Sunday, April 20, 2008

This dog is currently watching Animal Planet in his brain.


...should have of stapled it.


[gross] The dude with warts, 'Tree Man' interviewed


Guy spends five years building yacht in backyard, knowing that there's no way to get it out. All hail the failboat.

A man who built a home-made boat in his back garden over five years was left scratching his head after discovering he'd made it too big for him to get it out.

Trained engineer, John Melling, started building the 30-feet Trimaran yacht at the bottom of his back garden five years ago - but it has now outgrown its home and is proving a problem to move.
Mr Melling, who works as a financial adviser, has completed the sleek vessel, which is 26 feet wide, and has grown so big that it has become wedged behind the fence at his home in Tywardreath in Cornwall. » Full article here


This photo was taken 4/20 at Colorado University this year.

Someone's going to hell for this...

Car towed with sleeping kid inside

A tow truck driver unknowingly hauled away a car with a 7-year-old asleep inside before returning the vehicle minutes later and speeding away, police said. Authorities said the boy's mother was crying and vomiting outside when they arrived. The boy was still asleep when the car was returned.

The panicked parents of the missing boy watched the driver hurriedly unhook their car and take off as they met with authorities late Monday, according to a Dallas police report. A possible kidnapping investigation at the apartment complex had already begun.

Fidel Retana Jr., 23, was pulled over a short time later and arrested on child endangerment charges. But police said Tuesday they expect to drop the charges. » Full article here