Monday, October 23, 2006

....the cuteness in this picture is immeasurable

Wife catches husband having sex with dog

Prosecutors say a man’s wife caught him having sex with their dog. He might be the first in the state charged under a new animal cruelty law.

A Spanaway man is the first person in his county – and possible the first in the state – charged under a new section of the state’s animal cruelty law that makes bestiality a felony.

Pierce County prosecutors say Michael Patrick McPhail, 26, had sex with his family’s dog Wednesday. Deputy prosecutor Karen Watson charged the father of two Thursday with one count of first-degree animal cruelty – a crime that could mean up to a year in jail if he’s convicted.

McPhail was arraigned Thursday afternoon in Pierce County Superior Court and a not-guilty plea was entered on his behalf. Judge Katherine Stolz ordered him held in the Pierce County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.

According to a Pierce County Sheriff’s Department report, McPhail’s wife told investigators that she caught her husband on the back porch about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday having intercourse with their 4-year-old female pit bull terrier.

She took photos of the act, the report says. The bestiality law, which took effect in June, was prompted by a case near Enumclaw in which a man died after having sex with a horse. Before the law was enacted, Washington was one of 14 states where bestiality had not been explicitly prohibited. Article here.

No shame, no problem.

Naked drunk driver hurls pedestrian 200 feet

Authorities say a naked and apparently drunk driver fatally struck a pedestrian and then flipped her out-of-control car into a parking lot in the Arlington section of Staten Island NY.

Police say 24-year-old Taliyah Taylor was not wearing any clothes when she drove into the man at the intersection at around 11 p.m. The pedestrian, 41-year-old Larry Simon, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Taylor's late model Nissan Maxima then struck sideswiped a Toyota, kept going west for about 300 yards, jumped a curb and hurtled an six-foot fence into a parking lot shared by Lowe's and Kohl's Department store. Security guards from the store pulled the nude woman out of the badly damaged car.

The pedestrian was hurled up to 200 feet and the driver didn't try to stop. "I don't see any skid marks," said NYPD Lt. Ross LaMorte. She was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Article here.

Dude gets his 'cash and prizes' caught in chair?

"Freshman 15" no longer, it's the "Freshman 8"

"The Freshman 15", a term coined to describe the extra pounds that many college students pack on in their first year away from home, has lost some weight. New research shows that the newcomers on campus only gain a little more than half that amount. Call it the Freshman 8.

In one of the largest studies to date on this subject, Brown University researchers examined data on 907 students who attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. Students were weighed several times during their freshman and sophomore years.

Among the findings presented here Sunday at the annual meeting of the Obesity Society, a group of weight-loss scientists:

*Freshman-year gain: 7.8 pounds for both men and women, mostly during the first semester.

*December/January winter-break gain: Men, 1.4 pounds; women stayed the same.

*Gain by end of sophomore year: Men, 9.5 pounds; Women, 9.2.

*Students overweight or obese (30 pounds or more over a healthy weight): Start of freshman year, 21.5%; end of sophomore year, 35%.

"The first year of college is a vulnerable time for students," says lead researcher Elizabeth Lloyd-Richardson, an assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University Medical School in Providence. "While most are not gaining the Freshman 15, many are gaining weight and aren't taking it off."

At many dining halls, students have carte blanche on how much they can eat. "They could conceivably eat a trough of food at any given meal," notes Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Article here.

Serving breakfast and lunch? Ewwww…

Cop shoots his gun, hits partner and bystander

A policeman's bid to save his colleague from the wrath of a panga-wielding man went awry on Tuesday when he missed the man and shot and injured his colleague and a woman.

Police spokesperson Thulani Mkhize said the two policemen had been sent to a Wentworth house to investigate a complaint about the presence of a mentally unstable man. When the officers arrived on the scene a man threatened them with a panga. A struggle ensued and one of the policemen fired a shot at the man and missed. The bullet struck a woman who was walking on the other side. His second shot struck his colleague.

Witnesses said the mentally unstable man fled and was later apprehended.
It was not immediately known why the two policemen had been sent to apprehend the man.

A spokesperson said both the woman and policeman were shot in the right leg above the knee. Mkhize said a decision would be taken on Wednesday as to what action would be taken against the policeman. Article here.

Terrorist t-shirt for Halloween, wrong or clever?

Teen girls steal 78-year-old womans car? WTF?

Parma police arrested five teen girls for a robbery outside a Giant Eagle Friday.
Officers said the girls threatened a 78-year-old Parma Heights woman with a glue gun, knocked her down and stole her car from the Day Drive store.

The woman was loading groceries into her 2007 Toyota Matrix when the mugging took place. She is expected to be OK.

The woman's car hit another car before taking off out of the parking lot. Officers spotted the car about 30 minutes later with the victim's credit cards and the glue gun inside. The girls, between the ages of 15 and 18, face aggravated robbery charges. Article here.

Alligator costume for your pug? Sweet!

[dumbass] Dude crashes following GPS voice

A German motorist followed the command "Turn right now!" from his navigation system and crashed into a small toilet hut by the side of the road -- about 30 yards before the crossing he was meant to take.

The overly obedient 53-year-old from Freiburg drove his SUV off the road onto into a building site, up a stairway and into the small toilet shack, police in the eastern town of Rudolstadt said on Sunday.

It caused $2,524 worth of damage to the stairway, $126 damage to his car, and he was also fined $45.

Earlier this month an 80-year-old motorist also chose to follow his navigation system and ignored a "closed for construction" sign on a Hamburg motorway. He then crashed into a pile of sand but neither he nor his passenger were injured. Article here.

Cupid strikes at the food court...

Kid kills his twin brother over a piece of gum?

For one of a piece of gum, one Maury County 14-year-old allegedly lashed out at his twin brother with a steak knife. Less than 24 hours later, one brother's body was at the morgue being autopsied, while the other brother was standing before a judge, charged with first-degree murder.

"He's remorseful," said Detective Terry Dial of the Maury County Sheriff's Department, speaking of the 14-year-old who allegedly stabbed his non-identical twin in the upper left chest Tuesday after school.

According to Dial, the teen who died got home from school shortly after 3 p.m. His unidentified twin brother had stayed home because of illness. "They got into it over a pack of chewing gun. A fight erupted, and a knife was picked up. There was one stab wound,'' the investigator said.

The boys' mother, who was elsewhere in the home, called 911 and performed CPR on her son until authorities arrived. Dial said the victim was still alive when the ambulance arrived at Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia.

The brothers were eighth-graders at Culleoka School, a kindergarten-through-12th grade school with an enrollment of about 1,000 students.

Dial said school officials told him that the brothers presented "no major problems" concerning disciplinary actions at school. He said the family reported that the boys did not have a history of serious fights between the two. Article here.