Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sometimes addiction incites hidden talent


High School kid swallows 25 worms in 10 sec

16-year-old Andrew Everly was the proud winner of the bug-eating contest at Flamingo Gardens in Davie on Monday. Everly chewed and swallowed 25 mealworms faster than the other two contestants to win the contest.

Everly managed to get down the worms in less than 10 seconds. The Flanagan High School student said he can't wait to tell everyone at school. Article here.

They think we don’t know? [wink, wink]

Wonder-butt? The new trend?

A model shows off the revolutionary fashion item women thought they’d never need — pants designed to create a more rounded backside.

The $38 lace shorties from undies makers Wonderbra have two removeable pads on the back which give bots an ‘upside down’ heart shape.

But rather than add girth, it gives a high peachy shape like J-Lo.

Dumbass: burglar shot with his own gun?

A suspected burglar shot several times Monday with his own gun remained in critical condition but is expected to survive his injures, police officials said Tuesday.

Avery Harris, 36, checked into Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital with gunshot wounds to the abdomen, not long after a Fort Worth man called police to report that he had shot an intruder inside his apartment and that the burglar had fled.

Investigators suspect Harris knocked on the door of an apartment — a common technique used by burglars casing a residence. “They go and knock. No one answers so they think no ones there,” Jones said.

Ronald White, 36, told police that he heard the knock but was unable to answer the door because he was giving himself a medical treatment.

Minutes later, White heard someone enter his rear patio door. He told police he walked into the living room to investigate and found a handgun lying near his sofa, which he picked up.

The intruder “didn’t think anybody was there. That’s why he put the gun down,” Jones said. After hearing a noise coming from the bedroom, White, gun in hand, walked into the bedroom where he discovered an unknown man rummaging through a drawer.

White told police the intruder turned and faced him, then reached into his waistband as if to get a weapon. Fearing for his life, White told police that he fired several rounds at the intruder, striking the man in the midsection.

White told police that he then went into another room to call 911 after the intruder requested medical help. Upon returning, White found the intruder gone, police said. Responding officers followed a trial of blood from the apartment to the parking lot. Article here.

Baby Toupees -- small wigs for small people?

What happens if you hold your pee?

Q:"Early this morning after a night of drinking I woke up and really had to pee. What happens if I don't? Is there a long-term health risk if I regularly choose to hold it?"

A:When you drink, liquid passes from your stomach and small intestine into your bloodstream. A night of tippling gives you a lot of liquid to unload, and while you're in bed your kidneys are going to be busy.

As you sleep, your bladder fills up. It's a tough, muscular bag that stretches as it fills, and as it does so stretch receptor nerves tell you that you're approaching capacity and it's time to head for the can. Maximum bladder volume varies, ranging from about a pint to nearly a quart, with the urge to go kicking in at anywhere from 5 to 13 fluid ounces. Your bladder has two sphincters on the bottom that keep the contents in, one controlled automatically by your nervous system and a second controlled voluntarily by . . . well, it's still your nervous system, but higher up in the chain of command. With luck, you can control that second one well enough to wake up dry.

If your bladder gets too full, the fluid can back up into the kidneys, leading to potentially serious medical issues.

However, the issue isn't physiological but psychological. I mentioned voiding dysfunction, which sometimes develops in children who refuse to go to the bathroom for extended periods, leading to incontinence (inability to control urine), infection, and other problems. Freud made a career out of people who held in what they shouldn't have. Spare yourself years of therapy, Matt--when your body tells you to go, go. Read the Full Article here.

Resist the temptation

Skiing in the desert looks fu*kin' cool (repost)

So what do rich countries/cities do when they have excess money? Build crazy ass shit. Ski in the middle of the desert.
Ski Dubai (Dubai is the name of the city for those of you who live under a rock) is an indoor ski park that has 5 slopes that vary in difficulty, height and steepness, the longest run being 400 meters with a fall of over 60 meters. From blacks to blues and greens, skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can enjoy these various slopes and snowboarders can also practice their stunts on the 90-metre long quarter half-pipe.
Arctic weather takes over at night, after the resort is closed to the public. Temperatures drop to minus 8'C, and state-of-the-art snow makers are turned on, creating a white out. The system can make around 120 tones of fresh snow every 24 hours. The facility just opened as of December '05.

