Thursday, March 06, 2008

I bet it looks even cooler when you're drunk.

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Swallow, it's healthy for you -- no really. (fake)

Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 percent, a North Carolina State University study found.

Doctors had never suspected a link between the act of fellatio and breast cancer, but new research being performed at North Carolina State University is starting to suggest that there could be an important link between the two.

In a study of over 15,000 women suspected of having performed regular fellatio and swallowed the ejaculatory fluid, over the past ten years, the researchers found that those actually having performed the act regularly, one to two times a week, had a lower occurrence of breast cancer than those who had not. There was no increased risk, however, for those who did not regularly perform. » Full article here

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Caption this.

Holy jeez. I had no idea Alaska was this big.

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1/3 of people catch up on sleep at work.

The survey of 1,000 people found participants average six hours and 40 minutes of sleep a night on weeknights, even though they estimated they'd need roughly another 40 minutes of sleep to be at their best.

Roughly one-third of those surveyed said they had fallen asleep or become very sleepy at work in the past month. Just how big a deal that is depends, of course, on your job.

Last week, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged it should have done more to investigate a tip that security guards routinely took naps while on the job at a Pennsylvania nuclear plant. It wasn't until a videotape of guards sleeping in a "ready room" at the Peach Bottom plant in south-central Pennsylvania surfaced several months after it got the tip that the NRC announced in September a special investigation.

While sleepy workers know they're not performing as well as they could during the day, work is what's keeping them up nights, according to the survey, which found workdays are getting longer and time spent working from home averages close to four-and-a-half hours each week.

The average wake up is at 5:35 a.m. and it's followed by about two hours and 15 minutes at home before heading out to work, according to the survey. Average bedtime is 10:53. » Article here


Apparently he's got some.

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Pregnancy Tip #38

Dad lands plane on golf course to get son to tennis match on time

The 14-year-old boy "was late for his tennis tune-up," says the 65-year-old dad. "Traffic on Saturday is really bad. The golf course had plenty of room to land right across the street from the tennis courts so we thought it would work for us." One problem: He didn't get permission to land on the course. » Full article here