Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dude where's my stuff?

[sighing of disappointment] For the second time this month, this is another story from Lawrence, Kansas (my Alma matter’s location).

Kris Bryan said that she returned home after work and saw strangers loading up her belongings into their vehicle. When she asked what they were doing, they showed her a classified ad in the newspaper. The public notice stated that all things at 1319 Tennessee St., Apt. 3 would be thrown away if unclaimed.

Lawrence Journal-World Newspaper printed a mistake in a street address, causing her apartment to be cleaned out by thieves! That really sucks!

Check out the entire story here

My next iPod...

I'm saving up to buy one of these iPod's. Problem is...I need like 5 million dollars. Wait-a-second...damit. Thats a lot of money! Nevermind- I don't think I'll be able to ever afford this. Anyways, this is a HP Diamond iPod encrusted with over 120 diamonds that was given to P. Diddy. All I have to say is, its very bling-blingy.

Short Bus for Sale on eBay!

I kind of think this would be awesome to have- Just me? huh? Think of the roadtrips in this bad-boy! For sale on Ebay...

(click picture to view eBay Auction)