Wednesday, May 07, 2008


If you feel you must throw bricks at passing cars from your vehicle, try not to hit a state trooper. They tend to frown on those sort of shenanigans.

Two Central Vermont men are facing charges for throwing bricks from a moving car. Police say 18-year-old Mark Kittell, of Barre, was the driver and 21-year-old Christopher Kew, of Northfield, launched the bricks at passing cars.

Police say three cars were hit, including a state police cruiser. Both men were charged with three counts of reckless endangerment. Fortunately, no one was hurt.


[slightly demented] 'Now I have a heart'

Comic: '2 Suicides'


Obama sure is popular... [wink,wink]


[hilarious] SNL skit: 'Annuale'

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Dude gets 100 shotgun pellets to the face, neck & back.

A man survived a shot in the back during a hunting trip Sunday, leaving more than 100 shotgun pellets in his face, neck and back.

Brent Rose, an avid and long- time hunter, suffered the blow while turkey hunting near Grangeville with a few friends. Rose was within reach of a turkey he had been chasing when he heard someone behind him. He tried to whistle to alert the three hunters to his presence, but said his lips were too dry.

"I waived my hand to let them know I was there," he said. "I saw them looking at me, and then boom. I was face down on the ground holding the back of my head and screaming for my life."


Puff Daddy and Ellen taking shots of vodka.

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It's tough to explain to the police why you have an ATM in your backseat, so you might as well run.

Dallas police officers stopped a car with an ATM in back early Tuesday morning and arrested a suspect.

Police said they saw the suspects steal the cash machine from the Velvet Hookah Bar. An officer followed the car for about a block before making the stop and arrest, police said. Investigators said they also found a gun in the car. When the officer stopped the car, two of the suspects fled and were still being sought Tuesday morning. Late night and early morning thefts of ATM machines have become a frequent problem for Dallas police in recent months.


Drunk dude falls off bridge -- hits firetruck & ground.

Researchers find men are more than willing to talk about hookers

A group of researchers -- most of them young women -- invited more than 100 Chicago-area men who frequently use prostitutes to talk about their attitudes and experiences. They were overwhelmed by the response; in fact, more than 200 men were willing to sit down with strangers to discuss at length their illegal sexual practices.