Thursday, February 02, 2006


Poop falls from sky onto a guys truck and house

He's heard that it's impossible, but Timothy J. Rohn swears human waste is raining from the sky.

"It doesn't look like friendly stuff," said the 47-year-old Richland Township resident whose home is in the flight path of airplanes going to and from MBS International Airport. "Bird poop is kind of white, but this is a lot of brown. It's a mess."

Tuesday, for the second time in as many months, Rohn found the suspicious substance splattered on the side of his truck and his home, on North Raucholz near Geddes.

"It's in the exact same spot," he said. "Some of it is white, but there are a lot of brown blotches, and it doesn't look like any goose poop to me. Plus, it would be quite a coincidence to have that many birds hit the exact same spot twice."

Even Richland Township Police Officer Gary Wade is perplexed.

"It's manure," Wade said, "and it came from the sky. If it came from some kind of fowl, it had to be one heck of a large flock. To me, it looks like bird droppings but, man, it had to be an awful large flock of birds. It's all over."

Both Rohn and Wade said they know that airplanes cannot discharge waste in flight because the mechanism that opens the hatch is accessible only from the outside of the craft.

Still, Rohn wonders if the holding tank or valve could leak. "The airplanes turn when they go over our house, so they can line up with the radar on Orr," Rohn said. "What I'm wondering is whether there is a cap that can fall off or leak, because this is the second time it's happened, and I don't want it to happen a third time. What if my 8-year-old daughter was outside when it happened?"

Rohn said the substance definitely is excrement and, from what he could see Tuesday night, it may have contained toilet paper that had broken down in chemicals. He said he did not notice a blue or other chemical tint to the substance.

The material, which appeared between noon and 3 p.m., caused no permanent damage to Rohn's house or truck. The first time it happened, he let rain and snow do the washing for him.

Rohn said he plans to contact airport officials today, just to get more information. "I was irate at first," he said. "But I took an aspirin and laid down and called it a day." Article here.

Dude falls from deck onto car? Whoa...!

Animal carcasses fall all over major highway...

Authorities blocked a portion of traffic at about 4 p.m. Monday a highway in Wisconsin, after a truck dumped animal carcasses and parts on the road.

A Daily Tribune staff member described the smell near the road as a "horrendous odor."

As of Monday evening, investigators had not identified how this happened or who was responsible, said Wisconsin Rapids Police Lt. Dave Wesener.

"We got a partial description of the vehicle, but did not locate it," he said.

Officials believe the truck came from Two Rivers and was on its way to Minnesota, Wesener said. He checked across the state, but heard no reports of similar incidents Monday.

Westbound traffic on the expressway was forced to use the left turn lane to get around the mess, Wesener said. He was pleased that drivers slowed down and were courteous to each other as they merged into one lane during peak traffic time.

The Wisconsin Rapids Street Department brought in a front-end loader to clear the carcasses and parts from the scene. They were able to scrape the pavement clean, Wesener said. "They really did a good job cleaning it up," he said.

Uh? WTF? Gross? Article here.

Katie Holmes high school yearbook pictures:

Sphynx cats freak me hair! Ahhh! Weird!

The Sphynx (aka Canadian Hairless) is a rare breed of cat with extremely little fur, or at most a short fuzz over its body, and no whiskers (vibrissae). Their skin is the color their fur would be, and all the usual cat marking patterns (solid, point, van, tabby, tortie, etc) may be found in Sphynx too. They are sometimes mistaken for Chihuahuas because of their extremely unusual and, some say, uncatlike appearance. They are very affectionate and extroverted and like to cuddle with their humans, other humans, and each other.

Driver distracted by porn while driving

A man who was stopped for driving erratically on a divided highway was distracted because he was looking at pornography, authorities said.

David Kennedy, 33, of Nashville, was charged with felony reckless endangerment after motorist Deborah Dotson reported Friday afternoon that he nearly ran her vehicle off State Route 840 several times.

Rutherford County Deputy Tony Hall pulled over Kennedy based on Dotson's report.

"When I made contact with the driver of the suspect vehicle, a Mr. David Kennedy, there were several pornographic magazines on the seat next to him," Hall said in his report. Article here.

