Monday, February 13, 2006

Should of thought twice about titling this:

10-year old passes ecstasy on bus to students

A 10-year-old boy thought he was giving candy to his friends on the school bus. But prosecutors in Fort Wayne, Ind., said the youngster was actually passing out the illegal drug Ecstasy.

Investigators are trying to figure where the kid got the pills. Some of the students put the pills in their mouths but spit them out because they tasted bad. Some students reported stomachaches and one felt tingling down the arms.

The driver then collected the bag of turquoise pills. Police estimate the value of the stash of more than 130 Ecstasy tabs at about $3,000.

The Forest Park Elementary student who passed out the Ecstasy told police that he got the pills from the house where he goes to wait for the bus. The hallucinogenic pills were about the size of an aspirin and had a check mark on them, similar to the Nike swoosh trademark. Authorities have yet to file charges in the case. Article here.

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Guy #1: Hey, answer me seriously, what would you do if one day I killed our neighbor?
Guy #2: I would turn into a giant penis and spray semen all over the city.

-A train
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Proof Nintendo games kick-ass

Text Messaging tips for Valentine's Day

A poll of 3,000 mobile phone users that found 40 percent will be texting rather than sending cards and that one in four have misdirected a provocative text or photo.

Recipients of the unwanted texts include bosses or colleagues (9 percent) parents (3 percent) and perhaps most embarrassing of all -- ex-partners (2 percent). The study for student phone service dot mobile revealed eight in ten 18-25 year olds have sent a flirty text message within the last year, with a third indulging in "text sex."

The survey found 60 percent of respondents had sent a flirty text to someone other than their regular partner although not without consequences for many of them.

Of those who admitted cheating, 65 percent had been caught out by their mobile, with a third saying their partner had read incriminating text messages. Source here.

With loved-up texters getting ready for the big day, dot mobile has come up with a few tips:

1)Keep flirty messages short.
2)Observe the two-day rule: get in touch after meeting someone within two days, no longer.
3)Do not drink and text.
4)Avoid over-use of emoticons and jargon.
5)"Xs" at the end of messages should not exceed three.
6)Be careful about picture messaging which others may get their hands on.
7)Adhere to the two text rule; Admit defeat if you have not received a reply after 12 hours and two texts.

You think you have a cool dog?

Bling for your teeth, courtesy of Paul Wall

Wanna make your teeth really bling? Check out Paul Wall’s grillz. The prices run from $75 (Balla on a Budget) to $700 (King of the South) depending on which model you’d like to own. Don’t worry- each teeth set is custom molded to your teeth. What does that mean for you? Your sh*t will look tight.
Bling-tastic, absolutely bling-tastic. Click here to see the entire grillz store.

Dog Butt Towel Holder

“The ultimate kitchen accessory, for dog-lovers everywhere. Made from white high impact plastic, dog-end attaches easily to tiles, walls, cupboards, doors and fridges.”
This is absolutely a classy kitchen piece that I’m sure everyone would want in their home (yeah right). Totally, a great gift for anal-minded dog owners. It’ll set you back $35 too. Click here to buy one.

Almost like the real thing...

Paul Walker Wants To Rape Jessica Alba

F.F. is reporting that the Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker wants to have sex every waking moment with Jessica Alba, ever since they made Into The Blue. Walker admits to having a huge sexual crush on her, especially her butt.

Walker told Complex magazine: "Come on, dude, you know what I'm looking at. I couldn't take my eyes off that ass. I'm sorry. She's beautiful. And she's such a pain in my ass, too. But that's what I love about her."

He later added in that same interview:

"She's the kind of girl you just want to have angry sex with for the rest of your life because it's just that good."

Good gosh Paul, please- don’t sugar coat it or anything… tell us how you really feel. While your at it, see if you can make a movie worth watching sometime in the near future.

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Valentine's Day is best day to catch cheaters

Valentine's Day is the biggest single 24-hour period for florists, a huge event for greeting-card companies and a boon for candy makers. But it's also a major crisis day for anyone who is having an affair. After all, Valentine's Day is the one holiday when everyone is expected to do something romantic for their spouse or lover -- and if someone has both, it's a serious problem.

Martin Investigative Services in Anaheim, Calif., has been booked up for Valentine's Day assignments since the end of January. Founder Thomas Martin, a former agent of the U.S. Justice Department, says the firm, which charges $95 an hour, will handle 14 to 20 suspected infidelity cases that day, nearly double its usual load.

Click here to read the full Wall-Street Journal Article about ‘spying on your lover’.

