Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You'll be this pitiful one day?

Window washer falls asleep 20 stories high

A window washer working on a downtown high-rise building attracted attention Friday after he apparently fell asleep on the job.

The man was cleaning the glass on the 20th floor of the Fifth Third Bank building on Church Street when several onlookers noticed he was not moving.
"I figured he had just either passed out or maybe he had fallen asleep," said Leroy Anderson, who said he had been watching the man for 30 minutes before fire engines arrived. "It's sunny and warm up there, and there's no wind."
The man came to after firefighters tugged on his ropes, then held up a sign from inside the window to get his attention. The worker lowered himself to the sidewalk, where he walked over to an ambulance to be examined by paramedics.

"It's unusual to fall asleep outside while on scaffolding that high up," Booker said. "Believe me, I'm afraid to step off that curb, let alone go 15 stories up." Article here.

The really really cheap seats

Hummer gets owned by a school bus!

One person was injured this morning when a sport utility vehicle crashed into a school bus on the Near Southside.

No children were on the Indianapolis Public Schools bus when it collided with the SUV. The victim was awake and transported to an area hospital, dispatch said. The victim’s name and condition were not immediately available.

Britney Spears exposed, literally. NSFW

Countdown to Paris Hilton's death?

Can you find the army dude in this picture?

Drunk driver tries to swallow keys in front of cop

A Russian man whom police stopped for allegedly driving drunk tried to swallow his keys then bit an officer as the officer tried to retrieve them.

The man, who was stopped overnight east of Moscow, admitted to police that he had drunk a half-liter of grain alcohol, RIA-Novosti reported, citing regional traffic spokeswoman Anna Kutonova.

As the police drew up the paperwork to confiscate the car, the man, identified only as a "Muscovite," put his keys in his mouth and tried to swallow them, the agency said.

One officer, fearing for the man's life, tried to retrieve the keys but the man bit him; only after donning gloves could the officer remove them, RIA-Novosti said. The man was charged with failing to follow police orders. Article here.

Outkast's "Hey Ya", Charlie Brown Style

Couple buys camcorder, gets pasta sauce instead?

A Missouri couple got quite a surprise when they opened their expensive new video camera.

Jim and Melisa Rittenberg thought they were purchasing a new digital camera from Best Buy but they claim that's not what they brought home. When they opened the box a jar of spaghetti sauce was inside. It's about the same size and weight as the $1,500 camera.

Best Buy says it is investigating the situation. Sony is sending the couple a new camera. Article here.