Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Baby Accidentally Flushed at Birth

A 36 year-old woman accidentally gave birth yesterday in a train traveling from Tai Dong to Tai Pei. The nine month old pregnant woman was in the bathroom when her baby was born and accidentally flushed down the toilet.
When the train reached the next station, an hour and a half later, the rescue team arrived and got to work. They immediately sent the mother to the hospitol while they tried to pull the baby from the toilet bowl opening. Due the the babies fading condition, they finally decided to saw the pipe in half and rescued the baby.
She was born weighing 6.6 pounds and is now in stable condition. » Article here


Scorpion vs. Meerkat.

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Yes, you are 'Captain Awesome'.


Free online X-rated clips are killing the porn industry

A major porn producer filed a lawsuit Monday against an X-rated knockoff of YouTube, alleging that it profited from piracy by allowing its users to post videos that include copyrighted material.

The suit is apparently the first of its kind in the adult film industry, which has done a better job than the major Hollywood studios in finding ways to profit from putting entertainment products on the Internet. But in the last year or so, the rapid increase in consumption of all manner of videos on the Web has in some ways hurt the porn producers more than the mainstream companies because consumers of adult fare often get what they are looking for in clips of five minutes or less. Free short clips are easy to find on the Web, undercutting the established porn producers, which earn most of their money from long-form videos. » Article here


Here's a real Facebook news feed.

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