Monday, April 03, 2006

So much for his weekend at the lake

His NCAA bracket is better than yours

Think your NCAA basketball tournament bracket is doing well? It's probably nothing compared to this guys...

Mark Frommeyer, who's also known as the March Madness mystic. This season was only the second time he's ever submitted an entry to his office pool.
"I picked the first 32 out of my head, and I got 27 of them, and the rest of them I picked by flipping a penny," he said.

He's 49-12 so far, but most importantly, Frommeyer picked each team in the Final Four. "It's pretty cool," he said. Pretty cool. And pretty unlikely.

David Flaspohler, a statistics professor at Xavier University, said the odds of what Frommeyer has done are about eight in 10 million.

"So look at a 15-day time period, and then out of that 15-day time period, pick the right second. The probability of doing that is about the same," Flaspohler said. Frommeyer admits that he knows next to nothing about basketball, but said his luck has finally put him in good standing with the experts at work who fill out brackets.

"I blew everybody out of the water. There was no way anyone could catch me, so ... I got paid the booty. It was $75," he said. It may not sound like much, but Frommeyer said what's important is the point he's made.

"The experts don't always know what is going on," he said. Article here.

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Teen boy: No, really, she scares me.
Teen girl: Is that why you tell people you are gay?
Teen boy: What? No!
Teen girl: Are you gay?
Teen boy: I just don't want to have a girlfriend.
Teen girl: What if she only wanted to have sex?
Teen boy: I am a good person. I have morals.
Teen girl: What if she had bigger boobs?
-R train

Chick #1: It's wearing off.
Chick #2: Oh my god, it looks so good though.
Chick #1: Yeah. Botox really works.
Chick #2: My mom doesn't need that but she really needs a neck lift.
-Sarabeth's (East), Madison Avenue

Girl #1: Stuart kissed me full on the mouth.
Girl #2: Did he mean it?
Girl #1: He said it was an accident; he was going for my cheek.
Girl #2: That happened to me once when I was kissing my father.
-St. Marks Place

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Greatest baseball catch and throw ever

These posters were glued to chairs at local eateries to promote the local gym. Pretty clever. & Gross.

Jessica Simpson is dating Dane Cook?

IMDB is reporting that Jessica Simpson is reportedly becoming more than just good friends with her latest co-star, comedian Dane Cook. The couple went to see the movie Inside Man, and things started to heat up a bit.
Us Weekly claims: "They were sitting really close to each other and at one point she laid her head on his shoulder." Then a week before at a party: "They were sitting next to each other all night and were in their own world. They were holding hands and laughing and hugging.

Simpson's reps have said they are just "Friends", but I'm still not so sure. Dane Cook is a BAMF (bad ass mother-f**#@) and in my opinion the funniest comedian alive. I’m not sure if I’d want such a cool/witty dude like Dane dating someone as dumb/hot as Jessica Simpson. And how long has it been since she’s been divorced from Nick Lachey? Like a month? What the hell?
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Tyson, a dog who can skateboard!

(click image to watch video)

High schoolers beat up student with feces?

Four Kennedy High School students were charged Thursday in an assault on a Kennedy senior who was pummeled in the school auditorium in front of scores of students and who, witnesses said, was attacked with feces later found strewn across the auditorium floor.

Teachers and students were horrified by the incident, which left the victim, an 18-year-old honor student, with a broken nose, two black eyes, abrasions on both eyes and a swollen cheek, according to his father.

"For these [attackers] to do what they did is beyond disgusting,'' said one teacher who asked for anonymity. "No kid should go through what this young man went through. ... I've never seen anything like this.''

The father said eight to 10 kids pounced on his son "like a gang of wolves'' Wednesday. He was treated at a hospital for a broken nose and other injuries, and by Thursday, he looked like a cross between "Jake La Motta and Rocky,'' the father said.

Police on Thursday charged the four alleged attackers with simple battery, a misdemeanor, although Chicago Police Department spokeswoman Monique Bond said the Cook County state's attorney's office could upgrade charges.

Charged were two 16-year-old juveniles, as well as Donnell Quante Little, 18. All four were suspended for 10 days and face expulsion, said Chicago Public Schools spokesman Michael Vaughn.

Ewwwwww. Weird. Article here.

Carmen Electra likes aerial sex tricks?

Carmen Electra is reportedly installing an aerial circus hoop in her home- to thrill her husband with X-rated nude tricks.

The former 'Baywatch' babe has been taking lessons in circus arts and can't wait to show hubby Dave Navarro her new skills - while she's completely naked.
She said: "You can pull yourself up on it and it spins. "You can do all these sexy moves. I take a class. It's a circus school. I'm getting one for the house."

Meanwhile, Carmen left actor Rob Schneider hot and bothered with a sizzling performance on America's 'Tonight Show'. The curvy actress demonstrated her circus skills by thrusting her shapely pins in the comic actor's lap while talk show host Jay Leno looked on in shock.

Last month, Carmen and Victoria Silvstedt staged a sizzling lesbian show on a French TV programme. The pair sent pulses racing as they flirted and smooched together. Carmen first began pouting for the camera in a skimpy vest, while Victoria flashed her breasts in a low-cut shirt. The two beauties then began rubbing their breasts in each other's faces before enjoying a lingering kiss.

