Friday, September 23, 2005

Freakin sweet pictures of wildlife...

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Con woman fools an entire town...

Kim Horn should win an Oscar this year. Who is Kim Horn you might ask? Kim Horn came to the town of Mason, Louisiana telling everyone, including local charities, that she'd lost everything to Hurricane Katrina- her house, her possessions.

There was one problem. Kim Horn hadn't actually lived anywhere near coastal New Orleans. In fact, her real house in Leesville, La., wasn't damaged at all.

The community, found her a home, furnished it, filled its cupboards with food, its closets with clothes. The house was filled with televisions, DVD players, lamps, desks, curtains, beds, linens, toiletries, dining room sets, food, even magnets for refrigerators, because, as one resident said, "these are the things you accumulate over a lifetime."

When the town newspaper decided to run a story about Kim Horn's tale, some of the dates she'd given for the story didn't match what she'd told volunteers who had helped her. Suspicious, they called City Hall.

When Horn's secret was discovered, police arrived Monday at her new house to arrest her. She was taken to the Ingham County Jail and charged with felony larceny under false pretenses. If convicted, she faces up to 5 years in prison.

I think this is sad, pathetic, and unproportionally measurably wrong on so many levels.

Keep the drunk dude from falling...

Check out this great time-killer game where you try to keep the drunk dude from falling down- with your mouse that is. To bad in real life it’s not this easy.

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Gore-for-porn swap by US soldiers!?!

So seeing the pictures on the news about the war in Iraq is almost too much for most people to even swallow. The website called, makes the pictures on the news look like “fabricated Hollywood material.” The pictures they post of Iraqi dead bodies. Where do they get these pictures you might wonder? American soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan have been taking photographs of dead bodies, many of them horribly mutilated or blown to pieces, and sending these images this website. The soldiers also post captions like, “Cooked Iraqi” or “Bad day for this dude.” Whats even more f**ked up, is that in return for letting this site post these images, gives the soldiers free access to their website pornography.

"American soldiers have been using the pictures of disfigured Iraqi corpses as currency to buy pornography."

What the hell? This is nothing short of a moral disaster! Apparently this website has taken it a step further- reports say the Pentagon is investigating the website for posting naked pictures of female soldiers in Iraq. I think this all together is one of the most disgraceful and dishonorable acts I’ve ever heard American soldiers condoning. Un-freakin-believable. Click here to read more.