Friday, June 08, 2007

You're never to young for tattoos?

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HIL-arious 2007 Spelling Bee Champion videos;

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Dudes' wheelchair lodged in semi grille, travels 4 miles on highway

Ben Carpenter got the ride of a lifetime when his electric wheelchair became lodged in the grille of a semitrailer and was accidentally pushed down a highway for several miles at about 50 mph.

His father, Donald Carpenter, was incredulous when police called to tell him his 21-year-old son was OK after the wild ride. He said his son had started to cross at an intersection where the truck had stopped for a red light. The light changed to green while Carpenter was still in front of the semi, which started moving forward.
The truck bumped into the side of the wheelchair, which then started turning forward, its handles becoming lodged in the grille, the father said. The wild ride had started. "He's so low that the truck driver couldn't see him, and the truck headed out," he said.

The bizarre sight caught the attention of motorists, many of whom called 911 on their cell phones. A pair of undercover police officers who happened to be driving in the opposite direction at the time saw what was happening, did a quick U-turn, followed the truck to its business and informed the disbelieving driver, Donald Carpenter said. » Article here

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Someone please get this man a plunger...

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Dude drowns in storm sewer trying to save his cell phone

A 41-year-old Sheboygan man drowned Wednesday afternoon after getting stuck in a storm sewer while attempting to retrieve a dropped cell phone, police said.

Brett R. Gunn, who weighed more than 300 pounds, was wedged with his head and shoulders underwater in a vertical storm drain in front of his home. There was about 12 inches of water at the bottom of the sewer, police said.

Gunn was unconscious when rescuers pulled him out, and he was pronounced dead. Neighbor Chris Van Erem — who was mowing his lawn at the time — said he saw Gunn kneeling over the sewer moments before he fell in. Police said he had removed the iron grate to retrieve a cell phone. » Article here

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I’d consider this the ‘Mercedes’ of safari vehicles.

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Paris is now out of jail, and Al Sharpton is furious about it.

Paris Hilton has been fitted for ankle bracelet and reassigned to house arrest, after authorities decided to release Hilton from jail due to medical reasons.

Reporters hammered away about Paris' medical condition during a press conference in front of the jail.

The Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a rebuke to the California justice system for allowing Paris Hilton to leave jail and serve her sentence at home, saying the move reveals a dangerous double standard.

"This early release gives all the appearances of economic and racial favoritism that is constantly cited by poor people and people of color." » Full article here

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This kid gets drilled by huge 'exercise ball'.


Save some cash, and rent your next wedding cake?

That's right — a new business allows couples to rent decorated plastic foam wedding cakes for less than half the cost of the same cake made from scratch.

"They're covered in exactly what a real cake would be covered in — fondant and gum paste,'' said Kimberly Aya, owner of Fun Cakes. "The only difference is the inside. Nobody can tell.''

"Normally, the cake then is wheeled to the kitchen to have it cut and served. So guests don't need to know the rest of the cake was fake." » Full article here

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Teen drives car through mall in New York

A teenager drove to a crowded suburban mall on Thursday, smashing through the entrance and cruising past clothing stores before exiting the car to deliver a speech to onlookers, police said.

The 19-year-old man drove through the mall's main glass doors, continued past a JCPenney, passed the mall's central court, knocked over a kiosk and then made two left turns before exiting near a McDonald's, Nassau County police said.

After breaking through the second set of doors at Westfield Sunrise mall, the driver exited the car and started giving a speech before being restrained by a passer-by until police got there, Officer Thomas Brussell said.

No one was seriously hurt by the sedan, although one onlooker suffered minor cuts to the foot after stepping on some of the broken glass. The rampage caused about $60,000 worth of damage, police said. » Article here