Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miley Cyrus makes more money than my life is worth.

...according to Parade magazine's annual "What People Earn" issue:

Miley Cyrus: 18.2 million

Katherine Heigl: $11 million
Jessica Alba: $9 million
Dr. Phil McGraw: $90 million
Steven Spielberg: $110 million
Ryan Seacrest: $12 million
Mariska Hargitay: $7 million
Trouble (Leona Helmsley’s dog): $12 million
Tiger Woods: $115 million
Jeff Foxworthy: $10 million
Oprah Winfrey: $260 million
Mary-Kate Olsen: $17 million
Gisele Bundchen: $33 million
Scarlett Johansson: $5 million
Eli Manning: $11.5 million
50 Cent: $33 million
Carrie Underwood: $7 million


Easily one of the coolest beer pong tables I've ever seen.


Tracy Morgan on Obama, 'Black is the new President'

'Experts' say sending cell phone porn is now part of teen dating.

Forget about passing notes in study hall. School officials say teens are now using their cell phones to send nude pictures of themselves.

Mark Raiff, a principal at Columbus' Olentangy Liberty High School says the situations have left him speechless. He says the teens don't see anything wrong with sharing pictures of video of themselves by cell phones.

Detective Brian Marvin of the FBI Cyber Crime Task Force says he has seen everything from a strip tease to explicit sex sent by cell phone. He says the content sometimes makes its way to Internet Web sites for others to see. » Article here


Well that seems fair.


All-dudes dance group, the Marlin MANatees

Bullet goes through dude's headboard

Dan Kidder doesn't go to bed early. Maybe that's why he's still alive. A .38-caliber bullet went through a wall of his house and through the headboard on his bed about 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Kidder, a firearms instructor, says the "what-ifs are staggering." Cedar City Police Sgt. Jerry Womack says a neighbor believed the gun was empty. Kidder says the neighbor apologized. No court action is likely, but Kidder plans to talk to his neighbor about gun safety. The bullet landed in the carpet. » Article here