Friday, July 06, 2007

...lifecasting on Justin.TV!

For all of those loyal Across-the-Board readers, just wanted to give you a heads up that tonight I started lifecasting on Justin.TV.

Things probably won’t really pickup until next week, because I'm going to the lake this weekend, and I'm pretty sure there is no Sprint broadband signal – but I’ll try to bring everyone along for the trip anyways. Regardless, next week I'll be up and running in full swing. ;)

Anyways, drop by on Justin.TV and say hello! Check me out at

-- Ramsey

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New Orleans phone book before and after Katrina.


Study shows women do not talk more than dudes.

A team led by Matthias R. Mehl, came up with the finding, which is published in Friday's issue of the journal Science. The researchers placed microphones on 396 college students for periods ranging from two to 10 days, sampled their conversations and calculated how many words they used in the course of a day.

They were surprised when a magazine article asserted that women use an average of 20,000 words per day compared with 7,000 for men. If there had been that big a difference, he thought, they should have noticed it. » Article here

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Ehhh, another broken iPhone -- sucks to be them.

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the frisbee trick

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