Tuesday, May 09, 2006

He might be right

Dude gets DUI while driving lawnmower?

Police said a drunk man drove a lawnmower to a store about a mile from his house. They arrested him on his way home.

Dondi Bowles, 50, was arrested Friday night as he drove the mower on a sidewalk.

Police said a breath test showed that Bowles' blood alcohol level was 0.144 percent, nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

It was his third DUI arrest in six months, they said.

The lawnmower was towed. Vermilion is on Lake Erie, about 40 miles west of Cleveland.

DUI's are not funny. However, driving a lawn mower under the influence is kinda funny. Article here.

...parts of me are pretty awesome

Jessica Simpson now has ugly orange hair?

Here are pictures of Jessica Simpson at the 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards. These pictures are very awkward wouldn’t you think? Her dress, hair, and skin all match.

You can see her sporting orange hair / pile of crap on her head
which is really a wig. She plans on selling along with other ugly wigs from her own hairpiece line (face and body sold separately). I would say I really care about Jessica Simpson’s decisions in life, but I don’t. Truthfully, its just easy to criticize a woman who purposely celebrated her lack of mental power on MTV. Whatever.

Woman sword fights over parking spot?

An argument over a parking place outside a Florida Wal-Mart store erupted in a sword attack and landed a 46-year-old woman in jail.

Sharlott Till is accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly threatening women in another car with a 27-inch sword hidden inside her walking cane.
Police said Till and her husband were waiting to pull into a parking space at a Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon, when another car drove around them. According to the arrest report, Till approached a woman and her daughter in the other car and they exchanged profane words.

Witnesses told police that Till produced the sword and began swinging it around. She later told police she is trained in the use of a sword and was only attempting to scare the other driver.

Till's husband told police he didn't see the sword even though he was standing just feet away from the confrontation. No one was hurt in the incident. Article here.

A pretty awesome 'human beatbox'

Man tourches porn store dressed as ninja

Fire investigators say a Powell man admitted dressing up like a ninja to burn down an adult business, all in the name of God.

Benjamin Daniel Warren, age 20, admitted using a fake gun to get the clerk out of the Town and Country bookstore. After ordering the employee to leave the store, Warren then pored six gallons of a flammable liquid inside the store and set it ablaze. The fire did $900,000 worth of damage to the building, which remains closed.
At the time of the arson, Warren was enrolled as a student at Crown College, a Baptist institution in Powell. Crown President Dr. Clarence Sexton says Warren dropped out of the school a few weeks after the arson. A few months later, someone came to Sexton with information that Warren might have confessed to the crime.

Dr. Sexton says he himeslf has serious problems with adult businesses, but that Town and Country Boostore was operating within the law. Dr. Sexton says Warren realizes what he did was wrong and regrets what happened.

He faces an arson charge that could send him to prison for six years. Warren is out on $5,000 bond while his case goes before a grand jury. Arson investigators had no clue Warren was a suspect until he came in to confess. Article here.


Men arrested for underage teen sex game

Two Bellaire men were arrested for allegedly competing to see who could have sex with the most underage girls.

Police said the girls who have come forward range in age from 13 to 15 years old. They said the game was called "Donkey Kong" and involved the men trying to have sex with as many underage girls as possible.
Charles Boston, 29, is charged with 11 counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. The other suspect's name is being withheld because he is already jailed on other charges.

Belmont County Sheriff Fred Thompson said two men could face up to four felony charges. Thompson said the girls were friends with the two men, and the game may have been going on for over a year.

Sick, just sick. Article here.

Good god, Pamela Anderson, wear a bra

Teacher fired for being in a porn at age 23

A teacher in Kentucky is being fired from her job after officials learned she appeared in an porn/adult movie more than 10 years ago.

Tericka Dye told WKYX in Paducah that she was in the adult entertainment business for only a matter of hours, recognized her mistake, and turned her life around. Dye said that she's now a Christian and wants the Bible Belt community to practice forgiveness.
Some parents are supporting Dye. Bonnie Chilcoat took her daughter out of school to attend an impromptu rally for the suspended teacher. "She's not the person she was 10 years ago," said Chilcoat. "We've all done things that we regret, except hers is on tape."
Dye said she has bipolar disorder and agreed to appear in the 1995 movie because she had no home or income and her disease wasn't being treated. She said she "absolutely 100 percent regrets doing that."

She said she's trying now to look ahead and not focus on it. Dye had taught science at Reidland High School for the last two years. She was also a volleyball coach.

But school officials recently learned that Dye participated in the adult film when she was 23. Schools Superintendent Tim Heller said he decided to fire Dye because her presence in the classroom would be a distraction. Her pay was also suspended for the rest of the school year. Article here.