Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nevermind the kids, check out the crazy cat!

New trend: snorting vodka to get drunk?

Some drinkers are snorting vodka through the nose to get drunk more quickly in a fad that alcohol health workers say could be dangerous. The Alcohol Problems Advisory Service in Derby said people were snorting the spirit through a straw or from a thin glass tube.

Bar owners have told BBC that the trend is on the rise amongst some drinkers in the city, particularly students. Officials have warned the activity can lead to long-term health damage.

Bar staff said some people were "in tears" after trying the trend, while others reacted so quickly they were seen falling to the floor as a result of snorting the alcohol.

"It will get you drunk more quickly than drinking vodka, which of course is why some people do it but over time it will damage your nose. The fact that you get drunk more quickly means you are more likely to have an accident and do things that you later regret."

He said vodka is also being sold in thin tubes, which allows the drinker to insert the spirit like nose drops. The Coyote Wild club in the city has already banned people from snorting vodka on its premises and owners said anyone caught doing so would be barred. Article here.

Office Barbie… makes it hard to get work done

Gatorade bottle knocks teen unconscious?

A freak accident with a nearly empty plastic sports-drink bottle knocked a teen football player unconscious and put him in the hospital. Braden McMonigle, a 16-year-old junior who plays receiver on the Monroe High varsity team, was in good condition Tuesday at Miami Valley Hospital.

Initially, paramedics feared he had suffered a serious head injury, so a helicopter flew him to the hospital Monday afternoon, said Arnol Elam, Monroe schools' superintendent. The incident, occurred after a team meeting, left McMonigle's teammates and school officials stunned and puzzled.

Elam said he saw the plastic Gatorade bottle that a teammate nonchalantly tossed over his shoulder. The bottle struck McMonigle in the forehead, above his eye. Elam was incredulous that the bottle - which had only about a quarter-inch of liquid left in it - knocked McMonigle unconscious. "It's so odd that that would cause that much damage," Elam said. "He's out there playing football, and we play some pretty physical teams. So to think that a Gatorade bottle could cause this, it's just unbelievable."

No discipline was anticipated against the student who tossed the bottle, Elam said, because there is no sign that he intended to hurt anyone. Article here.

Justin Timberlake slapped in face with meat?

Naked burglar dude stuck in window of house

Authorities say a would-be burglar's plot was foiled when he got stuck — naked — in the window of a house. The man was caught before he could take anything from an apartment he was allegedly trying to rob, Forrest City police said.

Dennis Reed Jr., 19, was arrested Saturday when police found him stuck between an air conditioning unit and a window frame of the apartment, police said. Reed was nude when police found him.

Reed told police that he was forced at gunpoint to break into the apartment by a subject he only knew by his first name. Officers and emergency personnel initially tried to free Reed, but were unsuccessful. Reed was finally freed after the fire department's rescue squad rescue personnel entered the apartment and removed the air conditioner.

Reed was charged with residential burglary and taken to the St. Francis County jail, police said. Article here.

Wow, gosh – how desperate is he?

Women raped, dude kills rapist -- women lied?

A sailor pleaded guilty Monday to abducting and killing a Marine corporal he thought had been involved in a gang rape. The rape turned out to be a lie, but the truth surfaced too late.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Cooper Jackson, 23, pleaded guilty Monday to premeditated murder, kidnapping, impersonating a Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent and obstruction of justice in connection with the death of Cpl. Justin L. Huff, 23.

In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to spare him a possible death sentence. Federal agents had testified at his Article 32 hearing, the military equivalent of a grand jury investigation, that Jackson had been fooled into falling in love with a woman who called herself Samantha and made up a story about being raped by servicemen.

"Samantha" turned out to be Ashley Elrod, a 22-year-old hotel clerk on North Carolina's Outer Banks, who testified that she lied about being raped. She said she "might have" told Jackson that one of the Marines was named Huff or Huffman, and she said Jackson called her after Huff was killed. Elrod has not been charged.

During his court-martial, Jackson told the Navy judge how he posed as an NCIS agent and took Huff to North Carolina to get information about the purported rape. He said he then slit Huff's throat and buried the body to avoid being caught. "I'd broken several laws and I had a missing Marine with me," Jackson said at his hearing Monday. "Quite frankly, I was scared of the consequences of what would happen, of being caught, more so than I was of the consequences of taking his life." Article here.

