Monday, April 09, 2007

Clever towel advertisement (Axe deodorant)


Racial slur on sofa label used to describe color, WTF?

When the new chocolate-coloured sofa set was delivered to her Brampton home, Doris Moore was stunned to see packing labels describing the shade as "Ni**er-brown."

Moore, 30, who describes herself as an African-American born and raised in New York, said it was her 7-year-old daughter who pointed out the label just after delivery men from the Mississauga furniture store left.
"She's very curious and she started reading the labels," Moore explained. "She said, `Mommy, what is nig ... ger brown?' I went over and just couldn't believe my eyes."

The owner of Cosmos Furniture, Paul Kumar, no relation to Romesh, said he was upset to learn packing labels on products he sold carried a racial epithet. "I import my products from overseas," he said. "I've never noticed anything like that. This is something new to me."

He passed the blame to a Chinese company, but apologized for the labels. He said he would contact the furniture maker in Guangzhou and demand they remove all similar labels. Full article here.


iPod saves soldier in Iraq from getting shot.

"his iPod was in his jacket pocket. It slowed the bullet down enough that it did not completely penetrate his body armor. Fortunately, Kevin suffered no wound."
The two of them were within just a few feet of each other when they opened fire. The insurgent was killed and Kevin was hit in the left chest where his iPod was in his jacket pocket. It slowed the bullet down enough that it did not completely penetrate his body armor. Fortunately, Kevin suffered no wound. Read the full story here.

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I'd say those are pretty good odds.


Dude attempts suicide by backing new car into showroom

A man who backed a car through the windows of a Toyota showroom Tuesday told police he was attempting suicide.

According to accounts from police and a Preston employee, 19-year-old Frank Lee Blinn walked into the car dealership’s showroom on Wilmington Road shortly after the business opened at 9 a.m.
While no one was in the room, he allegedly found keys inside a white 2007 Toyota Camry sedan with a spoiler, started it, then backed up, crashing the car through two front plate glass windows.

Shattered glass lay on the sidewalk as employees stood looking at the mess. He then got out of the car and ran. A Preston employee who saw Blinn run from the showroom into the nearby Eckerd Drug store called police. Neshannock Township and state police found Blinn inside the drug store and asked for his identification. He said he had none, but told an officer his name. Full article here.


Not your typical Mercedes-Benz.


Dentist found guilty of urinating in surgery sinks

A British dentist was found guilty Thursday of urinating in his surgery sink and using dental tools meant for patients to clean his fingernails and ears.

A medical tribunal said it was satisfied the evidence showed 51-year-old Alan Hutchinson, who routinely did not wear gloves or wash his hands, had risked the health of "himself, staff and patients" for more than 28 years.

A dental nurse who worked for Hutchinson for 16 years said she had caught him urinating in the sink more than once. "He was tucking something into his trousers before zipping them up hastily. I walked over and I was behind him. He moved to the left and I could smell urine," the nurse told the tribunal. Full article here.

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Forbidden love?

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MySpace profile created of Principal, 'MILF-chasing swinger'

A Pennsylvania high school principal is suing four ex-students for allegedly posting fake MySpace profiles that described him as a boozing, MILF-chasing swinger who thought sex with students should be legal unless "you kill them in the process."

Trosch, now principal of Hermitage Middle School, claims that the online postings damaged his reputation and left him embarrassed and humiliated. The profiles portray Trosch as a pornography enthusiast who enjoys urinating in women's mouths and considers Michael Jackson his hero. According to his complaint, Trosch, with the assistance of MySpace officials, was able to have each of the fake profiles deleted within days of their appearance online. Full article here.
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Humor found in the bathroom...


Dead rat found in Alzheimer's patient's mouth

A lawsuit alleges the staff at the home for the elderly failed to check on Sigmond Bock, allowing "a rat to crawl up" his body, and "enter his mouth, stay in his mouth and die in his mouth."

Read the full article here.

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How to cut glass with scissors:

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Teacher pulls knife on her students? WTF?

Joyce Tyree, a science teacher at Culpeper County High School, is being investigated on accusations of brandishing a knife during class last week.

Students in the class allegedly kept asking her questions and one asked if she wanted a hug. When some students left their seats to come forward, Tyree reportedly displayed the knife and told them to sit down.

The Department of Social Services “received a complaint from the school administration last week and the issue is under investigation,” DSS Director Lisa Peacock said. “We are working on it. It is a Virginia code-mandated requirement that in any situation with a caretaker of children that possibly involves harm or threats to those children, Child Protective Services must be called.” Full article here.

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