Friday, April 28, 2006

Yeah, I'm having a great day now.

Lightning kills man, chatting with friend

One minute, Harold Bennett, 65, was smiling in the street as a light rain fell. The next, a bolt of lightning dropped from the sky, killing him instantly.

Next-door neighbor Judy Thompson saw the electricity pass through her longtime friend's body.

The neighbors had been chatting outside around 6:30 p.m. about the upcoming hurricane season when Bennett, shirtless and in sandals, hiked up his shorts an inch and took three steps toward Thompson. He was smiling when the sky lit up with electricity.

The lightning bolt struck his head from behind, and yellow sparks formed inside his mouth, Thompson said.

Standing about 25 feet away, Thompson watched in horror as her friend — the most caring and energetic man she'd ever known- died without a word.

He dropped to the ground in front of the house he'd lived in for more than 30 years. "This clap of lightning went boom!" said a shaken Thompson, 51. "It was like somebody had shot him. The lightning went right through him... It was horrible."

WTF? Uh… no way. What are the chances? (not very good if you pay attention in school). Article here.

An extremely exciting car moment...

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Girl #1: That was so good! I'm so full!
Girl #2: Yeah... If this were freshmen year, I would totally go puke. -Shake Shack

Guy: If you were playing Risk, and you were Charles Darwin, would you place all of your armies on the Galapagos Islands?
-91st & Columbus

Hipster chick: I am so glad my ex-boyfriend and I have become friends again. I mean, I know he sued me and everything, but it just feels so good.
-Brooklyn Lyceum

Man: Isn't "volvo" the medical term for a vagina?
-Jacob Javits Center

Yuppie businessman on cell: I don't care who designed them, you're taking them back... You spent $600 on a paid of fucking shoes!?Unbelievable... Ok, whatever, I don't care, this conversation is over... Goodbye! [to friend] Can you believe this shit?.... Lucky for her she lets me fuck her in the butt.
-46th & Madison Ave.

Teacher sent sex videos of herself?

The former elementary school teacher convicted of sleeping with a student and now accused of sending him sex videos of herself by cell phone is "sick" and should leave the boy alone, his mother told The Tennessean yesterday.

The mother spoke just hours after a judge sent former gym teacher Pamela Rogers back to jail on new charges that she sent nude photos and sexually explicit video to the teen, among other communications with him.
Rogers, 28, sent some of the illicit images to her former student even as she was being prosecuted on charges that she violated her probation by reaching out to him via messages on her web page and blog.

In addition to the videos and nude photos, Rogers sent a barrage of text messages and phone calls to the boy in the past month, according to an arrest warrant issued Monday.

She also asked that the boy send pictures and videos to her, and phone records suggest she received some, according to the warrant. The content or nature of those videos was not made clear in court documents.
Rogers is now jailed without bail in Warren County pending a July hearing. She appeared in court yesterday morning in handcuffs and black-and-white-striped jail clothes. Authorities said she turned herself in Monday. The allegations, if proven to be true, could send her to prison to serve out the remainder of her eight-year sentence.

Here are the text messages just hours after the April 12 court appearance:

"Do you still love me"? Rogers asks in a message sent on March 19.

In another message sent that day, according to the warrant, she writes the boy: "Always still? R u still waitn? Or do u want me 2 try 2 move on wit my life? I miss you so much. I wish I could tlk 2 u."

In a message Rogers sent April 3, she writes: "I thought u said u got over that s girl this past summer? What am I 2 blieve? What u said or what I feel? So I am suppost 2 wait while u r doing that. No lies."
Another message, according to the warrant, read: "Good morning and I love u always. Thank u 4 makin me the happiest person n the world! I wil have this fone 2nite an 2moro I have 2 go 2 c a counselor a sex one."

Whoa. Things are getting weird here. Article here.

Their tongues are kind of scary looking

Buy a 'buble gum mountain' on eBay?

eBay description:

"You are bidding on a work of art created by chorus students. Many students have contributed to "Mount B.G." when they were reminded to get rid of their gum before rehearsal.

This sculpture weighs approximately 2 lbs and stands a whopping 8 inches high! It is mounted on a piece of cardboard approx 13"X9"."
Click here to see the actual eBay listing. It is currently selling for $0.99.

Two engaged cops drunk driving?

Two Minneapolis police officers, who are engaged to each other, were arrested in Columbia Heights early Tuesday after one allegedly drove drunk into the back of a parked truck and the other was twice stunned with a Taser for resisting police.

Officer Lindsay E. Anderson, 29, drove a car into a parked truck which then crashed into a car in the 4000 block of Washington Street about 1 a.m., according to a Columbia Heights police report. Later, as she sat in a Columbia Heights squad car, she tried to persuade an officer to release her "as she was a police officer that went through the same training as I did," the report said. When the officer refused, she swore at the officer, displayed her middle finger and said she would "never give any Heights officers a break and that she would be looking for them," the report said.
Meanwhile, her fiancé, officer Steven J. Herron, 34, repeatedly refused police orders and had to be physically restrained and then stunned with a Taser, the report said. The off-duty officers were in a private vehicle. Neither could be reached for comment Tuesday night.

Columbia Heights Capt. Bill Roddy said that Herron was ticketed for obstructing the legal process and that Anderson was charged with driving while intoxicated over 0.20, a gross misdemeanor. Both were booked into the Anoka County jail and have been released, Roddy said.

A Columbia Heights police officer noticed that Anderson and Herron smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech. Anderson was unable to produce proof of insurance for the car she was driving or her driver's license and was placed in a squad car.

