Monday, November 07, 2005

Mexican Jumping Beans are back!

Check out this product. Rest assured it’s nothing new- it's just Jumping Beans. Now purchasing these is nothing new, however their product has a twist on what they offer. They offer “game cards” so that you can play different games with your beans (yes, I really did just say that). I will say it again just because I can. You can play with your beans. OK- I'm done. Anyways, the games are: soccer, football, pool, cross country track, ice hockey, and basketball.

Some interesting facts about jumping beans (i didn't know): Jumping beans will jump for two to three months before dormancy. After about six months a tiny moth will emerge. Some larva will not emerge, and will naturally die in their pod. If a moth does emerge, it will live two to three days before it dies. It will not eat drapes, clothes, carpets or anything else. If the tiny moth emerges you are lucky, the best thing to do is to point it to the southern sky, wish it well, and let it fly away.

Click here to order some Mexican Jumping Beans!

Make the AOL guy say, "Mail, Mother-fu*ker!

So apparently the guy who does the “You’ve got Mail” on AOL has spun off to doing independent work (life must be hard when all you do is voice-overs). His new line of independent work is customizing messages for anyone in all of cyberspace.

So for example you can request him to say, “You’ve Got Mail, John” or “Check your mail box Doug.” You submit in a email what you would like him to say. Simple as that.

I’m really not sure if there is a big market for this type of work- but regardless, it’s easy work for him. It costs $10 for 1 quote, $25 for 5 quotes. Click here to find out more.

A boat raft made out of soda bottles?

I’m really not sure what inspired this- but these two guys made an entire boat raft out of soda pop two-liter bottles. Kind of cool? Click here to see more pictures.

Motorbike sails over 300 ft. in the air...

You may have seen this on the news… it’s a dude that jumps almost 300 feet in the air on a 500cc motorbike and then perfectly nails the landing. It really is unbelievable to watch- I can’t believe what would have happened if he had either lost control in the air or messed up the landing… click here to watch the video.

(click image to watch video)

Cat patty cake?

Man glued to a toilet seat at Home Depot

Home Depot is defending a lawsuit filed by a man who claims the chain's Louisville store ignored his cries for help after he fell victim to a prank and was glued to a toilet seat.

Bob Dougherty, became stuck to a bathroom toilet seat last year after somebody smeared glue on it. His lawsuit, filed Friday, said Dougherty was recovering from heart bypass surgery at the time and thought he was having a heart attack. A store employee who heard him calling for help informed the head clerk via radio, but the head clerk "believed it to be a hoax," the lawsuit said.

"They left me there, going through all that stress," Dougherty told The Boulder Daily Camera. "They just let me rot."

Home Depot spokeswoman Kathryn Gallagher said she could not comment on pending litigation.

The lawsuit said after about 15 minutes, store officials called for an ambulance. Paramedics unbolted the toilet seat, and while wheeling a "frightened and humiliated" Dougherty out of the store, he passed out.

The lawsuit said the toilet seat separated from his skin, leaving abrasions. Click here to read the full article.

Lets go eat sushi off a naked woman...m'k?

A sushi restaurant has found a new way to make serving food interesting to their customers. A semi-nude woman.

The restaurant began offering the $500 all-you-can-eat dinner special in its private lounge. The woman -- wears a G-string, some cellophane, a few strategically placed seashells and little else. The sushi is placed atop bamboo leaves arranged on her thighs, stomach and chest area. None of the food touches her skin, Pinto said. Soup or salad and dessert are included.

“It's like wearing a leaf bikini.”

Tim Hadac, spokesman for the Chicago Public Health Department, said the body sushi at Kizoku doesn't appear to be problematic "from a public health perspective," though he added, "We're never thrilled when people eat raw products" such as sushi.

"As long as there are certain areas of her body that are covered, I believe they are in compliance. However, we will have to look into it just to make sure.”

Click here to read the full article.

A dude with mad air guitar/air drum skills

This guy really knows how to let loose and have a good time when he’s listening to his music. Funny thing is- this video is from a LP security camera at a Best Buy electronic store. And yes, he really does have mad hot skills. Click here to watch the video.

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Dogs can be really really funny sometimes

Everyone likes watching funny pet videos… I mean how can you not? This is a collection of funny dog moments caught on home video. Click here to watch.

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[thanks Allison for the tip!]

On the wheels of steel... 'Dj Pus-Pus'

A purse snatcher gets 'tackled' by police...

Wanna see what’s about to happen? Click here to watch the video and find out...

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The two best Halloween costumes of 2005

Dude, lets pour liquid all over our laptops!

I’m really confused why anyone would want to do this- but these guys took some apple cider, and poured it all over their perfectly working laptop… just to see what would happen.

“The laptop still worked for a good 6-7 minutes. We even called it invincible at one point but we didn’t let the laptop get the better of us. After the malicious act of short circuiting the fans and some vicious poundings the laptop now rests in peace.”

I’m hoping this guys have both extreme amounts of time on their hands as well as cash. Odd, very odd if you ask me. Click here to see more pictures.

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Man finds out girfriend is only 11-years-old

Police have arrested a man for the murder of an 11-year-old girl.

20-year-old Robert Gonzales admitted to sexually assaulting Victoria Sandoval before choking her to death. Investigators acting on a tip took Gonzales into custody Thursday. Police said Gonzales told them he considered her his girlfriend.

They said he apparently got upset when he found out she was only 11.

Police said the two apparently met last summer. The girl had been living with her grandparents in New Mexico since the death of her mother four years ago. She was found dead in her bedroom Tuesday morning. Her window was unlocked and the screen was removed, according to police. Click here to read the article.

The worst halftime show of all-time

So I’m sure all of us have probably seen horribly done halftime shows (ie. Ashlee Simpson fiasco at the Orange Bowl), they really are priceless moments that make you just want to cringe. Check out this video, probably one of the worst halftime shows I’ve ever seen. Be sure to watch the guy in the while shirt- he’s fuc*in hilarious! Click here to watch the video.

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