Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This was what I saw for the 4th of July...

Somehow we got lucky and picked a great spot to watch the fireworks this year. You could literally ‘feel’ the impact of every firework. It was great. My roommates and I picked up some ice-cream and snacks from 711 and setup shop to watch the display. Ahh, nothing like blowing stuff up to celebrate America’s birthday.

-- Ramsey

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Nothing to see here, except some hot fly-on-fly sex.


Dudes knock-out gas station clerk w/Red-Bull can, then steal a box of condoms?

Police are investigating a robbery in which a group of men went into a gas station and assaulted a clerk with an energy drink while stealing boxes of condoms.

A car load of people pulled up to the gas station at about 3:30 a.m. and at least three men went into the business, the sergeant said. One man grabbed a red can of Rock Star energy drink and used it to hit the clerk in the head, while the other two robbers grabbed two boxes of Trojan condoms and fled, Mazzone said. All of the robbers then got into a vehicle and sped away, the sergeant said. » Article here


These jeans are perfect for ‘round-house-kicks to the face’.

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Broke and honest cab driver finds $17,000 in cash. He returns it for reward, and gets $32.

With his wife in the hospital and the rent overdue, he really could have used the money. But a taxi driver in the Philippines did the honest thing. A Philippine newspaper said the man returned $17,000 in cash after a female passenger left it behind.

The 45-year-old motorcycle taxi driver, Illuminado Boc, showed up at a police station just about the time the woman reported her loss to police. The driver said simply, "It was not mine."

The woman did give the honest cabbie a reward: $32.

That's about seven times what a motorcycle taxi driver in the Philippines makes in a day.
» Article here


The lawn chair.


Teen arrested for having sex with a sheep.

A teen was charged yesterday with having sex with sheep at a farm near his home, and police reports suggest the encounters may have gone on for nearly a year.

Roger Henderson II, 18, was arraigned yesterday on charges of bestiality, cruelty to animals and breaking and entering in connection with an incident police say took place at Boggastow Farm.

The man grabbed a sheep by its hind legs and dragged it to the corner of the stall, according to police. The man removed his clothes and appeared to have sexual relations with the sheep. After finishing, the man put his pants back on and left the barn with his shirt in his hand, according to the report. » Full article here


Batman's secret lair... revealed.


Shoppers ignore and walk over stabbed woman in gas station

Shoppers in a convenience store stepped over a woman dying from stab wounds with one stopping only to take a picture on a mobile phone.

The incident captured on surveillance video in a Kansas convenience store shows 27-year-old LaShanda Calloway lying bleeding after being stabbed in a robbery that she was innocently caught up in, AP reports.

It took about two minutes for someone to call police to report the crime while five shoppers stepped over the prone woman, police said. "The fact that people were more interested in taking a picture with a cell phone and shopping for snacks rather than helping this innocent young woman is, frankly, revolting." » Article here


I witnessed a murder today...

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Dude tries to 'drift' in his car, plunges six stories.

Atlanta police are still trying to figure out what caused a car to plunge six stories out of a parking deck with the driver still inside.

Police said the 23-year-old driver behind the wheel of the car was trying to do something called drifting, not unlike the movie "Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift." A driver would pick up a lot of speed, and then cuts his wheel sharply, causing the car to slide sideways, or "drift."

At the Savannah Midtown Apartments at North and Piedmont Avenues, the bumper of the red Chevrolet Cavalier can be seen hanging from the sixth level of the parking deck. The car plunged from to a dumpster behind the garage. » Full article here


Happy 4th of July from Across-the-Board!