How nuts is this? An indoor ski park? Fu*kin crazy! What I don’t understand is that this thing doesn’t seem that big… 400 meters is what they claim is the longest ski run they have, that means: 400 meters = 0.24 miles or 1,312 feet. That doesn’t seem that long? …especially when you are skiing. But I guess to be able to ski in the middle of the desert/Dubai, you’ll take anything you can get. This thing officially opened December 3rd of this year, click to read the article. Click here to see more pictures. I want to go to Dubai right now and see this... problem is, round trip costs around $2,000 just for the plane ticket. Hmmm, might have to rethink this plan. I'll let you know what pans out...

Jack Daniel's Whiskey and COLA? WTF?

Cleveland Browns are #1 in NFL fan loyalty

The Cleveland Browns stumbled to a 6-10 record last year, their third straight losing season. Browns Stadium was sold out for every game. The Kansas City Chiefs entered the season with high hopes, but missed the playoffs for the second year in a row. Arrowhead Stadium was sold out for every game.

Such steadfast support is the reason why Cleveland, Kansas City and Philadelphia are 1-2-3 in Bizjournals's new rankings of National Football League fan loyalty.

The study set out to identify the NFL's best fans. Not the ones who turn out in strong numbers for a winning team, but the ones who stay loyal even if their team is losing, the weather is frightful or their local market is small.

The study analyzed each team in two ways -- first for its level of fan support and then for the difficulty it poses to long-term supporters. Cleveland is No. 1 on both lists, clinching first place in the overall rankings of fan loyalty.
Sixty percent of each team's final score is based on the quality of its support, while 40 percent depends on the difficulties its fans face. The tougher the conditions become -- a losing record, a small market or harsh weather -- the higher a team's difficulty score will be.

Cleveland fans earned first place by routinely packing their 73,000-seat stadium despite the dismal play of the Browns -- who have won only 36 of 112 games since 1999 -- and a climate that is among the coldest in the league.

Kansas City and Philadelphia received high marks for consistently drawing capacity crowds in both good seasons and bad. K.C. has averaged 77,300 fans per game since 1996, while Philly has filled 99.8 percent of available seats. Both figures rank second in the NFL over the 10-year span.

1.)Cleveland Browns
2.)Kansas City Chiefs
3.)Philadelphia Eagles
4.)Green Bay Packers
5.)Dallas Cowboys
6.)Buffalo Bills
7.)Houston Texans
8.)Denver Broncos
9.)Baltimore Ravens
10.)Washington Redskins

Click here to see the full 32-NFL-team list.

That’s odd, I don’t remember being there

Bugatti Veyron, it does 0 - 60 in 2.5 seconds!

This Bugatti Veyron 16.4, was driven by one lucky automotive editor, Eric Adams. The $1.3-million dollar car tops out at 250 MPH, has a W16 1,001 HP engine and does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

He described the experience:

"Your head doesn't bob at each gear change—you can't even feel it happening. It just goes, like a rocket sled. There's a gauge on the dash that shows how much horsepower you're using at any given moment, from 0 to 1001 horses. At full boogie, in triple-digit speeds, the effect is thunderous.

To get a sense of how priviledged Popular Science Magazine was (and I was) to get this ride, consider: The company sold 30-minute drives at a charity auction recently for $10,000, and 12 people bought them.

Perhaps best of all, the car has a hypnotizing effect on onlookers. Everywhere we stopped, a crowd gathered. Truck drivers knew it by name: "That the Vy-rin?" I stopped counting cell phone cameras after ten minutes. At the end we drove down Mulholland drive, then through Malibu, and I felt like a complete rock star.
Article here. Learn more about how the car works here.

Lost jogger survived by drinking swamp water

A member of a search team found a jogger who vanished five days ago on the University of Central Florida campus. Monday morning, 62-year-old Eddie Meadows was found alive in waist deep water in thick woods and swamp at UCF.

"I heard some sloshing around in the woods and that didn’t sound like a deer and I yelled, 'Hello.' And I heard, 'Help, help, help,'" said Ron Eaglin. The volunteer found Meadows and quickly discovered he wasn’t strong enough to pull himself out of the water. When Eaglin first heard the cries for help, he thought it was a fellow searcher.

"When I heard him I said, 'Are you looking for Eddie? He says, 'I am Eddie,'" Eaglin said. Once Meadows was pulled from the swamp, he actually jogged out of the woods with the volunteers who found him. Meadows told rescuers he survived by drinking swamp water. He was taken to Florida Hospital East for treatment.

Meadows was training for the Baltimore Marathon in October and went for a run on his lunch break at the NAVAIR facility on Research Park when he disappeared Thursday. Article here.