Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Fisherman speared in chest by blue marlin?

A fisherman was recovering from surgery after he was speared in the chest and knocked into the Atlantic Ocean by a blue marlin during a fishing competition off Bermuda's coast.

Ian Card, 32, was in stable condition at King Edward VII Hospital in the British Island territory from a wound that his doctor said could have been fatal.

Card and his father, Alan, both operators of a charter fishing boat and experienced marlin fishermen, had just hooked the fish Saturday when it suddenly leapt out of the water, impaled Ian Card just below his collar bone and knocked him into the ocean.
The younger fisherman managed to struggle free while his father cut the line and helped his son get back into their boat, the Challenger.
They managed to make it back to shore in about 40 minutes for emergency medical treatment.

The fishermen estimated the marlin at about 800 pounds (363 kilograms) and about 14 feet (4.3 meters) in length. Article here.

Not your typical grocery shopping outfit

Top 8 Reasons Why You're Still a Fat-Ass:

1. You're Starving
Slashing too many calories, particularly protein calories, pushes the body to conserve calories rather than burn them. It also forces your body to break down muscle tissue to fuel its vital operations. But that muscle is the key to your metabolism, or the speed at which you burn calories. More muscle means a faster metabolism and less body fat.

Solution: You do need to cut calories to lose weight. (Cut 500 today by eliminating one can of beer, 30 chips, and one Oreo from your diet.) But you need to make sure you're eating at least 1,600 to 1,800 calories each day to keep your metabolism from shutting down. And never cut protein during a diet. If you're a sedentary 200-pounder, you need about 75 grams of protein (about two chicken breasts) a day for muscle preservation. If you're lifting weights, aim for twice that much. Doing aerobics? Pick a number in between.

2. You Inhale Food
If you were a rat, you'd chow down for about 15 minutes, feel full, and stop eating. But you aren't. You probably eat so fast that your stomach hardly has time to alert your brain to tell your mouth to quit chewing before your stomach explodes.

Solution: Try this drill during your next meal. On every bite, chew, swallow, put down your fork, and take a sip of water. See how long it takes you to eat. Now, during subsequent meals, take just as long to eat, only without the drill. Another meal-prolonging trick for men with regular dinner partners: Turn off the TV, put down the Daily Racing Form, and actually have a conversation.

3. You're Too Refined
Most processed breads and cereals contain little fiber, the calorie-free component of plant foods that fills you up, not out. Plus, foods rich in fiber help control blood glucose and insulin levels.

Solution: I never thought I'd say this, but it may be a good idea to cut back on potatoes in any form (especially the fries, fellas). Experts say potatoes raise blood-glucose concentration quickly, as do snack chips, white bread, low-fiber breakfast cereals, and breakfast bars. Whole-grain cereals, nuts, and beans are blame-free, if not calorie-free.

4. Your Eyes are Wide Open
Sleep deprivation decreases the odds of shedding blubber and keeping it off. Researchers found that healthy men who snoozed only 4 or 7 hours a night for 6 nights in a row had higher glucose and insulin levels in their blood. This is a terrible state of metabolism for a man who's trying to lose weight, because surplus insulin boosts body-fat storage.

Solution: Hit the sack for 8 hours each and every night. And try to hit it for the same 8 hours. That is, establish a regular bedtime and waking hour. Pick the time you have to wake up on most days, and make sure you're in bed at least 8 hours before. Company is optional.

5. You Think Fitness Trumps Fatness
Exercise alone won't make you thin. A recent study of military personnel who increased their exercise during a 3-year period found that they gained weight despite their extra efforts. Why? Food, most likely. They simply ate more than they burned off.

Solution: The last thing you want to hear, especially from a female, is that size matters. But trust me on this: Controlling portion size is absolutely essential to weight loss. And the best way to control portion size is to limit how often you eat out. According to the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, a single restaurant meal often could feed an entire family. A pasta dish at an Italian restaurant might include eight 1-cup servings. A rib dish might have a pound of meat—more than five servings. A side of fries might include 70 of the little devils, which is seven servings. And a nut-filled cinnamon bun in a mall food court could total 1,100 calories—more than half the calorie intake on a typical weight-loss diet. Which brings us to our next point...

6. You Lack Basic Food-Preparations Skills
So you took wood shop instead of home ec. I understand—a man needs to master power tools to feel complete. But unless you find a way to make your bird feeder edible, you need to master weight-loss tools, too. A man whose only kitchen skill involves the speed dial to Domino's is condemned to a diet of grease, salt, white bread, and sugar.

7. You're Dry
Have another one, bud. Another tall, of water. When you're trying to lose weight, water is your workout partner. You need it to flush the waste products your body makes when it breaks down fat for energy, or when it processes protein. You need it to transport nutrients to your muscles. You need it to help digest food and keep your metabolism clicking along. And water keeps you from overheating during intense exercise on hot days.

8. You're Cocky
I've seen it many times: Guy drops 10 or 20 pounds and starts thinking he's Joe Weight Loss. Next thing you know, he's back to beer and pizza—and his original weight.

