Thursday, December 08, 2005

Final touch to the X-Mas decorations, complete!

So my roommates finally have finished all of our Christmas Decorations. And we totally are copy-cats. You may remember the post, ‘One LOL kick-ass Christmas decoration,’ a woman decorated her house with a fake person looking like he fell off the roof while decorating Christmas lights.

Well we totally copied that idea. And it is paying off ten-fold. We have gotton laughs and compliments from all the neighbors. Check it out- it’s the best we could do:

Our Decoration
The Original

Santa charged after dropping pants at the mall

Police arrested a Massachusetts man dressed as Santa Claus away from the Mall at Rockingham Park for dropping his pants in front of onlookers.

Fortunately, he was wearing sweatpants under his Santa costume. Otherwise, he would be facing charges of indecent exposure rather than disorderly conduct for allegedly dropping his Santa pants multiple times in the Salem mall.

The pants-dropping was clearly intentional; it was not a costume defect. He told police that he was just joking around, saying something to the effect of he was "just having some fun with the kids.”

The man wasn’t even employed at the mall as Santa, and it was unclear yesterday why he was dressed as Saint Nick or how he ended up in Salem.The man was released on $200 bail after the arrest and will be arraigned in Salem District Court at a later date. Article here.

Tell your kids Santa was killed in a homicide

This is the time of year when Oklahomans show their holiday spirit and put up holiday decorations.

Really demented decorations.

The display at Dent Depot in Oklahoma City features Santa Claus, reindeer, a sleigh and crime scene tape. Santa is face-down with an arrow in his back.

"It might be a little morbid for some people, but if you look at the humor of it, it's kind of funny," the owner says.

I myself think this is pretty darn funny. And I’m sure its giving his business great (and free) PR in the press. Click here to watch a news report about this.

Holiday quotes you can use at holiday parties

"Would you like me to light your pudding?"

"Have you seen the size of my Yule Log?"

''Can I fill your stocking, darling?"

"I bet you'd like to pull my cracker?"

"Does Santa slide down your chimney or does he use your back door?"

Aunt Sue has way to much time on her hands

Use Your Head... Support Safe Sex

Can you imagine the look on whomevers face, if you gave them this thing? I mean, what would you say?

“Thanks- uh- what is this? Oh, it’s a condom? …and it’s a hat? Uh, thanks- just what I wanted.”

I mean why not give someone a condom hat for x- mas? The product page proudly boasts (and I couldn’t of said it better myself): “Use Your Head ... Support Safe Sex!”

Click here to buy one for $10.

I knew I felt some turbulence on the flight...

This sweater would of been perfect for the party!

So my roommates and I are throwing a party next week, in which we like to call- one of Kansas City’s premier holiday parties of the year: The First Annual ‘Ugly Holiday Sweater Party.’ It should be a damn good time- since, well- er- I mean uh- we’ll be there, so it will be fun no matter what. Anyways, I’ve been scouring the Internet and my local thrift stores to find the perfect sweater for the party- with no luck yet (its harder than you think to find an ugly ass xmas sweater!). I came across this one on eBay today, and I was so upset to see it sold! This would have been ‘the one.’ It also sold for $51.00. Oh well. If anyone has or knows of a place I can acquire a tacky holiday sweater, it would be greatly appreciated! Click here to see the actual eBay listing of the sweater I wanted!

Jon the bus driver didn't quite get the memo...

"...her genitalia were even dyed red w/Kool-aid?"

A new Student Handbook policy has been issued at Ripon College because, “We just want everyone to feel safe and appreciated on campus.”

What’s been going on at Ripon College that is causing controversy? The policy addition was proposed in response to a situation concerning a snow sculpture(s) outside last winter.

"A large nude woman was created- her genitalia were even dyed red via Kool-aid."

…there are other examples of somewhat tasteless creations last winter;

A group of students transformed the Abe Lincoln statue on campus into a giant snow penis. Some students love snow art and think giant snow genitalia are a normal part of college, but agree that students can go too far.

"We're college students; I think we can come up with something better than an oversized penis and a bloody vagina," says one student.

The director of residence life at the college, ”hopes all students will step up and take a part in preventing degrading snow art this winter.”

Uh, I think this is kind of silly that they are trying to regulate this type of activity. I mean is this the worst of what's going on campus at this college? Whatever. Click here to read the full article.