Monday, November 28, 2005

Mother nature is trying to tell you something


A naked man jumps to death from eight floor?

A naked man darted from a sport-utility vehicle into a downtown Washington office building at lunchtime yesterday and then jumped to his death from the eighth floor, officials said.

The man double-parked, bolted from his still-running gray Jeep Cherokee, dashed past a crowd on the street and ran into the lobby of an office building.

Police were still trying to identify the man yesterday and to determine why he jumped. Witnesses also were trying to sort out what happened. The man had no apparent connection to the building, according to people who work there.

"He didn't even have shoes on," said a temporary security guard at the building. Then the man ran to an elevator. Minutes later, he emerged from a stairwell on the eighth floor. The fire alarm had been set off, presumably by the man, and the office doors on that floor were open as people began to file out.

The man pushed his way into one of the offices, where he said "excuse me" several times while charging toward a window, witnesses said. He smashed the glass and jumped through the window, falling onto a parapet between two buildings. Some downtown workers saw him fall.

Before it became apparent what was taking place, the city's parking enforcers reacted to the abandoned SUV, which had leather seats, Maryland plates and no sign of clothing inside. They slapped a ticket on the windshield.

This is totally one of those news stories that the government covers up because this guy had uncovered something he wasn’t supposed to know. The government has been after him and is threatening to torture him. Right? You know, like in the movies? Well- if that’s not the reason why this guy ‘randomly’ commited suicide… WTF? Click here to read the article.

Incredible yet disconcerting photography

Check out this site showcasing the amazingly chilling photography from four independent photojournalists on the War in Iraq. Some really astounding yet disturbing stuff. Click here to view more photos.

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Let me sing you a song...

Check this thing out... you type in any text (almost any text) , and then this website will sing it back to you. Kind of funny to see what you can come up with. And yes, if you are wondering- it does sing cusswords. Click here to enter in your lyrics and be sung to.

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The street name you'll never forget

Mind games with squares and lines

The rows of black and white squares are all parallel.The vertical zigzag patterns disrupt our horizontal perception. Whoa, cool?

Honey, remember to put the toliet seat down!

When men and women live under the same roof… certain daily activities can start to ‘clash.’ Take for instance the use of the toilet. Men and women throughout households around the world constantly fight about each putting the toilet seat UP or DOWN.

A company called Toiletiquette is trying to help this ‘relationship blemish’ so many face day in and day out. They produce stickers, shaped like stop-signs, that have wording to remind the person to properly put the seat down.

Now, I’m not sure if these stickers that are colored bright red and with large text will actually remind anyone to do this... but I guess if things are getting really bad at your house- you’ll try anything? You get a set of four stickers for $3.99. Oh, they're waterproof too. Click here to find out more.

This is just weird and wrong on so many levels

There's nothing like shooting with your kids?

I hate to say it, but this would only happen in Oklahoma. This video was taken at the 'Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show.' Sick, twisted, and kind of cool to watch.... all in one video. This can't be a good way to raise your kids. Can it? Whatever. Click here to watch the video.

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Bartender gives person 19 shots in 90 minutes

A bartender was sentenced to six months in prison for serving a customer so much tequila that he fell into a coma and died.

According to a district court in Norway, the bartender, whose name was withheld, pleaded guilty to serving a customer 19 shots of the strong Mexican liquor in 90 minutes.

The customer lost consciousness and died three days later.

The court said it could not hold the bartender accountable for the death itself, but sentenced him to prison for illegally serving alcohol to a clearly intoxicated person.

The ruling said the bartender intentionally contributed to the excess by drinking shots of water, tricking the victim into what he thought was a drinking contest.

"In the court's opinion, it is hard to imagine a more serious case of excessive alcohol serving," said the ruling, which also revoked the bartender's right to have any job that involves serving alcohol for five years.

Holy freakin' crap. I mean, I know Europeans can generally handle their liquor better than most Americans… but giving anyone 19 shots of anything is pretty fu*kin nuts. I mean, maybe spaced out over time a person who drinks on a regular basis could do 19 shots and just be very intoxicated… serving someone 19 in under 90 minutes is exceedingly excessive. Was anyone else in the bar with him? I mean you’d figure friends/family would have to have to draw the line somewhere! Click here to read the article.

I know this looks bad...

How'd this happen? Click here and watch the video to find out... Ouch man. This really could of ended worse than it actually did. He probably should of thought this through first?

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Crazy Ass Cat...

The Wiffle Ball Project

So a fellow fan of Across-the-Board (Angela), sent an email with a link to a website created by her friend for a project assignment in graduate school. The premise of the project is to get as many people as possible to ‘tag’ and ‘view’ her site. It's actually pretty interesting. Read the story, view the comments (kind of interesting to see the geographical make-up of people that have been drawn to the site), and leave a comment on your own. Click here to check out the project.

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