Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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His wife's bingo habit led him to molest two girls?

A man said he repeatedly sexually assaulted two young girls because his wife spent too much time playing bingo.

''I told her — she was going to bingo three, four times a week. I told her to cut down to once a week. She said if they had bingo every day, she'd go,'' Floyd Kinney Jr., 49, said.

''So, because your wife went to bingo, these children suffered?'' Northampton County Judge F.P. Kimberly McFadden asked Kinney on Friday. ''Yes,'' Kinney said.

Kinney pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated indecent assault. Rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault and numerous other related counts were dropped.

He explained he had acted as he did because of his wife's bingo habit, telling the judge his wife had complained, ''Oh, you can't give me money,'' and he agreed, saying she spent too much on bingo. Because of the bingo playing, Kinney said, his wife ''was never home,'' so he began molesting children as a way to lash out at her.

According to court records, Kinney molested one girl in Bethlehem over a five-year period beginning in 1992, when the girl was 12. The other girl, a 15-year-old, reported she was abused in 2005 and 2006. Kinney, who was living in a trailer, was arrested early this year and remains in the county prison. Article here.

This comic strip is so dumb – it’s funny

Top 10 Most Annoying Pop Songs of 2006:

Successful pop music is not always good pop music. Many of us know that intuitively, but it doesn't really sink in until there is a particular song we wish would go away. Here are 10 most annoying pop songs of 2006:

1) Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind
2) Eminem featuring Nate Dogg - Shake That
3) Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober
4) Yung Joc - It's Goin' Down
5) Blue October - Hate Me'
6) Fergie - London Bridge
7) Ne-Yo - When You're Mad
8) Bo Bice - The Real Thing
9) Beyonce - Ring the Alarm
10) James Blunt - You're Beautiful


What every man wants for Christmas this year:

Mom gives birth, goes down a toliet? WTF?

A baby was trapped down a toliet for seven hours after being born prematurely.

The mum was crouched over the hole-in-the-floor loo when her waters broke — and the baby popped out. The tot plunged out of sight, its umbilical cord still attached.

The mum screamed for help and doctors, plumbers and firemen raced against time to save the tot. A special camera was put into the drain to check the child’s position, and it was carefully pulled free.

The baby was resuscitated and rushed to hospital in Changzhou, China.
An onlooker said: “The woman was almost uncontrollable at first.

“It was touch and go. The baby wasn’t in a good way when they got it out, but luckily they were able to save it.” Last night mum and baby were doing well. Article and pictures here.

"The king is back", and he's naked?

Woman who weighed 1,050 pounds passes away

Rosalie Bradford, who once held the Guinness record as the world's heaviest woman, died from complications of obesity. She was 63.

Bradford, of Auburndale, weighed 1,050 pounds in January 1987, according to the 1994 edition of Guinness Book of Records. She also was listed by Guinness as having lost more weight than any other woman - 736 pounds - weighing in at 314 pounds in September 1992.
At her largest, Bradford's 8-foot-wide girth couldn't fit in the hallway of a single-wide mobile home. Bathing took more than 90 minutes. She spent the last year bedridden, her legs bloated due to complications from having had her lymph nodes severed a number of years ago, said her publicist, Stephen Nortier, of Michael Thomas Media Group.

On her carefully maintained Web site, www.rosaliebradford.com, Bradford blames her lifelong battle with obesity on her abandonment, which bred a food addiction. At 15 she weighed 309. The Web site claims her peak weight was in excess of 1,200 pounds.

In 1989, Bradford, who was 5-feet 7-inches tall, attempted suicide, and owed her drastic weight loss to Richard Simmons, the flamboyant fitness guru and television personality. The two began corresponding after a friend of Bradford's wrote Simmons about her struggle. Article here.

