Friday, January 05, 2007

Hmm… well that sucks.

Boy buys X-Box game, get's a porn movie instead

The video game "Madden NFL 2007" promises a lot of hot action. But not the sort a Utah boy found when he opened a game for his XBox 360 game system.

Instead of digital football, 14-year-old Kolton Mahoney discovered porn.
The game's manufacturer, Electronic Arts, apologized.

The boy's father said Circuit City plans to send his son a replacement for the Christmas gift, along with several other games. Both Electronic Arts and Circuit City officials said they're investigating how the X-rated disc got into the game box. Article here.

WTF? Oh never mind, it's ok, she's got a car seat

Boy mimicks Saddam execution, accidentally hangs self

A 10-year-old boy who apparently was mimicking the execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein accidentally hanged himself on New Year's Eve, authorities said.

Sergio Pelico's mother told police he had watched a report on Saddam's death on a Telemundo news broadcast before he hanged himself, Claunch said.

"It appears to be accidental," he said of the boy's death. "Our gut reaction is that he was experimenting." The Harris County Medical Examiner's Office said results of the boy's autopsy are pending.

Saturday, one day after Saddam's execution, Sergio watched the news on TV with another uncle and asked what led to the former leader's demise, Gustavo said.

"His uncle told him it was because Saddam was real bad," Gustavo said. "He (Sergio) said, 'OK.' And that was it." Gustavo said Sergio's mother left for work the afternoon of Dec. 31. Sergio and other youngsters were being watched by an uncle while other parents were preparing food for a New Year's party, Gustavo said.

At one point, one of the children noticed Sergio was gone and went to his bedroom, where he was found dead. Webster police were called to the apartment. The boy had tied a slipknot around his neck while on a bunk bed, police said. Article here.

Wii accident... this has to be real...

Steve Irwin death film given to wife

The only video of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin being stabbed by a stingray and killed has been handed to his wife Terri to ensure it is never made public, Australian authorities said on Thursday.
The coroner in Australia's tropical Queensland state, who is examining Irwin's death last September, said police had released the death footage to Terri Irwin just before Christmas.

All copies of the video tape, which show a stingray barb piercing Irwin's chest while he was filming a documentary off far north Queensland, had been destroyed to ensure they were never publicly released, said Coroner Michael Barnes.

"The footage has been the subject of widespread media interest and it was wholly appropriate that we took all possible steps to ensure something of such a personal and tragic nature did not fall into the wrong hands," Barnes said in a statement.

The Australian newspaper quoted Barnes saying police had told him there was a "$1 million price tag on the tape" and that if it became public would be put on a pay-per-view Web site.

Terri Irwin has said the death footage of her 44-year-old husband would never be released. The Australian newspaper said the video showed a medium-wide shot of Irwin paddling above a bull ray before it whipped its tail and barb into his chest. Irwin is seen puling the barb out before he begins to lose consciousness. Article here.

Photo of Mary Kate Olson… biting a leg? WTF?

Girl 'wets her pants', school to press charges?

A 12-year-old special education student in Montour County was charged with disorderly conduct after authorities said she deliberately wet her pants at school.

Her mother told the Press Enterprise it happened because her daughter was frightened by the principal. The girl had been preparing a holiday lunch with her classmates and teachers.

Her mother said when her daughter refused to go to the kitchen to wash some pots and pans, teachers summoned principal Kevin Duckwork, who confronted the girl. She then wet her pants.

Her mother said the girl is terrified of Duckwork and has wet herself during previous confrontations with him. But Danville Police Chief Eric Gill said school officials are at their wits end with the girl, and they believe her actions were deliberate. Article here.
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My 'd*ck' in a box vs. My 'box' in a box? ;)

watch this video first

watch this video second

Britney Spears new CD is getting cancelled?

Jive Records is wondering if they should drop Britney Spears from their label before she completes the record she is currently in the middle of recording. They reportedly hate the five tracks she has already delivered and feel that her endlessly embarrassing personal life is alienating her fans. Cindy says:

"While in New York she was in the studio recording for Jive Records. She worked some nights until 4 a.m. laying down tracks for a new CD. She thinks it's the makings of a really great album. They don't. Talk inside the company is that either it's redone, or they need to drop it - and her."

Jive fears she's alienating her fan base. Article here.

Boy jumps out of 2nd-story window, 'jackass' stunt

Wallison Costa, 11, didn't heed the don't-try-this-at-home warning at the start of "Jackass Number Two" when he leaped from a second-story window and fell 10 feet, landing on his head.

He's now in the hospital in critical condition. The boy got the idea after watching the movie in which Bam Margera hurls himself through a window to avoid being gored by a horde of angry bulls. Read the full article here.

The worst country song ever, 'Wal-Mart Girls'

Lindsay Lohan had her appendix removed

Actress Lindsay Lohan was in a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday, having surgery to remove her appendix, her spokeswoman said.

"She is having her appendix removed," publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik said of the 20-year-old "Mean Girls" star. Sloane Zelnik declined to elaborate on Lohan's condition. But the celebrity Web site said the actress saw a doctor on Wednesday after feeling ill and was diagnosed with appendicitis.

Lohan, who has been the subject of tabloid stories documenting her penchant
for parties and nightclubs, has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Sloane Zelnik has said.

It’s amazing/sad that covers this story… don’t people get their appendix removed everyday? Behold the power of Lindsay Lohan? Article here.