Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beautiful weather, baseball games, and a baby.

So today was one of the most beautiful days Kansas City has seen this year. It was also opening day for our hometown baseball team, the Royals. Although in years past, we haven’t been a great winning team, somehow, in perfect line with the even more perfect 70 degree sunshine cool breeze weather, and we managed to win. Maybe we’ll break .500 this year. Maybe.
And where was I? I was enjoying the wonderful 72-degree air-conditioned preset with no window, stuck in a grey cubical, working at my computer and making phone calls all day. I know you’re jealous. I also received some courteous obnoxious game updates via text message from all of my friends /drunks who smartly asked off from work to attend the game. Thanks guys. Well, I guess there is next year.

My boss at work also had his first child last week. Obviously people having babies isn’t anything new – however a close friend of theirs has a blog (heidi chronicles) in which she took the opportunity to ‘live-blog’ the entire delivery. Cool? I think so.
Following an updated live blog of my boss’s baby delivery was very refreshing. I follow live-blogs for sports and tech news – but a reading up on news regarding a close friend’s child birth, totally cool.

We all experience various events in life that seem to bring to the forefront a sense of reality or reminder of how enjoyable life can be. But, big events like weddings and having kids further illustrates how happiness tends to come in small potent doses (some more than others). The numbing serenity of these things in life makes it all worthwhile. Cheers to you Neal & Angela on the beautiful new baby!

-- Ramsey

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Honey, you gotta trust me -- just don't move please.

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Overheard on the streets of New York:

Teen #1: So this kid, Jason -- every time we go to a party, he takes a bunch of beers and hides them around whoever's house we're at.
Teen #2: You mean, where nobody could find them?
Teen #1: Yeah -- in a potted plant, an underwear drawer, the mailbox -- anywhere that will ensure him a beer later on.
Teen #2: Christ, he's like an alcoholic Easter Bunny.
-Rockefeller Center

Girl to friend: I can't decide which brand of shampoo and conditioner I want this time.
Random shopper, pointing to bottle: Get this kind. It made my pubes soft and wispy.
-CVS Pharmacy, Union Square

Little boy #1: You remember we don't like girls, right? I don't like girls.
Little boy #2: Yeah, but you should have worn your dinosaur shirt. They're very in today.

Guy #1: So she told me that she wants to make out more.
Guy #2: Huh?
Guy #1: She wants to sit and make out but not have sex.
Guy #2: Why bother making out if it isn't going to end in sex?
Guy #1: That's what I said.
-15th & Colfax

30-something #1: What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
30-something #2: Getting high and masturbating.
30-something #1: Man, married life is great.
-Palladium Gym, NYU

Drunk girl, clearly underage: Hahaha...
Drunk man, half-carrying her: Come on, let's go get you pregnant.
Drunk girl, gasping happily: I love babies!
-Grand Central

Girl: I'm so pissed at him... I'm gonna wait until my herpes show up and have sex with him.
Friend: Yeah, good idea. Do it.
-Union Square


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Damn, this guy hit's an amazing 'trick spare' in bowling

This guy purposely knocks down only 9 pins and gets a slow moving spinning ball to hit the other. Damn Gina! This kid's got skills! ;)

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Well that's a clever business card.

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The game isn't over till it's over.

(Mo Pete forces overtime on an incredible shot vs. Washington Wizards)


Grieving couple commits suicide after their dog dies

Unable to come to terms with the death of their pet dog, an elderly couple in southern India committed suicide by hanging themselves, police said on Monday.

The bodies of 67-year-old retired soldier C.N. Madanraj and his wife, Tarabai, 63, were found on Sunday in their home in a suburb of Hyderabad.

Police said the childless couple had held a burial ceremony for their dog of 13 years, called "Puppy," and hosted a feast for friends before hanging themselves in their bedroom.

"The couple described the grief over their pet dog in the suicide note they left on March 29," said police inspector V. Anantaiah. Article here.

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Good news, it’s got a kick ass view, the bad news...


Alanis Morissette covers Fergie's 'my humps'? WTF?

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Top Ten Books People Read When They Were Kids:

1.) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
2.) Lizard Music
3.) The Phantom Toll Booth
4.) The Twits
5.) Matilda
6.) The Chronicles of Narnia
7.) A Wrinkle in Time
8.) Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
9.) James and the Giant Peach
10.)Calvin & Hobbes: Something Under the Bed is Drooling

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Photoworthy: the reflection


The Most Hated Family in America (parts 1-7)

See the rest of the movie here:


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Dude charged after 'biting wife' for refusing to cook for him

A man has been charged with biting his wife after she refused to wake up to cook dinner and hit him in the head with an unknown object.

Christopher Hughey was charged with battery after his wife told police he attacked her. According to police, Hughey told officers he tried to wake his wife by gently rubbing her stomach. Hughey said he did that so she would get up to cook dinner.

The woman told police that she remained asleep and that Hughey became hostile. The report said Hughey was playing with their children some time later when his wife hit him in the head with an unknown object.

Hughey told police he then bit her on the shoulder, leaving a red bite mark. Hughey was taken to the Brevard County Jail and later released. Article here.

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