Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stick 'em Up!

Doctors find 11 cm worm in woman's eye

Doctors at a clinic in central Serbia, have removed an 11 centimetre-long intestinal worm from a woman's eye socket.

According to preliminary results, the worm taken from the 37-year-old patient's eye belongs to the Ascaris family, a common intestinal parasite in pigs that is also found in humans.

No similar case has ever been recorded in Serbia and probably in Europe, Radomir Stojicevic, a doctor at the Kragujevac clinic, told the Tanjug news agency.

The parasite had probably travelled through the patient's blood from the digestive tract into the eye socket, doctors at the clinic believe.

I apologize for the graphic image- however, you have to admit- pretty crazy looking isn’t it!?! EWWW! Article here.

Cats are always tricky little rascals...

62-year-old-woman gives birth to baby!?!

A 62-year-old woman gave birth Friday to a healthy 6-pound, 9-ounce baby boy, becoming one of the oldest women in the world to successfully bear a child.
Janise Wulf gave birth to her 12th child. She is also a grandmother of 20 and a great-grandmother of three.

Family members said the delivery went smoothly, despite earlier concerns about the mother's health. Wulf, a diabetic, experienced swelling and higher blood pressure earlier this week, prompting doctors to perform the Caesarean section a week early.

Wulf and her third husband, Scott, 48, named the red-haired boy Adam Charles Wulf. He follows just 3 1/2 years behind his older brother, Ian. "I hate to raise one alone, without a sibling," said Wulf, who was impregnated both times through in vitro fertilization.

The Guinness Book of World Records also lists two 63-year-old women who have given birth: Rosanna Della Corte of Italy in 1994 and Acheli Keh of California in 1996. Article here.

Man masturbates to 71-year-old woman at Wendy's?

Gary Bailey, has been charged with exposing himself to customers, including a child at a Wendy's restaurant. Bailey, 62, was sitting at a booth attempting to make eye contact with a 71-year-old female customer who was dining with her husband, police said.

She later saw him masturbating with his shorts unzipped after moving from her seat as she was leaving the restaurant.

The Holly Hill woman confronted Bailey about his actions and had the restaurant manager contact police. Bailey responded by tucking his exposed genitals into his pants and leaving the scene.

Police charged the long-time dirtbike course designer with a misdemeanor for lewd and lascivious conduct, and a felony for lewd and lascivious conduct in the presence of a 5-year old. He posted $10,000 bail and was released Sunday.

Uh… weird, disturbing and expensive? Article here.

A little colder than usual...

Paris Hilton's lesbian sex tape...

Female First is reporting that Paris Hilton made a lesbian sex tape with a sexy Playboy model. This tape is being called the "horniest videotape of all time" and it features Paris Hilton and Nicole Lenz. Lenz has done some modeling with Playboy, but nothing to crazy. After a night of partying and drinking their brains out, the two rented a $500 a night room at the Bellagio Hotel, in Las Vegas.
Lenz told Britain's News: "The moment we were in the room Paris had only one thing on her mind - sex. We lied down on a king size bed and took it in turns to play with each other."

Lenz even went into more detail saying: "We just pleasured each other for hours, recording it all. Paris had brought all manner of sex toys - to make sure we didn't miss out on anything simply because there was no man in bed with us!"

If you remember- the only reason why Paris Hilton is famous to this day is because of her original ‘dim-lit’ sex tape… she possesses no talents or career achievements what-so-ever. My guess is that this probably was a strategically planned stunt. Or not. Either way, people will want to see this… pathetic isn’t it? Source here.

Talent or stupidity?

Man vandalizes Taco John's b/c of hot sauce?

A man who vandalized a local Mexican restaurant because he thought employees put hot sauce on his tacos is being sought by police.

According to a police report, two subjects in a red 1994 GMC Jimmy ordered tacos at the drive-through around 8 p.m. Friday evening. After the two men received their food, they pulled over and parked their vehicle in the Taco John's parking lot. One of the men then entered the restaurant and began yelling at an employee for putting hot sauce on his tacos.

After the employee told the man Taco John's doesn't put hot sauce on any of its tacos, the suspect walked into the men's bathroom and cracked the back part of the toilet.

WTF? Why would the employees really care about the toilet? I mean they’ll just tell their manager to get it fixed. Sweet move dude. Hope you got your rocks off. Article here.

Don't worry, Bandit's got the wheel

You can now buy a $3,000 Martini

Would you pay three-grand for a martini? Connecticut's Foxwoods Resort Casino is offering a new signature cocktail. It's called the Sapphire martini and is made with Blue Curacao, Bombay Sapphire Gin, a splash of dry vermouth and is coated with blue sugar on the rim.

But it's not the booze that makes it so expensive. Each Sapphire martini comes with a pair of custom-made blue sapphire and diamond earrings.

The casino isn't alone in offering ultra pricey drinks. The Algonquin Hotel's Blue Bar in New York offers a ten-thousand diamond martini. They've sold two since 2004.

So when I first read this article I was expecting to read that the drink was made using some ‘rare type of alcohol or juice’ that could only be found in two places on mother earth. Instead, come to find out the drink is paired with diamond earrings? WTF? Sounds to me like someone at this Casino is just a good salesman. What the hell is the correlation between the earrings and the drink? To me, that’s like combining buying coffee at Starbucks… with… I don’t know- let’s say a penis pump. That makes just as much sense to me. Hats off to the person who made this marketing decision. They’ve gained so cheap PR and are probably just trying to get rid of these diamonds from their inventory. Well done you bastards, well done. Article here.