Sunday, September 09, 2007

The best job schedule in the world?


Jack Black does 'Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear in A Music Store'

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Japanese man remains air guitar champion

A Japanese man out-"played" challengers to win the Air Guitar World Championship for the second consecutive year at a contest in northern Finland. Ochi Yosuke received the highest score from a panel of judges in the final. Apart from the glory, he received a custom-made Flying Finn electric guitar worth $3,400.
One of the favorites for the title was American Andrew "William Ocean" Litz,
whose act ends in a spectacular backflip onto an empty beer can. He finished 11th. » Article here


Dogs that can talk. Sorta.


Home Shopping Network screw-up, 'look at that horse'.


Woman pours boiling water on sleeping boyfriend

A West Palm Beach woman who poured boiling water on her sleeping boyfriend is behind bars. It's not yet clear why Billie Reynolds did it, but police said she admitted pouring the hot water on Gregory Laughlin earlier this week. He suffered second-degree burns on over 20 percent of his body and remains hospitalized.

Reynolds is charged with domestic aggravated battery and is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail. » Article here


This 'mean kitty song' has 1.4 million views on YouTube

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The 'acupuncture' commercial, makes me cringe.

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Driver crashes while spraying computer cleaner into his mouth

A driver accused of two wild vehicle collisions last Saturday – the second resulting in his car going up in flames. Fifty-one-year-old Don Robar was released on conditions that include he not drive at all and that he go for drug counseling.

The police affidavits revealed a string of bizarre details behind the accidents, which included allegations that Robar was inhaling computer keyboard cleaner while driving and was on crack cocaine, and had indicated a willingness to purposefully hit pedestrians and other cars.

Police said after Robar walked away without any injuries from a vehicle collision, Robar got back into his car, took it back out on the highway and drove it into rock ledge in the median. The impact with the rock caused Robar's car to go up in flames but Robar sustained only minor injuries.

A passenger in Robar's vehicle during the first collision, in which he allegedly crossed the median on I-89 going about 100 miles per hour and collided with a car driven by in oncoming traffic, told police Robar was spraying keyboard cleaner in his mouth while he was driving and as the collision occurred.

She also told police Robar was smoking something – not marijuana – in a room at the Vermonter Motel just before they left. She said she thought it might be crack cocaine.

Vickie Magoon, 40, was Robar's passenger in the first collision, and she sustained injuries for which she was treated at Central Vermont Medical Center. Magoon told police of a terrifying ride in which Robar was spraying chemicals into his mouth while driving 100 miles per hour and telling her he didn't "give a f***" if he hit anybody, including pedestrians. » Full article here