Friday, February 24, 2006

This is going to hurt...

Naked Driver Crashes Into Several Cars

Police are baffled about why a Pawtucket, R.I., man got naked -- then drove his car recklessly down a street in Providence -- crashing into cars and causing an accident that sent another man to the hospital.

A witness told WJAR-TV that he saw John Persico walking naked down the street moments before Persico struck his vehicle.

Persico was allegedly speeding before he collided with a pickup truck at an intersection. The crash sent 56-year-old Michael Sheehan to Rhode Island Hospital with severe injuries. Persico was also hospitalized, and a dog in Sheehan's truck was injured.

Police said they don't know why Persico was naked -- and he did not seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Article here.

Eva Longoria is getting fat

The Sun UK reports that Eva Longoria admitted she has put on weight, but she doesn't care. She claims she packed on the pounds because of her boyfriend, San Antonio Spurs point guard, Tony Parker. In an interview Longoria said:

"I think I'm putting on weight because I'm in love and I don't need to try any more."

This sounds like a heartwarming and touching story and all, but Eva Longoria is 5'2" and maybe weighs about 90 pounds.

Video of the least patient kid ever!

I have no freakin’ clue what this guy is saying (it’s not in English)… but what I do know is this kid has some problems. He is totally freaking out. No really- you have to see this video to understand what I’m talking about. Watch it all the way to the very end. It’s kind of disturbing… click here to watch the video.

(click image to watch video)

Critics don't review bad movies they've seen

A study by three professors found that many film critics, faced with far too many movies to write about, tend to avoid writing reviews of bad films that they’ve seen. "At the same time, a few critics, faced with the same overwhelming choice, tend to avoid reviewing good movies that they’ve watched," says the profs' release.

They also found that critics Roger Ebert (Sun-Times), Jack Mathews (NYDN), Mark Caro (Chicago Tribune) and Susan Wloszczyna (USA Today) provide the most information about poorer movies. At the other end of the spectrum, David Ansen (Newsweek), Kenneth Turan (LAT), Manohla Dargis (NYT), J. Hoberman (Village Voice) and Mike Clark (USA Today) supply the most information about the finer films.

Click to read the full study: Critics tend not to review bad movies they've seen

This dog costume looks pretty real...

Boy gets shot with rifle, tries to hide it?

A 12-year-old boy who was shot by a friend Saturday in Eagleville didn't tell anyone until the round was found lodged in his back, a sheriff's deputy reported.

Edward J. Patton was treated for the gunshot wound Sunday at Middle Tennessee Medical Center. The child was visiting a friend who retrieved a .22-caliber rifle and pointed it at him. The friend apparently didn't think the rifle was loaded and pulled the trigger.

"Edward claims that he heard a shot and felt a pain in his side," Cisek reported.

His friend checked the wound, then got scared about getting into trouble and begged Edward not to tell his parents. They didn't hear the sound of the rifle firing because they were playing loud music.

Edward went home later and fell asleep without telling anyone about the wound. After he awoke Sunday, Edward complained to his grandmother that he fell on ice.

"He was taken to the ER where doctors found a bullet lodged in Edward's lower back after a CAT Scan was performed," Cisek reported. "Edward then told the doctor and his family what had really happened."

Wow- this kid is like a mini-Jean Claude Van Damn! Article here.

Eating in your car costs you lots of money

Sixty percent of owners let people eat in the their vehicles, according to a survey by Kelley and Taco Bell. Only 34 percent said cleanliness was the top factor in long-term value.

That could be costly, the group said in a news release.

"Cars in excellent condition and appearance -- both inside and outside -- can be valued thousands of dollars higher than those in good or fair condition," said R. Nerad, executive editorial director and market analyst for Kelley Blue Book.

The survey found that people who allow eating in their vehicle were less concerned with their vehicle's overall appearance, ranking all vehicle attributes lower than those who don't allow eating in their car.

Thirty-four percent of people in the survey said burgers and fries were the messiest food they have eaten in their car. Article here.

