Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dude, these are ‘Daddy-Long-Leg’ spiders. Holy sh*t.

Dude beatboxes the flute, playing 'Super Mario' theme

Dude rides ski lift naked, also found with weed

An Albany, N.Y., man is accused of riding nude in a gondola at a ski resort, Stratton Mountain Resort on Dec. 15. William N. Barrett III, 46, pleaded not guilty to felony lewd and lascivious conduct and misdemeanor marijuana possession Tuesday in Vermont District Court.

A witness reported to lift attendants that Barrett was nude and touching himself inappropriately while riding the lift.

Barrett, who was fully clothed when he reached the bottom of the hill, denied being nude. He told police he had taken off his jacket and shirt because of the nice weather.

He also was charged with marijuana possession. Police found a glass pipe and film canister containing marijuana in his pocket when they arrested him, authorities said. Article here.

No need to caption this photo, it speaks for itself.

F*ck Hallmark, these sarcastic greeting cards are hilarious!

Normally I hate when people post SPAM into the ‘comments’ section of my blog and I usually try to delete the right away… but yesterday I made an exception. An employee of the greeting card company ‘Uncooked’ posted a blurb about these two dudes who create greeting cards that a ‘sprinkle of wit’ and ‘loads of sarcasm’. Totally my type of humor.

So… yada yada yada… long story short, they sell these greeting cards that are f*ckin' hilarious, and you can check out some of the ones I found funny from their new website below, and if you’d like you can buy them from their website too, (they're only $3.25 each).

Dude's house is 130 ft away from cliff, after landslide

After spending £1.5million and waiting 18 months, Nick Skilton was weeks away from moving into his brand new luxury cliff-top home.

But his sea view will be somewhat closer than he expected – after 80ft of his garden and tons of earth and trees disappeared in a landslide, leaving the house only yards from a 130ft sheer drop.

The businessman says he is unconcerned about his home's apparently precarious new position. But pictures taken yesterday suggest he may be putting on a brave face as experts warned he is unlikely to be able to insure the four-bedroom home, which has a spiral glass staircase and indoor swimming pool.
The 47-year-old millionaire would only say: "I am not a bit worried about my home. I'm not bothered." Mr Skilton, who made his fortune selling bathroom equipment, was not inside the building when the landslide struck. But it was an earth-shattering experience for carpenter Daniel Julyan and his joiner father Phillip.

Daniel, 19, of Newton Abbot, said: "Often we'll hear a rumbling when a train goes by. But this just kept going and got four or five times louder – it was like thunder.

"The next thing I knew, five trees at the end of the garden just toppled over. We looked over the edge and there was a mile of red dirt and branches and stuff floating in the ocean." Article here.

Let’s play a game called; who’s in my mouth?

Jessica Simpson divorced Nick because of 'Notebook' movie

Jessica Simpson says she was stung when ex-husband Nick Lachey jumped back into dating after their high-profile breakup.

"Oh, it hurt me," the 26-year-old singer-actress says in an interview in the March issue of Elle magazine, on newsstands February 13. "Two or three weeks later? Yeah, I'd say it kind of hurt me."
Simpson and Lachey, 33, starred in the MTV reality show, "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica." She filed for divorce in December 2005, after three years of marriage.

She made that decision, she says, after watching the 2004 romance "The Notebook" on a plane ride home to Texas. "I just figured out the statement," she says of the movie, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as star-crossed lovers. "It was about that moment of desperation. I needed to breathe."

Does she still keep in touch with the singer, who is dating MTV's Vanessa Minnillo? "Mm-hmmm," she tells the magazine. "He's so much a part of my life, how could I not be? Any guy that's going to be with me from this day forward has to understand that. You want to help me find a guy?" Article here.

[Bud Light Commercial] What Would Carlos Do?

Happy Birthday Goose! Hope you like chocolate!

Dude solves Rubik's cube, then takes bras off women

14-foot shark rammed boat until it sunk

A crew aboard a shrimping boat were rescued after a group of bull sharks rammed and bit the vessel until it eventually sank off the Florida coast, according to an Associated Press report.

Captain Roger Schmall said a group of sharks had been slamming into the Christy Nichole's hull for four days. But then a 14-foot bull shark broke the boat's tail shaft, leaving Schmall and his crew of two adrift about 100 miles off the coast.

Schmall radioed for help, and another vessel picked the crew up about two hours later. Schmall remained aboard his ship to pump water out while the other boat pulled it back to land. He said it was working for a couple of hours, but the waves eventually took their toll on Schmall's boat and the boat sank. Article here.