Friday, April 20, 2007

Clever 'wash your hands' bathroom advertisement

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Laundry dryer prank gone wrong... very wrong.

(Ouch, that had to hurt)


35 teens arrested for 'fight club' brawl in parking lot

Police have arrested 35 people, including six juveniles, in a late-night brawl in the parking lot.

Cherokee County sheriff's deputies said two teenagers were fighting each other in the parking lot of a Woodstock office park when the deputies arrived about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. They said about 50 people were watching, including one person who was videotaping the fight.

Deputies arrested 35 people, including the two 17-year-olds who were fighting.
When deputies arrived people scattered and zipped out of the parking lot, in their cars.

"It looks like it's something similar to the 'Fight Club' movie," said Sgt. Jay Baker, a sheriff's office spokesman. Full article here.


Beatboxing flute & cello in New York subway


I don’t care how old you are, this looks like fun


7-year-old found with $9,000 worth of drugs in pocket

Tampa, Florida authorities said a first-grade boy searching his jacket pocket for money found a bag of crack cocaine worth about $9,000.

The 7-year-old found the bag at Forest Hills Elementary School Tuesday. Authorities said it contained 89 grams of crack cocaine in chunks "the size of a large cookie."

The boy had been reaching in his jacket when he felt the bag, got scared and told his teacher, according to a Tampa police spokeswoman. The boy and his relatives were being interviewed by authorities. Article here.


Green Day vs. Oasis (Boulevard of Broken vs. Wonderwall)

(It's actually not bad...)


The Obelisk 'puzzle chairs' in action.

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(It's a shame Sanjaya is gone. He was such an ass-clown)


Oklahoma declares watermelon 'state vegetable'.

Oklahoma already has the strawberry as its official fruit, so the state Senate cleared the way Tuesday to declare the watermelon the state vegetable.

The measure was introduced in the House by Democratic Rep. Joe Dorman. "The controversy on whether watermelon is a fruit or vegetable has been officially decided by the Oklahoma Legislature," Barrington said. He said watermelon comes from the cucumber and gourd families, which are classified as vegetables.

Others are not convinced. Sen. Nancy Riley, D-Tulsa, said her dictionary refers to the watermelon as a fruit. "I guess it can be both," Barrington conceded. Full article here.