As the officer interviewed the owners of the other vehicles, Anderson banged on the squad car windows. Another officer arrived and gave her a Breathalyzer test that showed an alcohol content of 0.213; the legal limit is 0.08. Herron disobeyed police orders by leaving his car to visit with Anderson. He refused to leave the squad car, and an officer restrained one of his arms. He pulled away and was stunned with a Taser after a warning.

He was stunned again when he refused orders. Officers took a loaded .38-caliber handgun from his car. Anderson said that she and Herron were drunk, the report said. Article here.

Crazy cool Ninja dude! Gotta see this!

So this is a video of a guy doing some crazy cool acrobat/kickboxing moves. Aaaannnnd I’m pretty sure he works out... a lot. I can’t imagine how tired I’d be if I even remotely came close to being able to do the things this guy is doing. Sweetness.

Maybach Exelero concept car is sweet!

700 horsepower and a killer body, the Maybach Exelero may hint a new high-performance model from the ultra-lux sedan maker. The V-12 coupe is based on the Maybach 57 and designed to test a high-speed tire for the German tire manufacturer Fulda. The Exelero needed to surpass the 188 mph mark for Fulda. The super-Bach can get to 55 mph in 4.4 seconds with the help of two turbochargers and 740 ft-lbs of torque.

Alls I gots to say is…damn. I’ll trade my Acura for this thing any day. Click here to find out more about this car.

Did you know: Hyena sex is really painful

Here's somthing I bet you didn't know:

Hyenas, in the final stages of pregnancy, high-ranking females provide their developing offspring with higher levels of androgen—a male sex hormone associated with aggression

By infusing her developing young with androgen, the mother increases the likelihood that her genetic information will survive.

But providing the extra hormones takes a toll on the mother. The dose of androgen that she received from her own alpha mother damages her ovaries, making it difficult to conceive. It also causes female reproductive organs to grow. A lot. Her clitoris, which contains the birthing canal, protrudes 7 inches from her body.

"Imagine giving birth through a penis," said study co-author Kay Holekamp of Michigan State University. "It's really weird genitalia, but it seems to work. Although giving birth through a 'penis' isn't a trivial problem."

The clitoris' birth canal is only an inch in diameter, and the tissue often tears as a 2-pound cub squeezes through the narrow opening. The rip can be fatal, as evidenced by the high death rate for first-time mothers.
Because of the female's awkward genitalia, successful mating for hyenas is tricky to pull off. It takes careful positioning for the male to crouch behind her and somehow get his penis to point up and backwards to enter her clitoris.

"Males need practice. After a couple of months of practicing, they get it lined up just right," Holekamp told LiveScience. Since the sons of alpha females are born hyper-aggressive, they start trying to mount females at just a few months old, giving them a better shot at sealing the deal later in life.

WTF? This is way more information than you need to know about Hyenas. However, it is kind of interesting. I had no idea giving birth could be so complicated. It looks so simple on TV… [smile]. Read the full article here.

Paris Hilton's new car, Mercedes McLaren

Earlier this week I blogged about the fact Paris Hilton has been losing a lot of money in poker games recently. Tragically, Paris lost her Bentley during one hand at poker. What’s she driving now?
Her new car is a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Yeah- total down grade huh? This car’s top speed is 207 MPH, and does 0-60 in 3.8 seconds (not that Paris would ever know how to drive it properly). She can't even close the door. Cost? MSRP is $450,000! Yeah, I know. Must be rough. Click here to read more about this kick-ass car Paris doesn’t deserve to even look at.

Super Mario Brothers Re-enactment:

This is from a talent show at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. You can't help but chuckle when you watch this. Ahhh... the memories.

Oxygen could be the next bottled water?

Bottled water became one of the most profitable drink products in the United States, selling for a dollar or more per bottle. All of this, despite being available in nature and only costing pennies from your tap. Many will argue that the water from your tap is just as “pure” as most bottled water as well.

Bottled water has become a $9 billion dollar industry in the US alone; a country which has plentiful sources of potable water. With all of this money being thrown around, businesses are now looking for other free commodities that can be slickly packaged and sold for a profit.
Enter: Bottled Oxygen. Ever since you were born, you’ve been breathing oxygen for free, Right? Well the masters of mundane marketing agree that it is time for you to adjust your thinking. It’s time for you to begin breathing more pure, more refreshing oxygen.

Research has been conducted “claiming” that pure oxygen has several endearing qualities, the most beneficial being its energy giving properties. It is believed that a brief blast of pure oxygen allows you flush some of the impurities from your body, clear your mind, and eliminate some of that sluggish feeling that many of us have.

Manufacturers are betting that a sluggish feeling public will line up for such a product. They believe that the possibilities are endless and that an entire range of demographics will use the product. Young people at an all-night rave will go for it (mostly for fad reasons) to give their alcohol a little push and the hope that the refreshing characteristics will help them avoid a severe hangover. Athletes can us it to overcome fatigue during a work-out or sporting activity. People with jobs that require acute focus on a task may try to give their brains that little shot of O2 to help them concentrate. Students taking their ACTs or SATs may do the same. For that matter, people may begin to believe that it could cure them of whatever it is that ails them. Article here.

Another really huge-ass cheese burger:

Couple steals big screen, won't fit in car

Police who charged a Cincinnati couple with stealing a big-screen television said they should have thought about a bigger car.

Police stopped Richard and Stephanie North early Wednesday when they noticed their Mercury Sable going down a road with one of the doors open. Police found a 55-inch flat-screen TV on the back seat, hanging out the door.

Earlier, police had responded to an alarm at a TV and appliance store where the window on the front door was smashed out and a Hitachi flat-panel television was missing.

Richard North was charged with breaking and entering and felony theft. His wife was charged with complicity.

Sweet move kids. You really thought this one through. Article here.