Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Paris Hilton’s MTV VMA dress = Ace Ventura?

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11-year-old girl stabs kid in face with pencil?

An 11-year-old Ocala, Florida girl was facing felony charges Friday after being accused of stabbing another student with a pencil.

Police said Namreh Lyles jabbed a 12-yar-old boy with a pencil in the lip and then dragged the lead across his face.

The Osceola Middle School student told police she thought the boy was going to hit her. Her mother claimed it was an accident.

Police charged her with felony aggravated battery. Article here.

Cat Nap

Dude breaks into McDonald's to cook burgers?

A man broke into a McDonald's early Sunday morning through a roof vent. Surveillance video shows the man turning on the grill, cooking and eating a couple of burgers before fleeing.

When he fled, the burger bandit triggered a door alarm that a morning shift manager heard when she pulled into work nearly two hours later.

She found a piece of drywall on the kitchen floor, and another employee noticed the grill was greasy. Damage to the McDonald's is estimated at 150 dollars. Article here.

Starbucks and McDonalds = World Domination

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Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, killed

Steve Irwin, the Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed Monday by a stingray barb during a diving expedition, media reports said.

Irwin, 44, was filming an underwater documentary on the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Queensland state when the accident occurred, Sydney's The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on its Web site.

"The probable cause of death is stingray strike to the chest," Hamil said. Stingrays are placid fish whose larger species are occasionally known to tolerate the efforts of gung-ho scuba divers to "hitch a ride" by clinging to their fins.

But when the usually non-aggressive creatures feel threatened or are trodden on, they are capable of delivering horrific, agonising injuries by lashing out with the razor-sharp, barbed sting at the end of their tails.
The barbs, which grow out of the bayonet-like sting like fingernails, are designed to snag in the flesh of the ray's unwary victim. Each barb is serrated and can be up to 20cm (8ins) long, and is coated with a paralysing toxin which the ray secretes along two grooves in its tail.

Stingray injuries are common, as the fish are often found around the coastline where people swim and paddle. Most wounds are sustained to the legs or feet when stingrays are trodden on in the shallows. In some cases the stingray’s toxic barb is broken off and remains in the wound, especially when the fish is pulled off the victim.

Fatal attacks, such as the one which today cost the life of Australia's "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, are however almost unheard of.

It is only when the barb enters the body through the chest area, so that the heart or other vital organs are damaged and the poison is administered directly, causing the blood vessels to constrict, that very serious injuries can occur and death is more likely. Article here.

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Damn, hail damage sucks.

Dude steals panties, gets 11 years in prison

Sung Koo Kim, a 32-year-old Tigard, Oregon man who stole college women's underwear, has been sentenced one more time for the thefts. After the fourth part of a four-county plea agreement, Kim faces a total of 11 years in prison.

In Benton County on Wednesday, Circuit Judge Janet Holcomb sentenced him to 31 months in prison for burglary, charges stemming from the theft of underwear and other personal items from Oregon State University residences in 2004.

Joo and Dong Kim were at Wednesday's hearing, where their son quietly apologized. Joo said her son is mentally ill and having a difficult time in prison.

But Benton County prosecutors said Kim targeted the OSU women's swim team and labeled underwear and personal hygiene items with the names of the women from whom they were stolen. He also photographed himself wearing some of the underwear.

Prosecutors said that behavior, along with thousands of violent pornographic images downloaded onto his computer, is evidence of his violent obsession, prosecutors said.

In one document on Kim's computer, "we see the defendant making a list of horrific torture steps that lead to murder," according to court documents, "followed by a list of supplies to bring along to complete the tasks." Article here.

Would you please buy me some doggy treats?

Blind man drives car on wrong side of road

A blind man, who lost his eyes in a bomb blast, has been convicted of dangerous driving after police spotted his car on the wrong side of the road.

Omed Aziz, 31, was being aided as he drove through Oldbury, West Midlands, by an allegedly banned driver in the passenger seat. Warley magistrates were told he reached speeds of up to 35mph on the half-mile trip in April.

Aziz, of Oldbury, who denied dangerous driving, will be sentenced next Monday. Aziz is also partially deaf and suffers from leg tremors.
Richard Knight, chairman of the bench at Warley Magistrates Court, said Aziz was aware of the risk he posed to others. Aziz and his friend were arrested on 23 April. He said: "I attempted to speak to the driver, who appeared to be fumbling around with the controls.
"At that point the passenger leaned across and stated: 'He's blind'".

Another officer, Pc Stuart Edge, who was present at that time, said: "I asked him if he could see me. He removed the dark-coloured sunglasses he was wearing and I could clearly see he was blind as he had no eyes."

Aziz, who said he had previous driving experience prior to being blinded in his homeland, was present in court and was helped around by an interpreter. Article here.

Even though it’s fake, it’s still painful to watch

Top 25 Smartest Cities in the U.S.

If you equate education with intelligence, then the smartest city in the United States is Seattle - 52.7 percent of its residents age 25 or older have completed a bachelor's degree or higher.

Seattle's also been ranked as the most literate city in the United States by Central Connecticut State University, beating out Minneapolis, Washington and Atlanta. That rating was based on such things as the number of booksellers, libraries and newspaper circulation - as well as educational attainment.

Many brainy people have flocked to the Seattle area to work in what's called the "knowledge economy." Companies headquartered there and in surrounding towns, including Microsoft, Amazon, Cray, Washington Mutual and Costco, all use heavy doses of information technology. Even another of the area's biggest employers, old-line Boeing, is also a glutton for technological solutions. Source.

1.)Seattle WA
2.)San Francisco CA
3.)Raleigh NC
4.)Washington DC
5.)Austin TX
6.)Minneapolis MN
7.)Atlanta GA
8.)Boston MA
9.)San Diego CA
10.)Lexington-Fayette KY
11.)Denver CO
12.)Charlotte NC
13.)Portland OR
14.)St. Paul MN
15.)San Jose CA
16.)Colorado Springs CO
17.)Honolulu HI
18.)Oakland CA
19.)Pittsburgh PA
20.)New York NY
21.)Albuquerque NM
22.)Anchorage AK
23.)Omaha NE
24.)Nashville-Davidson TN
25.)Columbus OH

The girl who drives this car is a bitch

Baby Boomer Death Statistics

Percentage of Boomers who are dead:
6.56571624 %

Total Boomers left alive:

Seconds before the next Boomer dies:

Boomers died in last 24 hours:

The generally accepted birth years of Baby Boomers is 1946-1964. Kathleen Casey – Born 1 second after midnight on January 1st, 1946 is generally regarded as the "First Baby Boomer". Click here to see a real-time 'Baby Boomer Death Clock'.