Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Try reading this out loud, you can’t help but chuckle.


Overheard on the streets of New York:

20-something girl #1: Why do they call it 'Smart Water'?
20-something girl #2: Because it has electrolytes.
20-something girl #1: But does it make you smarter?
20-something girl #2: No! Does drinking Dr. Pepper make you a doctor? I don't think so!
-6 train

Mother, scolding: And this is the same little boy who took out his penis in a nice restaurant.
Little boy: It was a wonderful restaurant!
-Garfield Pl, Park Slope

Professor: If any of you are sad about Anna Nicole, see me after class. I'll give you a bitch slap.

(A stray kitten wanders up to a little girl who bends down to pet it.)
Mom: Come on, sweetie, it's time to cross the street.
Little girl, dismayed: But I'm petting the kitty.
Mom: Honey, we need to go. Say bye-bye, now.
Little girl: Goddammit, mommy, I'm petting the kitty!
-17th & 6th

Four-year-old boy to nanny: I talk to strangers! I talk to strangers! Why are you squeezing my hand so hard?!
-60th & Lex

Mother: Honey, what is wrong with your eyes?
Teen daughter: I am stoned.
Mother: You look like you have allergies.
Teen daughter: I am stoned.
Mother: Maybe it's pink eye.
-Central Park

Dude: So, how's Chin Chin doing?
Girl: Oh, pretty good. She just got over that whole vaginal discharge thing. [Awkward silence.]
Dude, to another girl: Chin Chin is her dog, by the way.
-NYU dorm elevator


Clever 'sling shot' seat-belt advertisement


This wall is just begging to be broken…


Dude walks with tigers in steel ball

Arnd Drossel appears to have at least baffled the beasts, if not tamed them, with his spherical steel enclosure. The German performance artist turned the conventions of the zoo on their head by putting himself inside a cage and allowing the big cats to view him as a curiosity.

His stunt was one stop on a 220-mile roll through the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia to raise money for, and awareness about, psychiatric patients.
The 250 high-grade steel strands welded into something resembling a massive ball of wool - is strong enough to keep him safe. Drossel, 38, who designs furniture for a living when not suffering for his art, will eat, sleep and move in the ball.

He propels it by simply shifting his weight in a walking motion, and aims to cover 13 miles a day. Full article here.


I can't believe he lands in the pool (jump to 0:53)


'She wasn't answering her phone anymore.'

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What a great friend, watch the end of the video.


Captain America with burrito in his pants attacks woman

Police took a super hero into custody after he allegedly attacked a woman in a Florida bar.

Melbourne police officials said Raymond Adamcik, who was dressed as Captain America, made rude suggestions to a woman in the bar and grabbed her between her thighs. Witnesses say Doctor Raymond Admacik approached the woman with a burrito in his pants, and made inappropriate comments.
Police said after Adamcik had his booking photo taken, he tried to flush a bag of marijuana and a rolled joint down the toilet. Adamcik has been charged with battery, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana and destruction of evidence, authorities said.

Melbourne police said the altercation stemmed from a pub crawl sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. Those who attended the crawl were wearing costumes. Article here.

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How to remove a car dent = air duster + hair dryer

Remove Car Dent With Airduster - Awesome video clips here

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This 4-year-old almost gets 'drilled' at football game


Iraq looks an awful lot like a theme park.


ABC News really ran this story, 'Is Your Husband Gay?'

George, a 49-year-old market researcher, has been married for 28 years. He and his wife are proud of their two daughters. But his wife doesn't know that he's gay.

Although he told his wife before their marriage that he was sometimes attracted to men, he never acted on those feelings until five years ago. And though he's had occasional flings since then, he has no plans to tell his wife about his secret life or to end his marriage.

Gays married to straight spouses — such as George and McGreevey — are not an isolated phenomena.

Along with other high-profile examples such as evangelist leader Ted Haggard and former Congressman Mike Huffington, there are an estimated 2 million to 4 million gay people who are or have been married to straight spouses. Full article here.


Jessica Simpson, WTF are you freakin' wearing?

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This guy wants you to call him at (774) 253-1962

"You Tube," a man named Ryan Fitzgerald is reaching out... to all the lonely people in the world. Armed with only his cell phone camera and the bathroom mirror, Fitzgerald makes his pitch. "Girls, guys, whoever you are, whereever you're from, I'll talk about whatever..." Ryan says he received more than 9000 calls and text messages. He has been working the phones non-stop since Friday.


Teacher pulls knife out in class, threatens suicide

A veteran substitute teacher reportedly pulled out a small kitchen knife at Washington High School and expressed feelings of suicide to three students, a district official said.

The students, who had remained in the room after second period had ended, immediately told school administrators and police were called, said district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe.

A police spokesman said the teacher was taken into custody and transported to San Francisco General Hospital. She has not been arrested, police said. Full article here.