Friday, August 24, 2007

Drunk on a roof = bad things happen.


Woman stabs husband with kitchen knife during sex

A woman is facing attempted homicide charges after police said she told them she stabbed her estranged husband in the chest with a kitchen knife while they were having sexual intercourse on Tuesday.

Falon Gonzales, 23, was arrested for allegedly assaulting her husband. Falon Gonzales's husband filed for divorce about a month ago. The couple met Tuesday at about 4:30 p.m. to have their residence appraised.

After the appraiser left, according to court records, Juan Carlos Gonzales showed his wife dissolution of marriage papers. Court records state that when Falon Gonzales began to cry, her husband comforted her and the two proceeded to have sexual intercourse.

According to court records, during sexual intercourse, Falon Gonzales allegedly took a knife out of her duffle bag and stabbed her husband in the chest.

Court records state she removed the knife from her husband's chest and said, "I'm sorry Juan." The couple allegedly struggled for the knife, according to court records, and Juan Carlos Gonzales fled to a neighbor's house, where the neighbor called 911. » Article here


Wow, a 60' slip 'n slide. Awesome.

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Man rents gun at shooting range, then kills himself

A 28-year-old man killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in front of witnesses Wednesday afternoon at the Target Sports shooting range on Woodward Avenue, police said.

The man had apparently arrived alone at the store around 1 p.m. and rented a .40 caliber handgun to shoot at targets, according to Royal Oak Police Lt. David Clemens. "It's a self-inflicted wound and we are confident that no one else was involved in this," Clemens said. » Article here


Invisible skis!