Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Toilets in Amsterdam are different...look closely

Dude, how the heck do I shave my backhair?

Got backhair? (dun-da-na-naa...) Worry no more… the Razorba is here!

“The Razorba is a razor holder that was designed to help men shave their back. If you have a hairy back and you don't want to enlist the help of a friend to remove it, you can use the razorba to remove your back hair yourself.”The Razorba is an angled razor holder that holds many types of razors securely and allows you to shave your back easily.

It seems unusual to buy a special tool to shave your back, but honestly there are very few other choices. The Razorba is a unique product that tackles a unique problem.

Click here to watch a quicktime movie about how the Razorba works. We shot the movie here at our office and hope that you enjoy it. If you do, let us know and we'll make some more product demonstration movies.”

I wish I made up the content above… but this information was taken directly from the product’s website. This is remotely funny that this exists, however, if you really do have back hair this thing is probably heaven sent. Click here to buy one for $30. Perfect stocking stuffer! :)

Effects of watching the Laguna Beach Marathon

Flippin' Sweet Napoleon Dynamite Lego Picture

This item was for sale on eBay recently, and it’s pretty much 'the coolest picture I’ve ever seen.' There are roughly 4,500+ LEGO bricks total in this picture. This is totally what you call a conversational piece of artwork.

Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

Vacuum Cleaner lint artwork, uh- WTF?

This is a picture of a “Dust House.” It is a toy doll house that is covered over in vacuum cleaner lint, representing the 'theme of domesticity' and the other, the ideas of cleaning up after oneself and putting one’s house in order. The artist who is also an educator has filled vacuum cleaner bags given to her all the time so she can keep creating her ‘special’ art. I'm pretty open-minded about artwork... but it's fu*kin weird stuff if you ask me, even if it is art. Click here to see more pictures.

I am totally getting this for my roommate...

A SPAM hat? How could you go wrong with this one! You are sure to be the definite life of the party with this thing on. I think I'll make a deal with him- If I buy it, he has to wear it in public for an entire day. here to see more crazy ass hats.

Dude, thats a sh*tload of tires

Designer Jeans that actually shape your body?

“Trendy hip-huggers might look great on celebrities, but not on all of us.” One of the latest trends in jeans are designs that are functional, which some are calling "bras for your butt." (If you’re a girl keep reading… if not, you probably won’t care about this stuff)

"Tummy Tuck Jeans" by Not Your Daughter's Jeans. The Tummy Tuck Jeans are made of a soft, stretchy denim and a patented crisscross stitching on the inside that creates a corset like effect to flatten your stomach, lift your behind, contour your hips, and give you a lean silhouette. They even enable most women to wear one size smaller. They retail between $88 to $120 and are the No. 1 seller on

"Perfection Jeans" by FRx Clothing. These jeans also use a patented inner design that lifts, separates and enhances your derriere using a built-in nylon and Lycra insert that fits inside an O-shaped cutout. From $125 and up on

"Body Sculpt Jean" by Notify. The Body Sculpt Jean offers this innovation curve sizes to go along with the usual waist sizes, so women won't have to buy a bigger waist size simply to accommodate a more pronounced curve in the lower back. The sculpt sizes are A, B and C, ranging from the flattest curve in the lower back to the most defined. From $230 on

eBay: Tequila Lollipop w/ Worm Inside Tequilla

WTF? No really… WTF? Uh- er- hmmm, where should I start? The fact that it’s a Tequila lollipop? Or the even weirder fact that there is a real worm inside of it?

Luckily the seller of this eBay auction provides some insightful thoughts about this item:

“Hard to find! Great gift idea for that person who loves tequila, worms or who has everything!”

Click here to see the actual eBay listing.