Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Backwards Bowling? What?

This is nuts! This guy bowls backwards! Crazy thing is- he's good at it too!

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Jimmy Fallon is funny for once...

So generally I don’t find Saturday Night Live that funny (and I’m not alone), but this sketch is pretty funny. Jimmy Fallon (who usually sucks because he always breaks character and laughs during his sketches) and Paris Hilton are featured in this video. However, with the help of the script writers over at SNL, this sketch gets my “it’ll make you chuckle” approval.

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Dudes pants catches on fire...

This is HIL-ARIOUS! Check out this guy and his friends- one of them kicks something in the fire and his pants catch on fire! You kind of have to rewind it a couple times to see exactly what is happening, but I assure you this is nothing but quality entertainment.

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A purse snatcher gets tossed...

Check out this video- some guy tries to take her purse, instead she kicks his ass! I'm guessing it's probably not real, but nevertheless- entertaining to watch.

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Some dude gets into a fight with a fan...

Check out this guy who fights a fan. Yeah, you read that right, a freakin fan (you know the spinny thing that shoots out air). Keep a careful eye while watching this video. If you watch it a couple times, when you watch the guy's friend and his girlfriend- its funny to see their reactions the entire time he's doing this. With careful examination, there is actually 3 rounds of fights in this video (I decided to conveniently break it down for you):

*Round One: Idiot vs. Fan
*Round Two: Idiot vs. Fan and Wall
*Round Three: Unconscious Idiot vs. Fan and Idiot Friend

This is FANtastic! Get it? Ha ha, you know I had to say it. Now, check the video out.

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The iPod Nano gets tossed around...

So you thinking about buying the new iPod Nano? A lot of people are...I bet you are wondering- since it's so small, how durable is it? Check out this website that explores:

1.) Sitting on the iPod Nano
2.) Dropping it while jogging (4-6mph),
3.) Dropping at various speeds: 8-10mph (slow bicycle), 15-20mph (fast bicycle), 30mph (slow car), and 50mph (fast car)
4.) Dropping the nano from various heights.

Interesting to know what abuse the iPod Nano can take. However, it's a shame they had to destroy one just to find out. I would of gladly taken it.

Click here to see what happened to the iPod Nano.

Protester gives advice to Dick Cheney...

This is a pretty amusing video. I remember seeing this on The Daily Show on Comedy Central the other day- it's pretty funny. Off camera, there is a guy/protester shouting, "Go f**k yourself, Mr. Cheney!" Its obvious Dick hears the protester- watch his reaction.

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Volkswagen adds USB to its cars...

Volkswagen is putting a USB port in their new cars. Whoa, neat-o! The car stereo will recognize the memory device once you plug it in, and display up to six music folders. And then the controls work just as they would for a CD. The space inside the armrest is meant for a memory stick, but there is no reason you can’t plug any old MP3 player (with an adapter) in there as well. This feature will be available as an alternative to the regular CD player in the Golf, Golf Plus and Toureg starting this December, and other models come next year.