Monday, January 22, 2007

My snowy weekend was boring and I loved it

So… the Midwest was dumped with more snow (3-6 inches at my house), which made for a very ‘indoor weekend’. That meant, I stayed in and watched lots of TV and movies, watched KU lose in basketball, and played lots of X-Box 360 and Wii bowling. It was slow and boring, and I loved every minute of it. Oh, also for those of you who care – I’m got rid of my Treo 650 cell phone (selling it to my roommate) and purchased the Motorola Q. Not sure if it was a good decision yet, but I guess I’ll find out. I’d love to get the Apple iPhone when it come out, but my contract doesn’t end until December, and I’m sure it’s going to be hard as hell to buy an iPhone when because everyone wants one.
So as I said, it snowed here in Kansas City this weekend, and quite frankly I personally don’t have a problem when it snows – however, I’ve found some people really hate it. Mostly people find it inconvenient more than anything – which I semi-understand. I don’t think it’s the end of the world if you can't go shopping for a couple days or have to leave a little early to get to work. I personally like the ‘change in weather’ and enjoy driving in the snow (minus the fact after it starts getting warm, then everything has that ‘dirty black snow’ on the roads).

Anyways, my roommate and girlfriend decided to be festive and build a 'snow family' in our front yard. Seeing that I just had a knee surgery, I decided to watch and supervise ;). Check out the picture of the snow man, snow kid, and snow dog they made. Good times huh?

clever timing + ass*ole friend = great photo

Dude rocks out a backflip... in a wheelchair!

Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment:

Forbes Magazine just tabulated “The 20 Richest Women In Entertainment”. To make the list at all, you need a minimum net worth of $45 million.

1 — Oprah Winfrey = $1,500 million
2 — J.K. Rowling = $1,000 million
3 — Martha Stewart = $638 million
4 — Madonna = $325 million
5 — Celine Dion = $250 million
6 — Mariah Carey = $225 million
7 — Janet Jackson = $150 million
8 — Julia Roberts = $140 million
9 — Jennifer Lopez = $110 million
10 — Jennifer Aniston = $110 million
11 — Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen = $100 million
12 — Britney Spears = $100 million
13 — Judith “Judge Judy” Sheindlin = $95 million
14 — Sandra Bullock = $85 million
15 — Cameron Diaz = $75 million
16 — Gisele Bundchen = $70 million
17 — Ellen DeGeneres = $65 million
18 — Nicole Kidman = $60 million
19 — Christina Aguilera = $60 million
20 — Renee Zellweger = $45 million

Look closely, something’s not quite normal

Paris Hilton's eyes are damaged, tinted contacts

When Paris Hilton decided to turn her brown eyes blue with tinted contacts, she might have hurt her already suffering eye lids.

According to a Beverly Hills source, Hilton stopped by a plastic surgeon's office with sis ter Nicky earlier this week, seeking to "fix her drooping left eyelid." Our insider says Paris had hush- hush surgery six years ago to lift her lids. The muscles of her left eye were supposedly damaged as a result, "causing it to droop more than the right" - a look that was once parodied on "South Park."
Hilton, who is filming "The Hot tie and the Nottie," has made things worse by wearing blue- tinted contact lenses over her naturally brown irises. "They have been drying out lately," dished the tipster. "She is ignor ing doctors' orders to not wear her tinted contacts." Paris' rep El liot Mintz told Page Six, "To the best of my knowledge, Paris has never had any kind of cosmetic surgery and has not mentioned any medical procedures having to do with her eyes." Article here.

Photoworthy: the ski jump (part 2)

[interesting?] Shave your 'hoo-ha' in sixty seconds?

The "Bikini Line Genie" is billed as a protective shield that let's women shave their vaginas without fear of hurting the most sensitive areas, and prevents loose stubble from entering.
It works by tucking in between the labia majora to cover the more sensitive labia minora and clitoris, while blocking off the vaginal opening so no foreign material may enter.

It comes with illustrated instructions, may be used sitting or standing. Company website here:

Mom induces labor so husband can attend game

Chicago school teacher Colleen Pavelka knows how much her husband loves the Bears. Apparently, she loves him even more. Colleen chose to have the birth of their second child induced a few days early so Mark Pavelka could attend Sunday's NFC Championship showdown between the Bears and the New Orleans Saints.

The baby was due Monday. But when Colleen went in for an appointment Friday afternoon, her doctors told her she could opt for an early delivery. She decided to do so. After nearly six hours of labor, 8-pound, 9-ounce Mark Patrick Pavelka was born Friday night.

Colleen Pavelka plans to catch the game on the plasma screen TV in her hospital room, while baby Mark Patrick is bundled up in the Bears receiving blanket his grandmother bought him for Christmas. Article here.

Is this considered a talent? Sexy? Or just stupid?

Plane landing at St. Maarten airport / beach = cool

Dude kills his grandmother in rage over a TV?

A Russian confessed to police he killed his grandmother because they could not agree on what program to watch on television, prosecutors said on Friday.

Arguments over who controls the television remote are familiar to most families. The suspect, from Russia's Karelia region near Finland, took things to extremes by stabbing and bludgeoning to death his 81-year-old grandmother.

"When he started to testify to police, he said he killed her because they could not agree on what TV program they wanted to watch," said Tatyana Kordyukova, a spokeswoman for the Karelia prosecutor's office.

She said the man was drunk at the time. "He could not remember exactly what it was he wanted to watch." Police were called to the family's apartment and found the woman's body. Her grandson had fled but he was caught later and is now in prison awaiting trial. Article here.

Uh… giant boobies? Really? WTF?

People’s Court interview, so weird it’s hilarious

This really is classic. The bailiff in the background can’t even stop laughing. ‘What’s the hardest part about being you? Mustache.’

Dude survives drunk'n fall from 17th floor of hotel

A man crashed through a double-paned window in a hotel on Saturday and plummeted 16 floors — but survived when he was caught by a roof overhang.

Joshua S. Hanson, 29, of Blair, Wis., was taken to a hospital. Police and fire officials said he had multiple broken bones and internal injuries. The man must have "an angel on his shoulder or something," said police Lt. Dale Barsness. "He's a lucky guy."

According to a police report, Hanson and two friends returned from a night of drinking at about 1:30 a.m Saturday. When the elevator reached the 17th floor, Hanson ran down a short hallway toward a floor-to-ceiling window, Barsness said. He apparently lost his balance and crashed through the glass, then fell 300 feet, landing on the roof overhang one floor up from the street.

The window was double-paned and had a safety bar, said Tom Mason, general manager of the Hyatt. Police said Hanson was conscious and communicating when he was taken off the overhang. Article here.

The power of perspective… when taking photos:

Here’s a good video of someone using the iPhone

skip to about 0:44 seconds into the video

Boy's tongue stuck/frozen onto metal stop sign?

Like a scene from the movie "A Christmas Story," police had to free a boy who got his tongue stuck to a metal stop sign, Lt. William H. Graham said Wednesday.

Whether anyone uttered the infamous "triple-dog dare" that goaded the movie's Flick into sticking his tongue to a pole is unclear, but police said the boy was surrounded by a group of kids when his tongue froze to the sign in 9-degree weather. The group said the boy was "talking smart," Graham said.

Officer Daniel Baumann was the first to arrive at Carroll and Barstow streets at 7:24 p.m. Tuesday, but he had to wait for Officer Raymond Fuerstenberg to show up a short time later with a bottle of water. Baumann poured the water on the boy's tongue and on the sign and then the boy pulled his tongue away. "He lost some skin from his tongue on the stop sign," Graham said. Article here.