Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Electricity + College Students = Entertainment

There is nothing more entertaining than watching a bunch of college student electrocute themselves. These guys are idiots. I love it. I'd try it.

This really is funny...

Honestly, do you really think anyone out there feels sorry for her? I think this is hilarious! Awesome!

A new movie about Johnny Cash...

How cool is this movie going to be. A movie about Johnny Cash. If you know anything about his life- it’s a pretty much structured to be a perfect script for a movie. "Walk the Line" explores the early years of the music legend Johnny Cash, an artist who transcended musical boundaries to touch people around the globe. I’m totally thinking this is going to be as powerful as “Ray.” and Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon have the lead roles- and people already are talking Oscar potential for this movie. Check out the trailer for this movie below.

(click to view the trailer)

Push the button I dare you... So I kind of wish I had this when I was in college- The site is supposed to be a resource for students to visit and rate their instructors. All categories are based on a 5-point rating system, with 5 being the top. The categories include Helpfulness, Clarity, Easiness and a just-for-fun category "Hot or Not." Its semi-sort-a-fun to look up some of the professors I had in college.

Check out the site,

Caption this...

Now visiting every Starbucks in the world...

The next time your at Starbucks, keep an eye out for Rafael Antonio Lozano. Rafael is trying to visit every Starbucks in the world.

taken from his website:
Since 1997 I've been trying to visit every
Starbucks in the world. Why? Well, I'm not obsessed, if that's what you're thinking, though I do consider myself something of an obsessed maniac enthusiast. No, my reason is simply to do something completely different.

Rafael Antonio Lozano, has visited 4,775
Starbucks in the world. There are 5,715 corporate-owned Starbucks in the world, so he has just a few more to go . He has a website tracking the entire trek to conquest every Starbucks in the world. ( If you would like to donate money to his quest, don’t worry- there is a place to make a PayPal donation on his site.

"Every time I reach a
Starbucks I feel like I've accomplished something- when actually I have accomplished nothing."

Rafael’s ultimate goal is to complete "Starbucking" by the end of the year in hopes of submitting it to the
Sundance Film Festival, which begins in late January in Utah. When you have nothing else better with your time- I think visiting every Starbucks in the world is a great idea. No wait- this is stupid idea. I don’t even know what more to say. Other than being a complete waste of time and money of your life- this is a very moronic visionary quest Rafael has decided to do with his life.

Read the entire article here

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Can you eat 35 bratwursts in 10 minutes?

Sonya Thomas, at 99 pounds, downed 35 bratwursts in 10 minutes. She also holds the record for eating hard-boiled eggs (65 in 6 minutes 40 seconds), chicken wings (167 in 32 minutes), and grilled-cheese-sandwich eating (22). I can’t believe this, how is it that people who weigh around 100 pounds- can eat so much? (i.e. like the dude who ate 49 hot dogs). This is nothing short of incredible that their stomachs and metabolism can handle this much food.

Remote Control Lawn Mower?

I want this. Remote Control Lawn Mower. Just think how pathetically fun this would be. It sports a 22-inch mulch blade for destroying everything in its wake, gas engine, alternator, two independent rear motors with speed control, has a zero turning radius and rear wheel tree guard shield, as well as a wireless electric starter. You also get an FM Radio control, which is awesome. All the guys on the block will be jealous of you, $2299.