Bathing suit under your dress Britney Spears?

4 dudes sell themselves on eBay for $10,000+

Four boys from inner-Sydney Australia (Corey, Mark, Zac and law student Lachie) have put themselves up for auction at online marketplace eBay, welcoming bids for a weekend with four blokes in Sydney.

The eBay auction is at $45,000… and there's still four-and-a-half days left to bid.

"Couldn't be bothered making the effort finding new friends at the pub?" the offer reads. “Don't have friends who are up for a couple of beers, a few snags and a hell of a good time? Or just bored with your current friends and their obsession with nerd stuff? What you need is a weekend with four fun blokes in inner Sydney."

The boys won't fly the successful bidder to Sydney or pay for their bus fare, but are promising to wine and dine true Aussie style - with a few tinnies and a barbie.

They also allude to the possibility of an "international guest" from the UK, "making it five blokes for the price of four. It's easier than chatting to randoms in a pub and you know we'll be your friend from the moment you arrive til the moment you leave. That's our promise to you!" the offer says.

The highest bid - from manic_macka - comes in at a cool $45,000, with the site so swamped with questions (more than 200) the boys have been forced to issue a statement reminding bidders "this offer is for you and one guest only, provided, of course, they are prepared to enjoy some beer, some snags, some good conversation and a hell of a lot of laughs."

How awesome is this idea? I can't believe people are bidding this much money just to hangout with these guys. Click here to see the actual eBay auction, and the Article here.

Ashlee Simpson is becoming David Lee Roth?

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Drunk guy: You're not the boss of me...Bruce Springsteen is the boss of me.

The Red Lion, Bleecker Street


Guy: I just wish that, just once, I could walk into the bathroom at work without it smelling like three week old dead hookers.

8th between 17th & 18th
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This dog got to go to the State of the Union...?

Rex, a 5-year-old German shepherd, was one of Mrs. Bush's guests at the State of the Union speech. How he landed such a coveted seat-actually a spot in the aisle labeled "Rex" on the official seating chart-is quite a tale.

His owner, Air Force Tech Sgt. Jamie Dana, awoke in a military hospital last summer badly injured by a bomb in Iraq and crying for her bomb-sniffing dog. Someone told her Rex was dead. Later, Dana found out that wasn't true. But it would take an act of Congress before she could take him home to Pennsylvania.

The Air Force had said it spent $18,000 training Rex and that, by statute, he needed to finish the remaining five years of his useful life before he could be adopted. Dana's congressman, Rep. John Peterson, R-Pa., helped include an exception for Rex in an end-of-year defense bill.

We spend this much on training dogs? Wow, money well spent right? Article here.


The man who used to have a glass eye...sort-of

Officers soon saw through a German driver who posed as an acquaintance when he was stopped for drunk driving -- he forgot his alter ego had a glass eye, police said Tuesday.

Police in the western city of Bochum said the driver's details seemed to be correct when he told them who he was -- until their records showed the man matching his description was registered as having a glass eye. A torch beam shone in face soon disproved this, however.

"His eye responded to stimulus. So then he said he used to have a glass eye, but didn't any more," said a Bochum police spokesman.

"It seems he was impersonating someone he knew well.

A search uncovered the man's true identity, and that he had already lost his license for a previous offence.

It's amazing what you can do when you intoxicated, simply amazing. Article here.

Behold, the sinister snowman...

Why McDonald's fries taste so good:

Ray Kroc, one of the founders of McDonald's, wrote in his autobiography, "its preparation a ritual to be followed religiously." During the chain's early years french fries were made from scratch every day.

Russet Burbank potatoes were peeled, cut into shoestrings, and fried in McDonald's kitchens.As the chain expanded nationwide, in the mid-1960s, it sought to cut labor costs, reduce the number of suppliers, and ensure that its fries tasted the same at every restaurant. McDonald's began switching to frozen french fries in 1966 -- and few customers noticed the difference. Nevertheless, the change had a profound effect on the nation's agriculture and diet. A familiar food had been transformed into a highly processed industrial commodity. McDonald's fries now come from huge manufacturing plants that can peel, slice, cook, and freeze two million pounds of potatoes a day. Click here to read the full excerpt from the book, Fast Food Nation.