Thursday, August 17, 2006

What do you mean you forgot the tap!?

Redheads have more sex than anyone? Whoa!

Redheads have more sex than women of any other hair color, according to new research in Germany.

Hamburg sex researcher, Professor Dr. Werner Habermehl, said his new study documented the sex lives of hundreds of German women and compared them by hair color, according to the Daily Mail.

Habermehl said that the sex lives of redheaded women were not only more active than women with other colors of hair, but that red heads have more partners and sex more frequently than the average person.

"The research shows that the fiery redhead certainly lives up to her reputation," Habermehl told the Daily Mail. He also told the paper that women who dyed their hair red from another color were signaling they were looking for a partner.

"Even women in a fixed relationship are letting their partners know they are unhappy if they dye their hair red. They are saying that they are looking for something better," Habermehl said to the Daily Mail. Article here.

How to get into a bar fight... and WIN.

Fantasy Football costs employers $1.1 billion

Office workers combing the league waiver wire for running backs or back-up quarterbacks are part of a growing number of fantasy football owners costing employers as much as $1.1 billion a week in lost productivity, according to a study released on Wednesday.

During the National Football League regular season, nearly 37 million people spend an average of 50 minutes a week at work managing their fantasy teams comprised of real-life players tallying points based on statistical performance, according to outplacement consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Fantasy sports ranks with shopping on eBay Inc.'s (EBAY.O: Quote, Profile, Research) Web auction site and online poker as the biggest waste of productivity at the workplace, said John Challenger, CEO of the consulting firm.

However, Challenger encourages employers to embrace fantasy sports in order to foster a sense of camaraderie in the workplace.

"The potential damage to morale and loyalty resulting from a fantasy football ban could be far worse than the loss of productivity caused by 10 minutes of online team management," said Challenger.

The study also cited a survey saying average fantasy sports owners spend 34 minutes a day just thinking about their teams and spend close to $500 a year on fantasy sports. Article here.

This car parking game is really really addictive

The object of this game is simple… you must park your car FRONT FIRST into the highlighted space.

You have 60 seconds to complete the first level.

This is harder than you think – and really addictive. Click here to play the game.

thanks cara

Married people live longer than single people

Here's some bad news for the confirmed bachelors and runaway brides of the world: They don't live as long as married people, especially if they never get married, according to new research.

Many studies have found that unmarried adults tend to die earlier than those who are married, but most did not differentiate between those who were separated or divorced and those who never got hitched.

In the new study, Robert Kaplan of the University of California at Los Angeles and Richard Kronick of the University of California at San Diego studied census and death certificate data collected from almost 67,000 U.S. adults between 1989 and 1997.

After taking into account age, health and several other factors likely to influence longevity, the researchers found that between 1989 and 1997, those who had been widowed were almost 40 percent more likely to die than married people living with their spouses. Those who had been divorced or separated were 27 percent more likely to have shorter lives. Those who had never been married were 58 percent more likely to die during this period. The never-married "penalty" was greater for men than women.

The researchers speculated that the explanation might be related to unmarried people having fewer social connections.
"The data seem to support the hypothesis that the greater level of social isolation associated with having never married is associated with larger health consequences," the researchers wrote in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Article here.

Clever? Or just totally cliché?

Mississippi is the fattest state, CO is leanest

Mississippi has once again claimed the title of fattest state, while Colorado repeats as the leanest. Louisiana remains at number four, but its three-year obesity average climbed more than any other state, by 1.8%, with a one-year 2005 obesity percentage just barely below Mississippi’s.

The fattest states are concentrated in the South (excluding Florida), while the leanest states are clustered in the non-coastal West and
New England. Source.

Summer time! This picture is just too funny...

Justin Timberlake f*ckin hates Taylor Hicks

Regardless of the huge hype around Taylor Hicks right now, Justin Timberlake is not impressed and has gone public trashing the recent American Idol winner.

Timberlake said: "People think he looks so normal, and he's so sweet and he's so earnest, but he can't carry a tune in a bucket." Source.

Yeah, it smells that bad

Your Email inbox says a lot about you...

You are your inbox. Take a clear-eyed look at how you answer or file each email. Notice what you choose to keep or delete. Consider your anxiety when your inbox is jammed with unanswered messages.

The makeup and tidiness of your inbox is a reflection of your habits, your mental health and, yes, even the way Mom and Dad raised you.

"If you keep your inbox full rather than empty, it may mean you keep your life cluttered in other ways," says psychologist Dave Greenfield, who founded the Center for Internet Behavior in West Hartford, Conn. "Do you cling to the past? Do you have a lot of unfinished business in your life?"

On the other hand, if you obsessively clean your inbox every 10 minutes, you may be so quick to move on that you miss opportunities and ignore nuances. Or your compulsion for order may be sapping your energy from other endeavors, such as your family.

