Monday, October 03, 2005

Built-in Airbags

Everybody likes watching water-rides...

What happens when you stand right next to the end of a roller-coaster water ride? Watch this video to find out…this is awesome!

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Tele-tubbies wear bras?

Holy Weight Loss? (revisited)

Jack Osbourne has lost 56 pounds in six months.

Jack Osbourne now also has his own new show called ‘Adrenaline Junkie.’ The show features him embarking on dangerous feats, culminating in the ultimate challenge next month: climbing the 3,000ft sheer rock wall El Capitan, in California's Yosemite Valley. Jack Osbourne engaged in rock climbing and kick boxing camp in Bangkok, Thailand.

UPDATE: Grand running total of people who actually watch this show: around 6 people



Homemade Pool Water Heater!?!

This dude decided to save money, and make homemade pool water heater…out of his barbeque grill! Unbelievable crazy that he did this...yet very resourceful. Hey, whatever works right? I wonder if it is cost efficient? Click here to see more pictures.

Introducing the high-tech beer coaster...

Check out these pictures of an intelligent beermat that alerts the bartender that your glass is empty. The coaster can also tell which way up it is, and whether it's moving around. The device will detect the weight of the drink above it, working out how much is left before sending a signal to the bar for a refill.

This device was made by college students at a University in Germany… but I wouldn’t be surprised if these a fine-tuned, then mass produced.

Super Mario Post-It Picture


The best iPod Nano case I've seen yet

Do you own one of the new iPod Nanos? You might remember my old post about how “fragile” these new iPods are. Check out this case you can buy for them! The website claims you can run a car over it and it won’t break! How awesome is that (like you’ll really ever run a car over it)!?! Kind of pricey though- its $45. Still, a must have since they are so easy to break.

Top 10 Foods You Should Never Eat

Nutrition Action Magazine has posted a “Top 10 Foods You Should Never Eat” list. The food products on this might surprise you. Check out the list to see if you currently are consuming one of these food products…so you can stop.

(click to see the list)

Kanye West and Mike Myers Reunion

Remember Kanye West’s “publicity stunt” a couple weeks ago? …the one in which he “went off script” and voiced his opinion on the government and President Bush. Well, check out this reunion sketch on SNL that stars both Kanye and Mike Myers. Good for a little chuckle.

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Girls Gone Wild Katrina & Rita?

Is it to early to start running comedy bits about Hurricane Katrina or Rita? Well, I’ve already have heard several jokes from both Leno and Letterman the past few weeks. Check out this extremely tasteless sketch about Katrina.

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Giant 3.2M Spider Sculpture?

Check out this giant all-bronze spider sculpture. Get this- it cost $3.2 million to build. If you want to see it in person, it's at the National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada. I'm really not sure what the point of this is...but for 3.2 million it's not that cool.