Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's my birthday today!

Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOUUURRR!!!

Driver blows 18 times legal alcohol limit!

Lithuanian police were so astonished by a breath test that registered 18 times the legal alcohol limit, they thought their device must be broken. It wasn't.

Police said Tuesday 41-year-old Vidmantas Sungaila registered 7.27 grams per liter of alcohol in his blood repeatedly on different devices after he was pulled over Saturday for driving his truck down the center of a two-lane highway 60 miles from the capital, Vilnius.

Lithuania's legal limit is 0.4 grams per liter. "This guy should have been lying dead, but he was still driving. It must be an unofficial national record," Saulius Skvernelis, director of the national police traffic control service, told the AP. "He was of high spirits and grinning the whole time he was questioned."

Medical experts say anything above 3.5 grams per liter of alcohol in the blood is lethal for most people. "A person this intoxicated should be in an intensive care unit, not behind the wheel," said Tautvydas Zikaras, head of the dependence illness center in the country's second-largest city, Kaunas. Zikaras said he had never heard or read of someone being so drunk.

Sungaila, who was slapped with a $1,110 fine and the loss of his license for up to three years, told police he had been drinking the night before and tried to freshen up by downing a pint of beer for breakfast. Article here.


Man pees in airplane aisle and lights a cig?

A man whose behavior caused a flight from Orlando to be diverted last year has been sentenced to seven months in prison.

Mark McGovern was accused of urinating in an airplane aisle and lighting a cigarette during a November flight bound for Washington. His unruly behavior led the pilot of the United Airlines flight to land the plane in Charlotte, North Carolina, so McGovern could be removed.

The flight and its 117 passengers then continued. McGovern pleaded guilty in January and was sentenced Monday by federal Judge Robert Conrad.

The judge said McGovern should be released directly into an alcohol rehabilitation program when he finishes his sentence and ordered him to pay $7,300 in restitution to United Airlines. Article here.

We told them if they won, they could arrest all of us and take us to jail.

So I nearly got killed today...?

Taken from Anitiotter's Live Journal:

"My neighbor accidentally put a .44 Magnum round though my wall. It missed my head by three inches. It started in his bathroom, went through the mirror, went through the closet on the other side, blew through that closet door, traveled across his hallway, blew through our common wall, richocheted upward off my computer desk, and lodged in the doorframe."

Check out the chilling pictures:
So I was playing World of Warcraft. I'm right handed. You can pretty much figure out where I was sitting. Bonus: Free new computer desk.
Where the round finally stopped. It hit the desk and ricocheted upwards, which is how it ended up at the top of the doorframe.
My neighbor's bathroom, where the shot originated. Check out the mirror. Something tells me he just forfeited his security deposit. Note the twin .50AE Desert Eagles, M-16 magazine, loose ammo, and .357 Magnum laying around like toys. Nice. The .44 Magnum he nearly killed me with is out of sight.

He also owns a 5.56mm M-4 carbine, a Bushmaster 5.56mm AR-15, a Czech 7.62mm AK-47, a 7.62mm German G3, a Belgian 5.56mm FN-FAL, about half a dozen Glocks from 10mm on down, a .44 Automag, a Heckler & Koch MP5, and a Barrett Light Fifty .50 cal sniper rifle and a .454 Casull on order.

Say your prayers…

Mom chases robbers with her Escalade?

Furious at the armed men who had invaded her North Las Vegas home Monday afternoon and terrorized her three children, a 5-foot-2-inch woman jumped in her purple Cadillac Escalade and drove after the men as they fired shots at her, police said.

The 28-year-old single mother "just didn't want these guys to get away," North Las Vegas Police spokesman Tim Bedwell said.

The men had stormed into her home in the and had taken a small home safe that she said contained her three children's birth certificates, shot records, Social Security numbers and other personal papers, Bedwell said.

The woman, whose name was not released, called 911 from her cell phone at 12:30 p.m. to report the home invasion and told the 911 call taker that she was following the suspects' gold Chevrolet Malibu. As she followed the vehicle, one or more of the men began firing at her, and at least one bullet struck one of her tires, forcing her to pull over, Bedwell said.
By chasing the suspects herself, the woman, whose children -- ages 11, 7 and 4 -- were home at the time of the robbery, "definitely put herself in more danger than we would have preferred," Bedwell said.
"We always warn people that they just never know if a suspect is armed. Well, in this case, she knew they were armed and she went after them anyway.

"The officers said she is apparently kind of fiery but she also is just a little bitty thing, probably weighs all of 120 pounds, and afterward the danger started to sink in and she was crying and hugging the officers," Bedwell said.

When she was no longer able to chase the suspects, officers picked up the pursuit, and the three suspects bailed out of their Malibu at Pontiac Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard, Bedwell said.

Bedwell said the three suspects are all felons with "extensive" police records. Edwards, Norwood and Zone all face charges of kidnapping for holding the 28-year-old woman and her three children at gunpoint, police said. They will also face some combination of charges including robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, and felon in possession of a firearm, Bedwell said. Article here.

Nuclear Plant Implosion, semi-kinda cool?

Raccoon attack, bites woman 20 times?

A Lynn Haven woman is waiting for the results of rabies tests after a raccoon bit her at least 20 times, sending her to the hospital.

Authorities say Ruth Williams noticed the animal hiding under a jeep Monday. Neighbors say she grabbed a shovel and tried to scare the raccoon away, prompting the animal to attack. Officers arrived within minutes but the raccoon continued to attack Williams, who had it by the throat.

The officer was able to subdue the raccoon after Williams let go of it. Animal control officers arrived at the residence soon after and killed the raccoon. Bay Medical Center officials say Williams was treated for her bites and released. Article here.

Don’t you even dare!

Da Vinci Code did $224 million, weekend

Despite bad/lukewarm reviews, protests and a boycott levied by the Catholic Church, The Da Vinci Code raked in $224 million worldwide over the weekend, making it the largest opening of the year and second largest worldwide release after Star Wars: Episode III. This was a particulary good weekend for Sony Pictures, who had been struggling and counted on The Da Vinci Code to be a cash cow. Paul Dergarabedian, president of Exhibitor Relations said:
"'Da Vinci' opening this big just tells you that people do want to go to the movies, they just need the right movie to go. You had a built-in audience from the book and the awareness levels were so high from this film. You would have to live under a rock not to know this movie was opening."

I personally have not seen the movie, but totally agree that people will go to the movies (vs. waiting for the DVD) if it is generally is a good movie (obviously). So motion picture companies need to stop complaining that no body goes to the movies, and start focusing on good content. Money greedy dicks. Source Here.