Punk rock baby?

Ohio State student pinned & killed in elevator

An elevator in a campus dormitory where an Ohio State University student was pinned and killed has been sealed while state inspectors and police investigate.

Elevator inspectors from the state Department of Commerce will return Monday to continue looking into the death of Andrew Polakowski, 18, of Erie, Pa., said spokeswoman Denise Lee.

Polakowski was the last person in a group of students to enter the third-floor elevator Friday night when it unexpectedly began to descend with the doors open, said Rick Amweg, assistant chief of the campus police.

Polakowski, a freshman pre-business major, was pinned when he tried to escape through a gap between the top of the elevator and the third floor, police said. It was unclear if he jumped or tried to climb out, Amweg said.

Caress Russell, a third-floor resident, came upon Polakowski after he was pinned. She said she ran to the front desk to have someone call 911 when she saw him unconscious. A few students outside the dormitory on Saturday said they have had minor problems with the elevators in the building, Stradley Hall. Alex Morando said he was stuck on an elevator two weeks ago for about 45 minutes.

The dormitory has 11 floors and about 400 residents, Amweg said. It has two passenger elevators and a larger lift. Police and state inspectors would not say whether the elevator malfunctioned. Article here.

…passed out on top of a car = priceless photo

Dude tries to sell his daughter for nail salon?

A man accused of trying to sell his toddler daughter in two counties will stand trial in Green Bay. Danny Vu, 37, of Ashwaubenon has pleaded not guilty to a charge of unauthorized placement for adoption in Brown County. His trial date was set Friday to start Jan. 17.

That case came to light after news reports about him allegedly doing the same thing in Outagamie County. Vu faces the same charge there for allegedly soliciting a Grand Chute couple for $7,000 in exchange for his 22-month old daughter. Vu has pleaded not guilty in that case, which is set to go to trial in November.

According to the criminal complaint, Vu offered to sell the toddler to a woman at his Ashwaubenon nail salon for $10,000. The woman contacted authorities after she saw Vu had been arrested in Outagamie County for attempting to sell his daughter to a couple there. Article here.

Try not to puke in your mouth when viewing this

Silicone breasts were illegal in Canada?

The Canadian government licensed the sale of silicone gel breast implants on Friday, reversing a partial ban that was in place for more than 13 years over health concerns.

Health Canada granted licenses to two U.S. companies, Mentor Corp. and Inamed Corp., a unit of Allergan Inc. to market their implants in Canada.
Canada had brought in a voluntary moratorium on the implants in 1992 and turned it into an effective ban in 1993 by saying they would not be allowed on the market without new clinical studies.

The government did allow 24,000 silicone implants since then through a Special Access program, under which doctors had to certify that suitable alternative
procedures were not available. Saline-filled breast implants were the only kind that had been generally available in Canada in the meantime.

"This shocking and unfortunate decision will jeopardize women's health for many years to come," the group's president, Diana Zuckerman, said from Washington. She said possible silicone leaks could spread to other organs and could cost Canada's public health system millions of dollars. Article here.

Chicago Marathon winner 'bites it' at finish line

Ex-girlfriend kills boyfriend with bottle of Jager

A Seattle man died earlier this month and a woman was blinded after drinking from a bottle of Jägermeister that police suspect was poisoned by the man's ex-girlfriend.

The ex-girlfriend, 51, has not been formally charged in the death of Roger Lewis, 56, but she fled to Taiwan after being questioned by police detectives.

Kirkland police detectives interviewed Lewis' ex-girlfriend after he was found dead, according to the court documents. She admitted to giving Taegue a bottle of Jägermeister to take to Segphrachanh. "Nina said she talked to (the ex-girlfriend) and was told to make sure Roger drank some of the (liquor) because it makes him happy, and to drink it before they went to dinner," the prosecuting documents read.

"Nina said she and Roger drank some of the contents of the bottle. Nina said after drinking the liquid she passed out and woke up blind, and Roger was found dead."

A lab test revealed that the liquor contained Methomyl, a pesticide. Sufficient evidence exists to charge the woman with first-degree murder and second-degree assault, the Kirkland Police Department said. Article here.