Sunday, August 28, 2005

Eighth wonder of the world, The Palms.

This is so unreal- it’s almost hard to believe. Developers in Dubai are developing a series of islands for residential and business use. This self-styled “eighth wonder of the world” called The Palms, is visible from space and, once completed, will boast villas, hotels, and restaurants. England football stars including David Beckham and Michael Owen were reportedly among the early buyers when the villas sold out in one week last year.

The islands are shaped like palm trees because it is the most ideal geometry for creating maximum beach frontage. To create these islands- they are mining sand from the bottom of the ocean and using ships that literally spray the sand into proper the proper position.

Islands go for $7 million to $35 million each. It will house over 5,000 residents in 2,400 shoreline apartments and secluded villas. The Palm offers 30 luxury hotels, theme parks, restaurants, retail, sports facilities, health spas and cinemas. This is awesome. It’s not quite done yet- but I can only imagine how luxurious these islands are going to be. Dubai rocks. Check out the official website,

(click to see a real picture of the progress developing the islands)

Bartending Magic Tricks...

Check out this guy Michael- who is a bartender that does magic tricks. Some mildly entertaining stuff.

Unnoticed detail to the untrained eye...

Almost bulletproof iPod case...

Check out this armored case for an iPod. This thing is ridiculous. I’m not sure why you need a case that weighs 4-5 pounds…but then again, people keep inventing lots of un-needed iPod accessories.