The ultimate stadium seating

Freshman Soccer hazing victims, the story

Tiffin University officials and area media outlets, including The Blade, received an e-mail message alleging that the 11 freshmen on the team were hazed. The message included attached photographs of bare-chested men clad in boxer shorts wearing signs around their necks with their names and derogatory remarks about them written in marker. In the photos, some of the men also have derogatory writings and pictures drawn on them in marker, and several are attached to each other with "handcuffs" that appear to be fashioned from duct tape.

The e-mail included an address for a Web site where 20 photos of partially dressed young people were posted, including six photographs believed to be of the Tiffin soccer players. Most of the men thought to be soccer players are smiling and holding plastic beverage cups. One photo shows three shirtless people, including a female wearing a bra, standing with their backs to the camera, revealing marker writings on their back.

Tony Iyayi, one of the freshmen soccer players in the photographs, said the incidents depicted in the images occurred at a team social event in early September. Mr. Iyayi, 19, of Lagos, Nigeria, said not all of the freshmen participated in the event - contrary to the e-mail allegations by Mr. Terry - and everyone who took part did so voluntarily. No one was harmed, he added. "We just decided to have a laugh." Read the full article here.

The cards hung around the player's necks read:
#14 Eric Pettigrew - My best friend got dumped by Foley's chick
#30 Casey Perry - You know what they say about ? ? that wear big shoes . . . Answer: Nothing!"
#23 - I am Jeremiah Jenkins and I have a venereal disease
#11 - Tony Iyayi - "I have a fake British Accent"

Magazine illusions...

1 bedroom tree house for sale in Detroit

Check out this auction listed by kids/grandparents, they’re trying to sell a tree house on eBay:


Custom built, over 160 sq. feet ,one bedroom w/large comb. living room, dinning room, den & play area. As an added bonus to this once in a lifetime , we will give the winning bidder the option of removing the tree at no extra charge.


If the wining bid reaches $4,000,000.00 we will throw in every item that we have listed in all of our current ebay auctions.

Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

Women drivers...?

Teacher guilty in 2nd grader mock hanging

A Newark substitute teacher who forced a second-grader to stand on a chair and tightened a string around the child's neck in a mock hanging has been convicted of disorderly persons offenses and could face jail time, a prosecutor said yesterday.

Albert Coleman, 61, of East Orange, was convicted Tuesday in a bench trial before Superior Court Judge Dennis Carey of simple assault and disorderly conduct, said Mark Ali, an assistant Essex County prosecutor.

Click here to read the full article.

3-foot woman delivers healthy baby

A woman who is 3 feet tall and weighed 37 pounds before she got pregnant has given birth to her first child -- a healthy boy.

Eloysa Vasquez, who uses a wheelchair and had two miscarriages, suffers from Type 3 osteogenesis imperfecta, a disorder that makes bones soft and brittle. Vasquez gained 20 pounds during pregnancy and delivered the 3 pound, 7 ounce baby on Jan. 24 at Stanford University's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.

"We just took one day at a time. We had a lot of people praying for us. We just believed ... and here we have our son," Vasquez, 38, of Tulare, told The Fresno Bee for a story Thursday. Doctors said they delivered Baby Timothy by Cesarean section eight weeks before due date in order to protect the mother's fragile health -- her tiny, distorted body left little room for a fetus to grow.

They said Timothy did not inherit his mother's genetic condition. Her husband, Roy, said his wife's small stature can be deceiving: "She's a strong lady." According to the university, one in only 25,000 to 50,000 births are to a mother with osteogenesis imperfecta, and even fewer involve moms with the severe Type 3 form.

Wow, this is an amazing story. Article here.

Your house looks kind of familiar...

This is a real picture of 300+ low income homes in Ixtapaluca, Mexico, a housing complex that has more than 10,000!

McDonald's fries are now considered healthy

Just kidding (did you really think McDonalds fries would ever be healthy for you?). Actually, McDonald's french fries just got fatter - by nutritional measurement. The world's largest restaurant chain said Wednesday its fries contain a third more trans fats than it previously knew, citing results of a new testing method it began using in December.

That means the level of potentially artery-clogging trans fat in a portion of large fries is eight grams, up from six, with total fat increasing to 30 grams from 25.

McDonald's has been reluctant to risk changing the taste of its iconic french fries. It pledged in September 2002 to switch to a new oil that would halve the level of harmful trans fatty acid in its fries. But it has delayed those plans, citing product quality and customer satisfaction as priorities while continuing testing.

Sh*t, and this whole time I thought McDonald’s french fries were healthy for you! Full article here.