Friday, March 02, 2007

Not photoshopped, it’s really balancing on it’s own.

Teen's testicles bleed because of 'nuts check'

A common adolescent locker room prank may have permanently injured a Shingle Springs high school freshman, and could result in criminal charges against the prankster.

A 17-year-old Ponderosa High School junior performed a "cup check" on a 14-year-old freshman teammate after a snowboard team competition Feb. 12 at the Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort, according to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department.

A "cup check" is when one boy strikes at another's groin area, ostensibly to find out if his teammate is wearing a protective cup.

In this case, the freshman wasn't wearing a cup, and fell to his knees in pain, according to a sheriff's department report. When he was still complaining of pain Feb. 19, his mother took him to the emergency room. There, doctors found he had internal bleeding and an infection, and said he could lose one or both of his testicles.

Investigators are considering criminal charges against the teammate, who says he meant no harm, House said. Article here.

Here's what actually in chicken nuggets = ewww!!!

Middle school teacher had sex with 5 teens! WTF?

A middle school teacher accused of having sex with at least five boys -- some of them students at her school -- was arrested, authorities said.

Police began investigating Allenna Williams Ward, 23, after school officials recovered a note containing inappropriate messages, said Clinton Public Safety Director John Thomas.
Ward, who is married, had sexual encounters with the 14- and 15-year-old boys at various locations, including in the school, at a motel, in a park and behind a restaurant, from December to this month, according to arrest warrants.

Ward was charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor and six counts of lewd acts on a minor, according to arrest warrants. She is being held in jail awaiting a bail hearing, police said. Article here.

Look closely... 'little Timmy' wasn’t feeling so well

Man paralyzed after eating uncooked chicken burrito

A man who can no longer feed himself said an uncooked chicken burrito put him in a wheelchair. Roger Anderson and his lawyer said he ate the burrito at a Moe's Southwest Grill in Land O' Lakes, only to be sickened shortly after with stomach cramps, diarrhea and joint pains.

The burrito, they said, caused a bacterial infection, which led to a disease that affects the body's nerves.

"I just happened to be the unlucky one that ate something that caused my life to be totally changed," said Anderson, 55, of Wesley Chapel. Full article here.

A vending machine that makes pizza?

Wonderpizza vending machines provide you with a 9-inch pizza in 2 minutes without you having to worry about humans touching it at any point in the process. via

Photoworthy: the wave

Man sues little girl after hitting her with his bike & falling over

A bicycling doctor has sued his then-11-year-old inline-skating neighbor for pain and suffering after they collided. Their trial is under way in New Jersey this week.

Lauren Ellis was inline-skating down her street on a fall afternoon when she collided with an adult neighbor, a prominent fertility doctor, who was bicycling.

Dr. Alexander Dlugi, now 54, sued the child, claiming she was negligent and caused the collision by reacting unreasonably when he approached her from behind on Sugar Maple Row, shouted "watch out" and rang his bicycle bell. Full article here.

Dude jumps off 250 foot cliff and lands on his head

Drinking whole milk increases chances of getting pregnant

Women with a taste for full-fat milk and ice cream stand a better chance of getting pregnant, while those who consume low-fat dairy foods may actually impede fertility, according to a study.

The results of the study, which monitored 18,555 women between 24 and 42 in the united states who tried to or became pregnant between 1991 and 1999, sharply challenges US government dietary guidelines, the authors said.

Three or more daily servings of low-fat milk or its equivalent per adult "may well be deleterious for women planning to become pregnant as it would give them an 85 per cent higher risk of infertility due to a lack of ovulation," commented the lead author, Jorge Chavarro, a researcher at Harvard University's School of Public Health. Article here.

To be cool, you gotta chug 8 beers + 1 pitcher

Five weeks later, 15-year-old finally stops hiccuping

The hiccups have finally stopped for a St. Petersburg girl after more than five weeks of spasms. Jennifer Mee stopped hiccuping Wednesday evening, and no one knows why.

This week, the 15-year-old had been to an infectious disease specialist, a neurologist, a chiropractor, a hypnotist and an acupuncturist. She tried a patented device that is designed to stop hiccups.

She took a couple of new prescriptions, along with Valium prescribed to help her sleep. Early Thursday morning, Jennifer said she felt a little sick but a lot better than she has in weeks. Article here.

Arkansas batter 'fakes' an elbow injury

Car crashes through wall of gym at elementary school

A car crashed into the side of an elementary school gymnasium in Derby, Kansas on Tuesday afternoon. The car could be seen lodged halfway through the wall of Tanglewood Elementary gym.
Fortunately, school had already let out, so no students were around at the time. The school superintendent said that the driver of the sedan had pulled into the parking lot because he was feeling ill. The driver thinks he may have blacked out and hit the accelerator.

The car knocked a large hole in the side of the building, sending bricks scattering across the basketball floor. That driver sustained only minor injuries. Article here.

Snickers commercial, 'Don't Stop'

Two teenagers rob bank and laugh about it

Georgia authorities Wednesday were searching for two young women, possibly teenagers, who robbed a supermarket bank branch, laughing as they held up a teller with nothing but sunglasses to disguise their faces.
The two handed a Bank of America branch teller a note demanding cash, smiled as they waited and then walked out with stolen money Tuesday, police said. It wasn't clear if they had a weapon, police said.

Police said the two could be as young as 16. Witnesses were unable to tell investigators whether they left in a car. Article here.