Solution: Remember that scene in Patton when George C. Scott refuses to pull his troops back, saying he doesn't like to pay twice for the same real estate? Okay, you're Patton, and every 10 pounds of fat you shed is real estate you own outright. Don't give it back. With each 10 pounds you drop, sit down and reassess your diet and exercise program. If you calculated your food intake and exercise volume when you started, run a new set of numbers, based on your new weight and activity level.

Now either go back on the offensive, aiming to conquer the next 10 pounds, or dig in and defend the 10 you've lost. But if you have to take back the pounds you've lost, you've wasted a lot of brave effort. via

Professional Car Mechanics?

Man accidentally runs over his wife on beach

A 57-year-old woman in Daytona Beach Shores was seriously injured Monday when she was run over and pinned underneath her own car after it became stuck in the sand.

Authorities said Lena Patitucci and her husband were trying to back into a parking spot on the beach when their car became stuck in the sand.

Witnesses said Patitucci exited the vehicle and began to attempt to rock the car free while her husband, Angelo, gave the car gas. When the car broke free, it drove right on top of her, the report said.

Emergency crews and Volusia County beach patrol members used special equipment to lift the vehicle and free Patitucci. The woman was transported to Halifax Medical Condition in serious but stable condition. Article here.

Woman with no arms does everyday tasks

Dude sucks on woman's toes in public library?

A grand jury has accused a man of sucking on a woman's toe at the public library in nearby Boardman after he asked to kiss her feet to see her reaction as part of a sociology project.

A Mahoning County grand jury has charged Joseph Colella, 28, of suburban Poland Township, on a charge of gross sexual imposition. If convicted, he could be face up to 1 1/2 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

A 27-year-old woman told police that Colella asked to kiss her feet. She turned him down but said she relented when he repeatedly insisted, and he began kissing her foot and then sucked on a toe.

She pulled her foot away and the man asked her reaction, to which she replied she was freaked out. The woman left to clean her foot and he was gone when she returned. She called police and picked him out of a photo lineup.

Detective Michelle DiMartino said Colella also was a suspect in a similar case in 2000. Article here.

Hammerhead Shark attacks a tarpon fish!

David Hasselhoff is still an ass-clown

David Hasselhoff has decided to star in a musical based on his life. The musical will be a biography of the Hoff's life. The production is very creatively called David Hasselhoff: The Musical. Sadly, I'm not kidding.
Hasselhoff was quoted saying "I am doing a heart-rendering set on my life and the mistakes I have made. It sounds like a bad joke, but it is really going to be a good show... totally campy. It's written by the same people who wrote Bette Midler's show and produced by the people who produced 'Chicago' in London."

Do people really want to know what David Hasselhoff has been through in his life? He's an assclown, and that's all there is to it. What else is left to tell? Let alone... it's his life in a musical? Puke. This is an awful idea. I’d probably go see it just for a good laugh. I'd also like to peg him in the face with a tomato during the show.

...with love from Israel


Dakota Fanning is topless and in a rape scene?

12-year-old Dakota Fanning has already shot a violent sexual scene in a movie called Houndog. The rape scene isn't the only thing disturbing in the film. Dakota's character appears several times only wearing panties.

Houndog is produced by Robin Wright Penn and is about a troubled girl who finds solace in the music of Elvis Presley.
Because of the controversial nature of the film several backers backed out leaving shooting North Carolina to be halted. However, producers found emergency investors and filming resumed and completed last weekend.

A source said: "The two taboos in Hollywood are child abuse and the killing of animals. In this movie, both things happen." via

Personally I think Dakota is a great actress… however her being topless in movies at age 12!?! That’s crazy. At this rate she’s bound to have a drug problem when she gets older.

World’s largest high-definition video screen

Mitsubishi Electric has completed construction of the world’s largest high-definition video screen at a horse track in Tokyo. The screen employs Mitsubishi’s Aurora Vision LED technology and measures 37 feet x 218 feet, giving it a surface area of 744 square meters (8,000+ square feet), or the equivalent of 3 tennis courts. Mitsubishi manufactured the screen for the Japan Racing Association. The screen was divided into 35 pieces for delivery to the Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu, Tokyo.
The bright, high-definition display is 3 times larger than what was previously installed at the horse track, and the screen’s three sections allow the audience to take in the action at other tracks. Total cost is reported to be $28 million. via

Police find human hand in stripper's house

A severed hand was found at the home of an exotic dancer who decorated her home with skulls, and she was charged with improper disposition of human remains, authorities said.

Friends said the hand had been given to the woman by a medical student.

Police responding to a report of a suicidal person at the home of 31-year-old Linda Kay discovered the large, roughly severed hand in a jar of formaldehyde on a bedroom dresser, according to the police report. The subject of the suicidal person report was not located, authorities said.

Six skulls were found in another room and the Middlesex County medical examiner determined that all are human. Kay was arrested Friday and freed on $100,000 bail pending arraignment Wednesday. No lawyer had filed papers on her behalf Tuesday, a court administrator said. Article here.