Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good Commercials Rock!

Even though commercials suck & everyone hates sitting through them... there is nothing more gratifying then when a commercial you love comes on. These are my absolutely favorite commercials out right now...all I have to say is- awesome. First one is from Geico. The second from Starbucks. Just awesome stuff. Kick butt creative juices scripted these babies! And I kind of wish this "fake" reality show was a real show- I'd watch it!

(click picture to view video)

(click picture to view video)

Jet Engine Powered Car for sale!?!

Adding a pair jet engines to power your car is a feature I can see being added as premium option for major car manufacturers in the near future. This guy is a genius. A innovator. Ahead of his time. Maybe only 17 minutes and 30 seconds ahead, but needless to say this person- you could say thinks "out-of-the-box."

Oh, by the way- its for sale. Click to look at the ebay auction.

Screen shots of the new windows...

Clap your hands together for the new version of MS-Windows coming out- Windows Vista.

Windows Vista™ (formerly code named Longhorn), is fundamentally different from earlier versions of Windows, and this difference is already sparking innovation across the computer industry. Check out more beta screen shots, here.

The future...I-Pod Video?

So...everyone and their mother has been talking about how Apple is working on developing the next I-pod play videos. Check out this fake rendering (no way this is real!?!) of what the next I-pod could look like.


Hip-Hop Violin- an upcoming trend...

So I woke up before work yesterday and first thing I see on TV is two brothers jamming out with violins with hip-hop music. I thought to myself, never seen these guys before- and this is kind of cool. The most popular hip-hop violinist currently is a woman named Miri Ben-Ari, who has performed/wrote music with Janet Jackson, Twista and Kanye West. But these guys who are known as Damien and Tourie Escobar are worth a listen. The Escobar brothers make up the group know as Nuttin But Stringz.

Check out their video from the Tonight Show on the main page of their website.

(click image to view video)