18 Second Knockout

Wow- uh- not much of a fight huh?

(click image to watch video)

I wonder if whale carcas smells?

Man kills neighbor for slamming a door?

Investigators in Belleview, Florida said slamming the door drove a man to kill his next-door neighbor.

Investigators believe Betty Shepperd was murdered over something that sounds extremely trivial. They said 45-year-old Vito Loiacono was irritated that Shepperd was slamming the door at night and waking him up.

The two allegedly argued earlier in the day and then Shepperd's friend said she got a strange phone call from someone else in the complex. Folks went to Shepperd's apartment and found her in the bathroom, where she had been stabbed to death.

"I found the door ajar. I started yelling, 'Betty! Betty!'"

Other neighbors told police they saw Loiacono carrying a plastic bag behind the building. Investigators found the bag with a knife and bloody clothes inside and arrested him.

Now one of Shepperd's closest friends is stunned by her death and what apparently led to it. "She didn't do nothing to that man," Folks said. "She got along with everybody."

Loiacono is in the Marion County jail charged with first-degree murder.

WTF? No really, WTF? Article here.

The iPod tie...?

It’s here, the iPod Tie. Actually it’s called the Pink Commuter tie (made by Thomas Pink). Billed as the latest solution for today’s busy man who needs to carry more than one gadget at any one time, the tie features a pocket on the reverse of the tie which securely holds the iPod Nano, allowing the busy executive to check his appointments, grab a coffee or track his bluechips. There's also an extra fabric loop to keep wires out of sight and close to the body.

Click here to buy one for $95.

People prefer sex with their cell phone

Cell phone searchers are much more likely to be hunting down porn than desktop surfers. In fact, 20% of all mobile search queries are for adult content vs. 8.5% on the desktop (which, by the way, inadvertently lets slip the percentage of porn searches on Google that Larry Page tried not to reveal to Time Magazine just recently).

The Googlers' explanation for this: "people regard their phones as intensely personal devices," which, frankly, seems like a little more than we want to know. Perhaps we really have misjudged the libidinous nature of those on the go -- or perhaps there's some odd correlation between early adopters and porn on the go. Oddly, though, PDA users are a bit more chaste -- with only 5% searching for adult content. I guess people view their PDAs "just as friends," rather than with the intimacy of a mobile phone.

Food for thought huh? Hence the reason why people ‘freak’ out when they lose their cell phone. I refer to this as the ‘I feel naked without my cell phone’ phenomenon. Yeah, that's the technical phrase believe it or not…Source here.
[Thanks Rob]


Buy Sylvester Stallone's shoes from Rocky

You can buy Sylvester Stallone’s boots worn in Rocky I or II on eBay. They are actually signed by Sly Stallone and signature authenticated.
How much will it set you back? A cool $6,000 is the starting bid. Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

Americans are not working as hard

Most U.S. workers say they feel rushed on the job, but they are getting less accomplished than a decade ago, according to newly released research.

Workers completed two-thirds of their work in an average day last year, down from about three-quarters in a 1994 study, according to research conducted for Day-Timers Inc. The biggest culprit is the technology that was supposed to make work quicker and easier, experts say.

"Technology has sped everything up and, by speeding everything up, it's slowed everything down, paradoxically," said chief executive of Chicago-based outplacement consultants. "We never concentrate on one task anymore. You take a little chip out of it, and then you're on to the next thing," Challenger said on Wednesday. "It's harder to feel like you're accomplishing something."

The average time spent on a computer at work was almost 16 hours a week last year, compared with 9.5 hours a decade ago, according to the Day-Timer research released this week.

Workers typically get 46 e-mails a day, nearly half of which are unsolicited, it said.

Sixty percent of workers say they always or frequently feel rushed, but those who feel extremely or very productive dropped to 51 percent from 83 percent in 1994, the research showed.

I’m not sure what the huss-and-fuss is all about. I'm productive everyday I’m at work. Read the full article here.