

Police find weed in dudes folds of fat

Police in Omaha, Neb., report finding a man's pot stash hidden in a roll of stomach fat.

Officers said they stopped the 5 foot 8 inch , 250-pound man because his car was blocking traffic. According to authorities, when an officer smelled marijuana in the car, he searched the man and found a baggie of the illegal weed.

The man was ticketed on suspicion of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana and obstructing traffic. Article here.

Sister Mary tokes up? WTF?

Man mistakenly puts wedding ring in trash

Ron Goldstein, a Staten Island man, who had tucked his wife's 3.5-carat diamond ring in a napkin for safe keeping while she was at the hospital, accidentally threw the ring in the trash.

Goldstein woke up in a panic on Monday morning: The napkin was nowhere to be found. He ran outside, just as a garbage truck was driving down the block and out of sight.

Undeterred, Goldstein called the local Department of Sanitation garage, where a supervisor arranged for the 63-year-old grandfather to follow the truck to a transfer station in Elizabeth, N.J. Once there, a group of workers endured the early-summer heat to search through dozens of garbage bags.

After about an hour, the group hit pay dirt, uncovering the yellow shopping bags Goldstein uses for trash. The napkin, and the ring, appeared shortly thereafter.

"It was meant to be found," Goldstein said of the ring, which he bought for his wife on their fourth anniversary 35 years ago. "It was like God giving me another shot." Article here.

The "Steaming Cup of Coffee" gadget

Exercise = good sex & good sleep

Did you know working out may improve your sex life, trigger a better night's sleep and help you stop smoking?

"Obviously, exercise helps with weight loss, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and reducing risk for such things as osteoporosis and diabetes," says Fabio Comana, exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise. "Those are the mainstream benefits, but there's a lot more people may not be aware of."

As summer begins- and many contemplate a trip to the gym- take a look at a few of the other benefits of exercise:

Good night's sleep:
An active lifestyle might also mean a more restful sleep. The National Sleep Foundation reports that exercise in the afternoon can help deepen shut-eye and cut the time it takes for you to fall into dreamland. But, they caution, vigorous exercise leading up to bedtime can actually have the reverse effects.

A stop to smoking:
The adrenaline rush and stress relief from a brief workout can replace similar feelings smokers get from tobacco and help reduce the urge for a cigarette for those trying to quit, according to smoking cessation programs.

Interested in the effect of exercise on someone trying to kick the habit, one study in the Archives of Internal Medicine followed 281 sedentary female smokers, who were otherwise healthy, in their efforts to quit. The group assigned exercise sessions was twice as likely to quit and stay smoke-free over the nonexercise group, both at 12 weeks and a year later.

Brain boost:
Regular exercisers may have to work less to jog their memory in the long run, as well as experience short-term benefits in creativity and reaction time.

One study in the journal Nature reports that sedentary senior citizens who took up walking for 45 minutes, three days a week, were able to significantly improve mental skills that decline with age. Meanwhile, Middlesex University researchers in London discovered that 25 minutes of aerobic exercise boosted scores on creativity tests that followed.

Better sex:
If a well-rested, smarter and nonsmoking self is not enough, exercise has also been linked to a better sex life. Poor general health can lead to poor sexual function, so keeping fit only helps maintain or revitalize performance and satisfaction in the bedroom.

After studying more than 31,000 men, the Harvard School of Public Health researchers reported that those who were physically active had a 30 percent lower risk for erectile dysfunction than the men with little or no physical activity.

Women reap the exercise benefits, too. One study by the University of British Columbia found that 20 minutes of exercise spurred greater sexual response in the women participants compared with no exercise at all. Read the full article here.

Clever photo

Fly in zero gravity on earth for $3,750

Zero-G Weightless Flights are coming to Kennedy Space Center. Cost: $3,750 plus tax. It's basically like skydiving in a fuselage.
The Zero Gravity Corporation has been fulfilling astronaut fantasies since 2004. This Fort Lauderdale-based "space entertainment and tourism" outfit operates G-Force One, a modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft that carries up to 27 fliers through high-altitude maneuvers designed to create a weightless environment inside an empty jetliner.
It's the most radical flight plan in the friendly skies, an airborne roller coaster at 24,000 to 32,000 feet in which pilots perform a series of "parabolas," or long, linked 45-degree climbs and 30-degree dives. At the top of each parabola, the contents of the aircraft- the passengers- are rendered weightless for 25-30 seconds. Take that split-second swing-set stomach drop, stretched to 25 seconds, and you have an idea of what the ride is all about. Or think of it as skydiving, without the rush of wind, over and over again.
NASA uses a similar setup to train its shuttle jockeys. It's nicknamed the "vomit comet," and for good reason. At the bottom of each parabola, passengers experience 1.8 G -- 1.8 times the force of Earth's gravity. And that's more than enough to shift the human gastrointestinal transmission into reverse.

Zero-G is the only company in the nation approved by the FAA to offer this unique experience to the public. And thanks to a new deal with Kennedy Space Center that allows for use of the Shuttle Landing Facility, the first step toward civilian space travel can take place right here in Central Florida.
Click here to see the company website.