One onlooker said: "Everyone went wild as they touched each other's bodies." Article here.

Speeding. An honest excuse...

Lose weight? Walk across all of America...

Gary Long is on a bold quest to burn away half of his 360 pounds by walking 2,900 miles across America.

Now he is eastbound along U.S. 50 in Indiana - 200 miles from home - still making 10 or so miles each day, and about 20 pounds lighter. "Who'd have thought I'd even get this far?" said Long, 51, as he folded his tent on a cool Tuesday morning 20 miles east of Vincennes, Ind. "But here I am. I'm now completely confident that I can walk the whole way. I'm almost afraid to stop walking."
He spent Thursday night camped near Shoals, Ind., 23 miles down the road from Washington. The journey he billed as a gesture of hope for the obese has become an odyssey of wide-eyed discovery. With his camera phone, he takes snapshots of people he meets. He writes daily entries upon a notepad. When he finds a library or helpful new friend, he sends the photos and thoughts home electronically to his wife, Cheryl, who posts them on a Web site,

"Once I get out of my mind how far I have to go, I can let each day become my motivation," he said. "I have 12 hours of light and walk about half of it. I do what I can. I watch the cows stop to watch me. I see birds fighting. I listen to the creeks," he said. "I can feel serenity. We spend so much time thinking about the next appointment, the next paycheck, the next oil change. This is refreshing to my soul. I thank God and Cheryl for all of it."

Not sure if this is the best way to lose weight, however you have to give it to him for taking the initiative to actually do this. Check out his website here.

Sorry bud, you got the wrong house.

Local park is infested with bird poop?

The area around Lake Eola has a bevy of bird droppings.

The foul smelling white film cakes lamp posts, covers sidewalks and park benches and stains the bushes and trees around a 100-foot stretch of the lake. Drivers who dare park their cars do so at their own risk. Within minutes, a car can turn from black to spotted along "bird poop alley," as residents call it.

The problem, triggered when some trees thousands of cormorants used were removed from an island, has gotten so bad city officials posted four signs last week to warn passers-by. But the signs, which read "Caution Entering Bird Dropping Area," don't really do the situation justice. Cormorants, which dive into the water to catch fish and migrate south annually, are such prolific poopers that their South American cousins helped create Peru's guano islands.

Angie Martinez parked her red Honda Civic under a tree for 20 minutes Tuesday when it was hit by the poopstorm. "I went straight to get my car cleaned," she said. "I think it was kind of funny. As soon as a turned away, I saw my car bombed from the birds."
Indira Sawh and her co-workers have a bird's eye view of the problem. They work in an office building across the street and often watch people get dirtied. "The other day we saw four guys in suits going to lunch and the guy's entire suit got covered in bird poop," said Sawh. "The smell is the worst part of it all."

In an attempt to wash the white waste, the city has the sidewalks and street pressure cleaned twice a week, said Orlando Rolon, a spokesman for Mayor Buddy Dyer. But Sawh said that's hopeless. "We're wasting taxpayer dollars," she said.

The city tried to remove the trees, but learned that the birds' nests were protected under federal law, Rolon said. The situation was tolerable until city workers removed cypress trees off a small island in the middle of the lake. "The bird droppings were polluting the lake so bad that it was creating algae that was creating a nasty smell," Rolon said.

The birds quickly migrated to nearby oaks and soon sidewalks, benches and people were pummeled. Rolon said the city has consulted with botanists about ways to chemically treat the trees so they would produce more branches. "When (the birds) return next year we hope the trees will be so full of growth that they will not want to nest there," he said.

But some Orlando residents are for the birds. Jose Vega and his sister, Maria, enjoyed a fearless stroll down the speckled sidewalk Tuesday. "I love the birds," Jose said. "If it poops on my head, what am I going to go? I'll go wash it off." Article here.

Caught! Totally checking out Natalie Portman!

Town mistakenly elects wrong person

A ballot mix-up led Palm Beach County officials to mistakenly declare the wrong winner of a small town council race.

Supervisor of Elections Arthur Anderson attributed the problem to "human error." Elections officials said a stack of 109 paper absentee and provisional ballots from Pahokee's runoff Tuesday was mistakenly added to Mangonia Park's totals, skewing the results of the race in which 122 people voted.

The mistake was discovered Wednesday, a day after unofficial returns handed the race to Mangonia Park Councilwoman Frances Elien, who appeared to win by 47 votes. The new count shows that Elien lost by six votes to challenger Peggy Cook.
"I want to know what happened. They're going to have to show it to me. That's too big of a mistake," Elien said. She planned to meet with elections officials Thursday to check on the results. She said her concerns go well beyond this election, adding that the mix-up could shake public confidence in future elections.

"We're talking about right now 100-some votes. But when you're dealing with thousands, millions of votes, then it becomes scary and very uneasy," Elien said. "It reminds me of the year 2000, and that's something that I do not want to happen again. Something is definitely wrong."

Anderson, who defeated former elections supervisor Theresa LePore, the overseer of the 2000 election, noted that more than 40 municipal elections have run smoothly since he took office.

"This was solely due to human error. It had nothing to do with the function of the voting equipment, whatsoever," Anderson said. "In all honesty, we have to say that the process takes a little bit of a hit, but I think that people can find comfort in the fact that this is really very much of an isolated occurrence." Article here.