Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dude -- get your mind out of the gutter!

Man shot women in feet for throwing trash?

Orlando police made an arrest Wednesday morning in a bizarre shooting in the Parramore neighborhood of Orlando.

Investigators said two women promised to pick up trash in the suspect's yard for $5 each. But when the man wasn't satisfied with their work, he paid them only $3. The women then threw trash back into the man's yard so he shot them in the feet.

The injured women were taken to the hospital and police said they arrested the gunman. Article here.


Brad Pitt will not have sex - in movies anymore

Brad Pitt has announced that he will no longer be doing any sex scenes in films because he’s doesn’t want his kids to see him in the nude.

The American star, who now has three children with his partner Angelina Jolie has divulged that he will only pick flicks that his entire family can see from now on.
The 43 year old actor is quoted in the Sun newspaper as saying: “I do think about what they are going to see and certainly some of the stuff I have done, what they are going to see when they grow up and I am a little concerned. It definitely colours what I’ll approach in the future. I will try to be a little more mature about my decisions I think.” Article here.

Sweet pic of dudes playing in squash tourny

Dudes fight in parking lot, samurai vs. gun?

A shooting victim is in critical condition this morning after being shot in a supermarket parking lot. Witnesses said a fight broke out Monday night between a man with a samurai sword and another man who had a gun.

Witnesses described the scene in the parking lot as being like something out of a movie.
They said two men were in a heated argument with another man, and for a moment it appeared that all three were ready to leave. Then events moved quickly and got scary fast. “The victim pulled out that sword, and then the guy in the white shirt whipped out the revolver and shot him,” witness Erin Hurst said.

“I heard a loud pop,” added Kris Wagner. “I looked behind me toward the Albertson's store and there was single-cab, shortbed, two-tone, F-150 pickup that was racing up behind me as I was trying to exit the Eastdale parking lot to get back to Eubank. “I tried to block him in because I thought that was odd.”
Police said the man was able to make it inside the store before calling for help. He was taken to a hospital and rushed into surgery. Article here.

Most intense Sept. 11th video I've ever seen

Click image to watch video, or click here.

Cheerleaders threatened to toss urine balloons

The start of a new school year has been a nightmare for some female students who say they've been targeted by older students who allegedly threatened to toss urine-filled balloons at them.

About one dozen ninth-graders left Lakeview High School on Monday because they feared for their safety, according to students and their parents. They met with school administrators and police officials but were not satisfied with the outcome.

Parents said they were also concerned about the so-called "freshmen kill day," where older students typically pull pranks on younger ones.

But parents said the pranks go beyond hazing that goes on in many campuses across the country because a group of varsity cheerleaders allegedly threatened to assault the girls with urine or bleach packed in water pistols or balloons.

No assaults have been reported, according to police and school officials. Article here.

Uh... I'd say you have a slight drinking problem

Whitney Houston is divorcing Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston's publicist confirmed today that Whitney is filing for divorce from her husband of 14 years, Bobby Brown. TMZ reports as follows:

Houston's rep Nancy Seltzer confirms to TMZ that Houston intends to divorce Brown, and that filing for a separation is just a "legal technicality" on the way to divorce. Seltzer did not divulge any further details concerning where or when the filings were made, and calls to Brown's lawyer were not returned."
TMZ is also reporting that infamous "Video Vixen" Karrine "Superhead" Steffans is one of the main reasons for the divorce. Bobby Brown has been seen with Karrine pretty often lately. He's been staying at her house and Karrine allegedly pays for Bobby's pre-paid cell phone.

So that's where Santa keeps them

Quit griping about gas prices, 1980 was worse

Most Americans think they're paying a lot for gasoline. But by some calculations they have it easy.

Not only is the recent price per gallon lower in real terms than the high hit in 1980, the recent price also represents a lower percentage of the average worker's income.

Nationwide, gas recently averaged around $2.60 a gallon - the inflation-adjusted high in 1980 was around $3.15.

Moreover, in 1980, the average American had to work 105 minutes to buy enough gas to drive the average car 100 miles, according to David Wyss, chief economist at Standard & Poor's. By 2006, the average American needed to work only 52 minutes, thanks in part to better fuel efficiency but mostly due to higher wages. Article here.

Your meat sure is happy to see me

ATM hacked to give more cash than it should

Police were looking for a man who reprogrammed a gas station ATM to give out four times as much money as it should.

Surveillance footage shows a man walking into the gas station, swiping an ATM card and punching in a series of numbers, breaking the machine's security code. The automated teller machine was reprogrammed to disburse $20 bills but record it was a $5 debit to his account, Virginia Beach Police spokeswoman Rene Ball said.

He returned a short time later and took out more money, but authorities did not say how much. The card was prepaid and can be purchased at several locations, so police are not sure who is behind the theft.

No one noticed until nine days later, when a customer told the clerk that the machine was giving out more money than it should. Article here.

Timelapse balloon race [semi-fun to watch]

Hasselhoff could of have banged Princess Di?

David Hasselhoff has claimed the deceased Princess Diana wanted to have sex with him. Hasselhoff, 54, recently divorced his wife Pamela Bach, 43, and insists that he and Princess Diana, who tragically died in a 1997 Paris car crash, would have slept together "if circumstances had been different".

The actor claims when the pair met at a charity event in London, Diana, who was married to Prince Charles at the time, joked to him: "You look much better with your clothes on" to which Hasselhoff replied: "Well Ma'am, so do you."
At the launch of his new autobiography 'Making Waves', the former 'Knight Rider' star said: "I felt like she was a little girl caught up in this whirlwind.

"She was smitten with me since I was so tall. I was smitten with her since she was so tall. But she was married and so was I. I probably would have gone after her if circumstances had been different. In the end, I just wanted to be a friend and to hang out with her." Article here.

With a view like this who needs reading material

Coach paid $25 to throw ball at autistic kid?

In the summer of 2005, it was the Falcons versus the Pirates in the T-ball playoffs of the R.W. Clark Youth Baseball League, and 8-year-old Keith Reese was the key Falcons player.

Keith, who is now 9, testified that Mark R. Downs Jr. , the coach of his T-ball team on June 27, 2005, offered him $25 if he would throw a baseball at an autistic teammate, injuring him so he would be unable to take part in the playoff game.

Mr. Downs, 29, of Dunbar, is charged with two counts of criminal solicitation to commit aggravated assault, corruption of minors, conspiracy to commit simple assault and reckless endangerment. He and his defense attorney, Thomas Shaffer, rejected a December plea agreement offered by Fayette County District Attorney Nancy Vernon.
Keith recounted how Mr. Downs, shortly before the start of their playoff game, took him aside in a nearby parking lot and spoke to him in "a kind of whisper." "He told me if I would hit Harry in the face he would pay me 25 dollars," he said.

Keith said that during pregame warmups, he threw a baseball that bounced and hit Harry in the groin, causing the boy to go crying to his mother in the bleachers.
Keith said that when Mr. Downs saw this, he approached him again.

"He said his mom is going to put him back in the game. Try hitting him harder in the face," the boy testified. "So I went back out there, I threw the ball, and I hit him straight in the ear." Mrs. Vernon then asked him why he did it. "Because my coach told me to," he said. Read the full article here.