Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nice jacket dude, you're awesome...

What would you do with 100 dildos?

"For Christmas my roommate gave me 100 dildos. To get even with him I am searching for 100 uses for 100 dildos (non-sexual and non-destructive)... and I need your help. Each use has to use all 100 dildos."

Click here to submit your non-sexual and non-destructive idea.

Not your normal sleeping bag...

This sleeping bag is more like a body bag (not the corpse ones). It's padded and shaped to the human form and allows free movement both in and out of sleep, where traditional sleeping bags don't. The various ties and adjustment belts allow for a very snug fir which keeps the warmth in and gives you further control when moving about. Selk'bag is padded with a number of layered inserts which provide maximum comfort when lying on even the hardest surfaces. Best of al , even the ugliest camper can look positively cute once wrapped in the Selk'bag. Snug, Smart, freeing!

[via Cool Hunter]

Man wearing tiger suit and climbs lighthouse?

A man is in police custody after climbing on top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse overnight.

Frank Feldmann was found on top of the lighthouse wearing a tiger suit and holding a flag tied to the lightning rod around 4 AM Tuesday morning.

He climbed down just after seven and was taken into police custody. Authorities say he will likely face charges of breaking and entering and defacing a federal monument.

WJXT-TV in Jacksonville reports that the flag said "My Duke," a reference to a book Feldmann wrote under the name Dusty L. Cage about a Bengal tiger. Feldmann had two bags filled with equipment for climbing the tower.

Somethings you just don't even want to try to understand... Article here.

Underwater restaurant located in the Red Sea!

This amazing restaurant, located in Eilat, Israel is 15 ft. below the surface of the Red Sea, with thick Plexiglas windows that give you an octopus-eye view of the surrounding fish, corals, and other creatures.
The decor is fantasy oceanesque, with sand floors covered by a layer of clear epoxy, velvet, sea urchin cushions on the chairs, starfish lighting fixtures and wavy blue underwater light filtering through the subsea pavilion from natural sources by day, and artificial sources by night.
Not resting on its one-of-a-kind location and design, the Red Sea Star serves meals that are quite good. Dennis, a fish from the Red Sea, leads the list of well-prepared fish (though you may not feel comfortable dining on a sea creature while its family and friends glide past the windows).

Grilled ostrich fillet in a Dijon berry sauce with mushrooms; spare ribs in a melon and chile sauce; as well as pastas and salads round out the menu. If you dislike smoke, request the no-smoking area when you make your reservation (content source here).

Pretty darn sweet if you ask me. Click here to take a virtual 3D tour of this restaurant.

Dog Uses Cell Phone To Call 9-1-1

A man said he's alive because his dog called 9-1-1. The well-trained beagle used his owner's cell phone to alert authorities something was wrong.

Almost unbelievably, the little dog is trained to bite down on a cell phone and, holding the nine button, call 9-1-1 and then howl into the phone until rescuers arrive. Tuesday, the training worked perfectly.

Belle the beagle is a dog trained to sniff out seizures. With a sense of smell 500 times greater than her owner, that's how Belle knew Tuesday morning her master was in serious trouble. "I woke up, took her outside. Other than that, I know nothing until the paramedics were there," Kevin Weaver said.

Humans emit a slight odor before a seizure. So, not only did Belle sense Weaver was having a grand mal seizure, which can cause brain damage or death, Belle used her teeth to speed dial 9-1-1. The emergency number is programmed into Weaver’s small cell phone and the cell phone is listed at Weaver's address."She saved my life. She definitely did," Weaver said.

Belle's training cost $9,000 and took nine months at a special kennel in Georgia. It was money and time well worth it Tuesday. Believe it or not, Belle's training is not over yet. She's now being taught to actually test Weaver's blood sugar level by licking his nose and can tell if he needs an insulin shot.

Wow, this is like having a ‘wonder dog!’ Full article here.

50 Cent's son is now a male model

Dozens of children assembled for Children’s magazine's fashion show in New York. Ranging in age from 4 to 12, the models wore miniature outfits by such top design names as Bill Blass and Kenneth Cole, all of which will be auctioned off for charity.

Many of the tiny models smiled, some tentatively, as they walked down a catwalk normally reserved for experienced professionals. A few blew kisses, although several looked frightened and one small boy walked the runway with a tear running down his face.

The 50 models were selected from 250 candidates by editors at Child in casting calls in recent days. A few celebrities' children -- those of rapper 50 Cent and of music producer Russell Simmons and wife Kimora Lee Simmons -- were thrown into the mix, along with actress Lindsay Lohan's younger sister Aliana and brother Dakota.

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Distant cousin of Harry Potter?

Grass for your cat's water bowl?

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain now comes with an "Aqua Garden" for cats. It grows a blend of wheat, oats, barley and rye that cats supposedly love to eat. The grass is said to relieve indigestion, control hairballs and protects your houseplants from Fluffy's desire to graze.

The grass is shipped in "Pod Packs", which you just toss into the blue hanging basket. When it grows and gets eaten, you toss another Pod Pack in there. This way, the manufacturer keeps getting more of your money.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain comapny website here.

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25 MILLION free condoms? Go to Brazil...

The Brazilian government will distribute 25 million free condoms to promote safe sex during the country's Carnival holidays, the Health Ministry said Monday.

The condoms, provided under the government's acclaimed anti-AIDS program, will be given out at health clinics and in sites like public squares and dances. "It's that time of year when we boost distribution because of the increase in demand," an official from the Health Ministry's anti-AIDS program said.

Carnival kicks off across the nation on February 25, heralding several days of parades, parties, revelry and, for some people, sexual abandon. The Rio de Janeiro carnival is the best known worldwide but every big city has its own celebrations.

The Health Ministry said the purpose of the handout was to prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Last year, it announced a plan to distribute more than 1 billion free condoms nationwide in 2006.

The Roman Catholic Church in Brazil -- the world's largest Catholic country -- routinely denounces such programs as encouraging sex and contravening its stand against contraception. Article here.

Yes it does exists, The Lingerie Bowl...

(click image to view website)

Arcade game lets you 'claw' for live lobsters

A company in Maine has created a game in which people can plunk down two dollars for the chance to catch a live lobster from a tank.
It's called the Love Maine Lobster Claw Game and is similar to machines where people put in coins in hopes of grabbing a stuffed animal with remote-control claws.

In addition to Maine, the president of Maine Ecological Habitats says the machines can be found in restaurants and bars in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Animal rights activists are not amused. Karin Robertson of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says it's cruel to use lobsters as an amusement before cooking them.

Hmm… not sure where I stand 'morally'. I mean, you do have to admit- this borderline animal cruelty. However, every single person who looks at this thing would probably want to see someone actually use it once (if not do it themselves). The company websites suggest venders can ‘be an entertainment piece, a platform to sell lobsters out of (by the pound) for a convenience store.’ Nevertheless, interesting. Click here to read more information about this thing.