Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You know you're a nerd when...

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Ellen uses the 'Hawaii Chair' on her show.

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Woman buckles up case of beer in car, not her baby. WTF.

A Florida woman was arrested after she took the time to buckle in her case of beer but left her baby in the back seat without a seatbelt or car seat.

Police say they pulled over Tina Williams near St. Augustine because her car was swerving. When they looked inside her car officers say they smelled alcohol. They spotted beer buckled up in the front seat and her daughter unrestrained in the back. » Article here

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Billiard 'chicken' trick.


Wyclef is kinda a perv...

Iowa has more Cell Phones than Landlines

A report from Iowa's Utilities Board has found that at the middle of last year, the number of cellphone users in the US state exceeded the number of landlines by a total of 400,000. The report says that the total number of wireless connections in Iowa as of June 30, 2007, is 1,943,334. Wireless carriers are serving at least 97 percent of all Iowa communities. » Full article here