Email addiction, of course, is now a cultural given. But a less-noticed byproduct of that is the impulse of the inbox. Some of us are obsessed with moving every email to an appropriate folder while killing junk "spam" on arrival and making sure Mom knows that we got her email and still love her. Meanwhile, others among us are e-procrastinators -- modern-day Scarlett O'Haras who figure we'll deal with old email tomorrow. We're discovering that the disorder in our inboxes mirrors the disorder in our homes, marriages and checkbooks.

A few months ago, Scott Stratten was suffering from what he terms "inbox paralysis." A marketing consultant in Oakville, Ontario, he had 500 old messages in his inbox, all needing responses. "I felt so guilty, I couldn't even bring myself to open my email," he says.

In desperation, he decided to delete all his messages. He then sent an email blast to 400 people on his contact list, telling them a lie. He made up a story that his Internet service provider had informed him that some emails weren't getting through -- and that was why friends and clients never heard back from him. "People were very empathetic," he says, "and it allowed me to start fresh."

Mr. Stratten describes what he did as "pure evil," but he also calls it a turning point. He realized he had to find a better way to ease his guilt over not coming through for people. He is now hiring an assistant who will handle his email.

Those who are too nice in other areas of their lives may be more likely to struggle with unwieldy inboxes, says Merlin Mann, creator of, a Web site about personal productivity. Polite people (or those who want to be liked) feel obliged to participate in ping-pong correspondences with chatty friends. They haven't the heart to give anyone the no-response brush-off. But Mr. Mann says such ruthlessness is necessary.

He says he uses a few dozen "templates" to answer email -- prewritten form letters in which he inserts a person's name or a personalized comment. He also empties his inbox hourly. "You have to treat your inbox like you treat your mailbox at home," he says. "You wouldn't store your bills inside your mailbox. And leaving spam in your inbox is like leaving garbage in your kitchen."

On the work front, you're most at risk for inbox clutter if you're the type who can't say "no," warns Nancy Flynn, executive director of the ePolicy Institute, a consulting firm. When you're quick to respond with offers of help, "people use email to turn their crisis into your emergency," she says.

In Greensboro, N.C., Internet consultant Wally Bock keeps his inbox down to a manageable few dozen messages. He credits his sense of order to "having disciplined parents who made that a value." Still, he recognizes the downside. Many "Inbox Zero" zealots interrupt their work every time they hear a ping announcing incoming email. "Multitasking is a misnomer," says Mr. Bock. "What you're really doing is switching rapidly between tasks. And every time you switch, you have to start up again. Over the course of a day, you lose a chunk of efficiency."

A saner way to pare down an inbox is to move email into folders -- by subject or need for follow-up -- and once a week set aside time for inbox housekeeping. That's advice from Marilyn Paul, author of "It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys," a book for the chronically disorganized. She also suggests using the inbox alphabetizing feature, which organizes all email by sender. "That allows you to delete 1,000 emails an hour," she says. Article here.

Gnarls Barkely’s dressing room requirements:

Eating hot dogs may cause cancer? WTF?

Everyone knows hot dogs aren't exactly healthy for you, but in a new study chemists find they may contain DNA-mutating compounds that might boost one's risk for cancer.

Extracts from hot dogs bought from the supermarket, when mixed with nitrites, resulted in what appeared to be these DNA-mutating compounds. When added to Salmonella bacteria, hot dog extracts treated with nitrites doubled to quadrupled their normal DNA mutation levels. Triggering DNA mutations in the gut might boost the risk for colon cancer, the researchers explained.

"I won't say you shouldn't eat hot dogs," Mirvish said. Future research will feed hot dog meat to mice to see if they develop colon cancer or precancerous conditions, he explained.

James Hodges, president of the American Meat Institute Foundation in Washington, noted this study is "a preliminary report that the author concedes requires further investigation. The carcinogenic risk to humans of the compounds studied has not been determined."

The possible hazard presented here is not just limited to hot dogs. Salted dried fish and seasonings such as soy sauce may contain similar levels of these chemicals, Mirvish said. Article here.

What a clever way to drunk a beer in public

Running & jumping on a hotel bed is really fun

Taken from:

There is something completely intoxicating about today’s hotel bed. Plush, deep, luscious, thick…and oh so bouncy. Don’t deny yourself the indulgent luxury of taking a running start and launching up over that mattress and box-spring that will surely propel you back up into the stratosphere.

Hotel Bed Jumping. It’s naughty. It’s fun. It’s free.

You have to admit – when you walk into your hotel room for the first time… nothing’s more therapeutic than dropping your bags and hurling yourself in the air as high as you can onto a hotel bed. Ahhh, it’s the little things in life. :)