Ugly hat Britney Spears, dumb shirt Kid Rock

Top 10 U.S album Soundscan sales list:

Carrie Underwood's album Some Hearts has come out on top on this year's U.S album Soundscan sales, which tracks sales that took place during the official Billboard chart year. The chart year began in November 2005 and ended a few weeks ago. View all 50 albums here.
Here is the top 10 sales list:











Siemens "ultra-large" computer monitor

This ultra-large Siemens computer monitor, not for sale yet is made from 8 LCDs. No word on the price and any other technical spec. via

Saudi dudes 'skate' on highway with sandals

(turn your volume down, the wind noice is annoying)

Horse sex, the movie... it's not about horse sex.

Horse sex, the movie. You all remember that story from the summer of 2005. You can deny it, but I know you remember: A man died from a ruptured colon after having sex with a horse in a barn.

The story became an international, Web-driven phenomenon. The Seattle Times' stories about it, though tantalizingly devoid of details, nevertheless became the most-read material in the paper's history.

Everyone had the same headshaking questions, mostly about the logistics of the act itself. It turns out two Seattle filmmakers had questions, too. They drove out to Enumclaw one day. They were struck by the beauty of the place. It seemed at odds with the secretive, nocturnal society that had just been exposed there.

"By then the whole story had been reduced to joke fodder," says Robinson Devor, 43. "It made me wonder whether there might not be a more complex side to it all."

Against most advice — and, really, all sense — they set out to make a feature-length documentary about a circle of acquaintances drawn together by an unspeakable interest in sex with animals.

Astonishingly, the film appears to be succeeding. It was bought by a New York distributor, THINKFilm. Last week it was one of 16 documentaries accepted to the Sundance Film Festival (out of 856 submitted). It premieres in January. Full article here.

The best divorce letter ever (click to enlarge)

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The new breed of 'techno-sexual' people

Eric Jordan, 34, is the kind of guy who will take apart a new $300 cell phone so he can upgrade its software, or wire his vintage car with an old laptop. As a kid, in fact, Jordan liked to wire his Lego village with LED lights.

Jordan has found that when it comes to women he dates, they must be computer geeks. His last girlfriend hated the homemade digital video recorder, and it was just those kinds of differences that split them up. "The Internet-wired, remote-controlled coffee maker and lights did not go over well," said Jordan, who lives on Long Island, New York.

Now, he says he dates only "nerdly" women, having recently joined a science fiction dating site called Trek Passions "Anyone I date would have to be as into tech," Jordan said, adding, "Nerdiness is just sexy."

Sure, people bond over any number of things: politics, environmentalism, outdoor sports, food. But a decade-long boom in technology and gadgets has opened the closet door for many tech lovers, or "techno-sexuals," if you will. With the many special-interest sites on the Web, sparks can fly between two techies who wouldn't have otherwise found each other.

In the last year, specialized dating sites like Trekpassions.com (for sci-fi fans who want to hook up), Nerd Passions and Gaming Passions have emerged, and more offbeat sites like Consumating (which is owned by CNET Networks, publisher of News.com) give people an avenue to find someone who shares a taste for tech. Article here.

For a college student, this is probably the most embarrassing picture that can show up on the Internet

63-year-old man slashes tires of rich people

The mourners were inside a north suburban funeral home in recent days when the 63-year-old man, walking with a cane, began jamming a folding pocket knife into their car tires, Niles police said.

It was part of a three-day tire-slashing spree that ended Tuesday with Robert S. Evans of Niles getting socked in the face by his 18th victim -- this one at an apartment complex -- and then arrested, police said.

"He was out of work and decided to lash out at people with money," said Niles police Cmdr. Dennis McEnerney. Evans allegedly began the spree last Sunday, targeting vehicles parked in his neighborhood, apartment buildings and funeral home.

On Tuesday, a 32-year-old man heard a "pop and hissing" outside his apartment window in Niles and went to see what was going on, McEnerney said.

He found a man, pocketknife in one hand, a cane in the other, and at least one tire going flat on his pick-up truck, police said. The younger man ordered the older man -- later identified as Evans -- to drop the knife, but when Evans didn't comply, the man punched him twice in the face, McEnerney said.

Evans was charged with 18 counts of criminal damage to property, plus aggravated assault, battery and unlawful use of a weapon. Article here.